Coping With Your Anger, Post Trump

Coping With Your Anger, Post Trump

Most of us have no doubt seen the fighting in the streets that has occurred in a Post Trump Presidency America. Many American's are understandably very upset because they feel as if all they are as persons has been attacked and they feel as though they are now living in a world where they no longer have a valued place in society because of the many actions and comments of the new president elect throughout his campaign.

You have a right to be upset, however, fighting in the streets, beating people up, instigating fights with police is not the way. You cannot promote love for one another by turning your anger and frustration into violence. That is not going to prompt people to listen to the reasons behind your anger. It's not going to inspire people to back your cause. It's certainly not going to do anything to remove Trump from the White House.

If you are angry, it's time to really understand the reasons behind that anger. If you feel disenfranchised, put upon, left behind, hated, or whatever you feel, channel that into things that will help you and your cause. There are so many organizations, political, community based, online, etc. that need your help to help further your own causes. Join them. Work with them. Be a part of the solution, and not the problem. So many people are unfortunately angry now, when they have stood by for so long, and not made any attempts to do anything about the problems they know exist. Now is the time to realize that it all starts with being an active member of your community and reaching out to people who don't understand the problems you face and getting them to understand and work with you to help solve them in a meaningful and lasting way.

Violence is not the answer. It just isn't. If you wouldn't want it done to you, you shouldn't do it to others. Talk to people. Just like you, they may not listen, but all we can do in this world is try to educate people on what it is we feel is right and important. Putting a fist through someone's face, isn't going to do that; it wouldn't do that for you. Put the work in. Channel your anger into positive energy by helping work with groups that do fight injustice, violence, hatred, bigotry, who fight for minority and women's rights.


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  • Did you see the last major Hillary Clinton rallies? Celebrities-cum-political hacktivists, chief among them Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Jay Z, Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi, and Katy Perry, all fell into Clinton’s corner well before their final appearances for her, excoriating anyone who had the gall to support Donald Trump. Even long-term Republicans who betrayed Trump, like Arnold Schwarzenegger, were attacked by celebrity SJWs such as Robert DeNiro after they joined the “Never Trump” ranks, as if they were dangerous saboteurs. The celebrity paranoia has been palpable for months. Hollywood, that broad industry taking in not just film stars but also singers, silver screen actors, and comedians, has become little more than an overpaid trade union for Hillary Clinton.
    Likewise, every major American company that has come out for a candidate has come out for Hillary. Plenty of “neutral” corporations have undoubtedly been funneling support to the Clinton campaign behind the scenes as well. Prominent billionaires like George Soros and Warren Buffett have done all they could to drag Hillary’s stumbling half-corpse, both literally and figuratively, across the line. Whilst Trump has been supported by a number of ten-figure businessmen, these men are regularly attacked in the media. They include the scapegoated but brave Peter Thiel and Carl Icahn.
    And then there’s the mainstream media. Countless studies have indicated that about 85-90% of all journalists are liberal. This over-representation is more salient still in the upper echelons of newsmen and women, particularly prominent mastheads such as The New York Times, Washington Post, and Huffington Post, plus Democratic TV surrogates like CNN and NBC. The 2016 campaign has inflated this preexisting liberal bias, one that plagued the two George W. Bush Administrations but raged even more ferociously against Donald Trump over the last 18 months.
    All of these media elites have lambasted Trump for over a year, at the same time they give the paltriest coverage of the disgusting Hillary, Podesta and DNC emails. Everything newsworthy on this front, from the overwhelming presence of Clinton Foundation donors in Hillary’s Secretary of State diary book to more recent revelations about John Podesta’s involvement with Satanic rituals, has been brushed off the balcony by the Wolf Blitzers and Chuck Todds of the American mainstream media. Yet Trump has triumphed nonetheless!


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  • Thank you for a positive post!

    It seems that most of America is angry right now. Many people that I've talked to who voted for Trump say they did so because of anger - they are angry at the current system, they are angry at establishment politicians, and in some cases they have a hatred toward groups of people.
    Now that Donald is President-elect, there are people who feel threatened by his policies and are rightfully angry about that. There are people who are angry at supporters committing hate crimes in Trump's name.

    We need to recognize people's feelings. So many people on social media are saying "He won, just get over it" but that's not going to fix anything. Just like it wouldn't be helpful for me to say to his supporters "Manufacturing jobs are gone from the USA and aren't coming back, so just get over it!"
    People are allowed to feel the way they feel. What we need to do know is examine the source of the anger and educate each other. What we can fix, we need to fix.

    Our country gives us the right to peacefully protest and so we can do that. If you want to march to show marginalized people that you support them, then that's fine. At least you're out there doing something. Taking part in community programs is a good suggestion.

    • Likewise I appreciate your positive comments. Anger is one thing, and as we've both said, a person has the right to be angry... but they don't have a right to go about punching people in the streets simply for having a view opposing them. That is going to do nothing to solve the problems that both sides feel exist in this country. There are so many positive and much more productive things one can do outside of just yelling about one's frustration. If you don't like the way the country has been run or perhaps will be done, then like so many have been begging forever for people to do, vote, not just for presidents, but in local elections, volunteer, become an activist, hell, become a politician, but anger and no positive action, no energy spent beyond the anger, is going to lend those persons to the same stale mate they believe they are in right now.

    • oh yeah I totally agree with you!

      This week I've been feeling very very angry at people I know who voted to take away my rights. But I learned that their vote came from a place of anger. So while I still don't agree with them politically, I'm not going to simply dismiss their anger. And they shouldn't be quick to dismiss mine by telling me to "get over it"

    • I wish more people had a rational and cool head about all this, but the wound is still fresh for a lot of people and hopefully in a while, people will be able to have more of an open dialog between each other.

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  • "they feel as though they are now living in a world where they no longer have a valued place in society"
    People that felt like formed the base of Trump supporters.

  • Very good take


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  • very good post

  • good take