25 Things I Learned At 25: Part I

Inspired from another MyTake here . So since the end of the last month, I am a quarter of century years old. I kind of consider this year’s birthday more special, even more special than my 18th birthday I might say.

I will post two separate MyTakes due to images restrictions. This is the first part.

(In alphabetical order)

1) Always dress the way you want

Not the way the situation wants. For example I would go to a wedding with my casual clothes, since I dislike suits anyway. Why should I wear them?

2) Avoid conservative people

I should also add "negative". They tend to be the most negative thinkers. Who likes negative people anyway?

3) Avoid stress in any way

In other words you should take your life less seriously. Stress can kill you sooner.

4) Being skinny is better than being fat

I have experienced both. Now I am skinny and I feel better.

5) Don't throw away your old stuff

They are valuable for some collectors. Which means some extra cash for you!

6) Facial hair and muscles don't make you a man

In fact they make you what we would call trendy. Not a compliment at all. Since the end of the 00s we are filled with wannabe Wolverines.

7) Trends are for idiots

As I said in #6, trendy is not a compliment at all. In our days there are two major trends for young guys who follow them religiously. Either they will be muscled and beardy or they will be nerdy hipsters with stupid big glasses and the worst dressing style you would ever imagine. Well, thank God I don't want to be one way or another and I have my own unique style. One of a kind.

8. Grab a chance by her "pussy"

Let’s pretend that chance is female gender-wise. What I mean is, never throw away any chances presented to you.

9) Hit on as many girls as possible

Whether you get rejected or not it doesn’t matter. Obviously there are more chances to come successful if you hit on a hundred different girls, than hit on zero girls.

10) I was born in the wrong era

Seems like that. The music I like is closer to my dad’s taste than my peers’ taste, I find social media boring, I don’t take silly selfies or post photos of my food and so on.

11) Introvertedness can be cured

I am an example of it. I don’t think I classify myself as an introvert any more. Whilst I used to struggle to talk to people just only a few years ago, now not only I don’t but I am also good at back-talking. An improvement that I am proud about it.

12) Money aren't essential to have a good time

I can have a really great time outside without spending anything at all. I will explain further details in one of my later MyTakes.

13) Never allow people to speak to you in a formal way

Not only it makes you feel and look older, but in my own code it’s a heavy insult. I am absolutely against fake kindness. As I speak informally to anyone, I except others to speak to me in the same way.

14) Never fall in love

I have seen people in love. You know how many things you will miss by being in love? And also how much hard time you will give to your life?

15) Never make a family

This kind of lifestyle is not for me. I don’t understand why I should do it, besides the fact many people I know tell me I should.

Part II


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