Unpopular Opinions of Mine

If you constantly whine about the opposite sex because you can't find love to your standards, I won't feel bad. People who whine about the opposite sex not loving them, tends to have the wrong expectations about love and relationships and think that they're easy. Relationships aren't easy but that's okay because anything worth having won't be easy.

It annoys the hell out of me when something terrible happens in the news, and someone blames their opposing party. Example: a conservative hears about someone doing something terrible and they say, "oh god it's probably a liberal. They're at it again. Second example: a liberal hears about someone doing something awful and they say, "the conservatives are at it again." Political party doesn't define a person. This is why we don't get anything done. We need to respect each other and make compromises.

Jesus was a liberal hippie who most likely wore a head wrap and had dark skin due to living in a climate with a lot of sun. He would also be disgusted in fake Christians who make all Christians look bad.

I agree that bad gun owners don't speak for all gun owners. But if the Westboro Church doesn't speak for all Christians, then ISIS doesn't speak for all Muslims.

If women can show as much skin as they want without being called sluts, then women should be able to be as modest as they want without being called a prude or being asked if a male family member forced them to dress that way.

I'm not sure how I feel about the rise of technology and the decline of social interaction. I wish people would talk to each other, but I want the world to be more friendly towards introverts.

I dont want kids. Im sure most of you are aware but it still unpopular. There is such a heavy societal expectations for everyone to have kids, that when I tell people I'm childfree, they freak out and say something awful. The men and women who are openly childfree are my heros. We are constantly having our lifestyle questioned by people who think they know us better than ourselves, and yet they don't let that sway them.

I hate people who criticize a movie based on a book, when they didn't read the book. Example time: in my favorite book, Les Miserables, Cosette is my favorite character. She was abused by the Thernardiers but she doesn't let that get her down. In the book, she is smart, clever, kind, optimistic, and thoughtful. However in the movie a majority of her character was cut. This leads to idiots saying she is boring and one-dimensional. These idiots LOVE Eponine. In the book, Eponine is crazy. She gets pissed when she finds out Marius loves Cosette. So, she lured Marius to the barricades because she had an insane idea that they could die together. Instead dies by a stray bullet. It pisses me off that the movie potrays eponine as a survivor because everyone loves a good story of survival and abuse. Eponine actually helped the Thernardiers steal from their customers and she bullied Cosette. The fact that Marius and Cosette get their happily ever after in the countryside, is payback.

In terms of medical shows, I prefer Scrubs over Grey's Anatomy. Its hilarious and gives the best, unsugarcoated life advice. In my opinion, the best advice from that show is that life isn't a sitcom but there are plenty of moments when we wish it was. In this episode, a patient has a serious form of cancer and Dr Cox has to fire the nicest employee. The episode turns to your stereotypical sitcom complete with laughing audience. Dr Reed and all the nurses wear scrub uniforms that are very low cut and their hair looks perfect. In this sitcom, the employee never got fired because somehow a talent show was offering his exact salary. Turns out the patient didn't have cancer because they messed up the names lf a different patient. No one cares that the other patient has a cancer because he's anti-Semitic. All of a sudden it's not a sitcom anymore. There is no laughing audience. All the employees are all wearing real uniforms and Dr Reed and all the nurses hair is messed up. They don't care about their hair because they have lives to save. Dr Cox tries to be nice as he fires him, but the employee is still very upset. The cancer patient goes into cardiac arrest. Dr Reed tries to save him, but he dies.

If I'm arguing with someone on this site and I don't have the motivation to continue, I will just mark their reply as read and go on about my day. They probably thought their last reply was a real zinger and that they won, when in actuality, I didn't read it. I've save myself a lot of sanity doing that.

Tell me some of your unpopular opinions!

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