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The Book Of Dreams: Vol. IV (Part I)

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Vol. 3 Part I

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Vol. 2 Part I

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Vol. 1 Part I


The Book Of Dreams: Vol. IV (Part I)

I was dreaming about being Scrooge McDuck and suddenly when I woke up...my house was filled with as much money as Scrooge had.

Ha! Happy April Fools Day!


The Book Of Dreams: Vol. IV (Part I)

I was supposed to pretend I am disabled for some movie purposes, along with other two guys. After placing us in three different beds they offered us a glass of wine, before we meet the "elder" (the main villain of the movie). I was called first, and I was shocked when I noticed who she was. When her servants left and I was left alone with the other two guys, we talked about it and told them about who she was (she was one of the teachers, in the primary school I used to go). We decided we shall escape from here. After she found out we were trying to escape, she send her servants to capture us. We ran so far away, and we reached a subway station at the end of the street, and as we thought we were safe here...we started to pick up on girls hanging out there! Ultimately we were found and along with her servants she was also present, and this time they were trying to capture the girls as well, apart from us! In the end, the elder tried to attack one of the girls, but I stepped in and tried to defend the girl.

I grabbed the elder's walking stick and knocked her down with it, making her falling down unconscious. Her servants suddenly vanished, and once everything was finished, the girl gave me a kiss and called me her hero...we left from the station together.


The Book Of Dreams: Vol. IV (Part I)

I don't remember much of my dream. In fact nothing. Only thing I know is, I woke up without my one sock on my foot.


The Book Of Dreams: Vol. IV (Part I)

Two scenes. One, when my mother smashed my door literally, because I was in my room and had it closed, and she wanted to enter, even if I was telling her to go away.

The other one was actually a continuation of another dream of mine, months ago, and I still remember. I was at an amusement park and the theme had changed, from red desert to just plain rocks. Suddenly it started raining, and the whole park turned into a pool. I had bought a croissant just before, and I was trying it to save it from the water. Unfortunately it got wet and I threw it away.'


The Book Of Dreams: Vol. IV (Part I)

Don't have a clue. Really. It happens sometimes you know...


The Book Of Dreams: Vol. IV (Part I)

I had a dreamlet this time. And dreamlets are almost always scary...as it was this time. I walked into a kitchen where some students eating, and in one of the tables there were some other students (?) eating...but they had no bodies! Just clothes. And the worst part...I walked by one of the students and I felt some weird terror. I started floating in the air, and I was trembling. I was seeing visions of Ghostface (from Scream movies)...then after the terror was gone, I was seeing circles and squares in pink/fuschia colors.

Now the main dream...it was more pleasant for sure. I was part of a St. Elmo's Fire remake (a popular movie from 1985) and I was portraying an...army general (OK original movie didn't have any generals, but anyway it was a remake). We were trying to do a choreography for the song Man In Motion by John Parr, the theme song from the original movie.


The Book Of Dreams: Vol. IV (Part I)

I was at a stadium where a series of sporting events were taking place. The guy responsible for the music was no other than REO Speedwagon's Kevin Cronin! Although the event was supposed to be taking place during this year, Kevin was just like he was during the early 80s. I was actually the host of the events, and I was keep telling him to play some songs from the albums You Can Tune A Piano But You Can't Tuna Fish and Nine Lives, apart from the hits. After the event was over, I had a meeting with Donald Trump in my locker room, about signing a contract. I wanted to change my clothes but Donald arrived just the moment I was putting my shoes...


The Book Of Dreams: Vol. IV (Part I)

There were two dreams. The first one was being at a post office, where the clerk was calling us, based on our date of birth from the youngest one to the oldest. When my turn came, he was like...Were you really were born in 1991? Wow you look much younger! I thought you were still going to school, haha. I grined and said thanks.

As for the other dream...well, wish it would never be real. I booked a meeting with an escort girl at 7:30 PM at my home, but I forgot about it! The same day we had arranged some family meeting an hour before! So when I saw her message I will be there in one hour, I was telling my relatives to leave my home absolutely, but they didn't. I started shouting at them and insulting them, but again nothing. The girl came with my relatives present and she was asking me who are those people...suddenly, I had a nervous breakdown and locked myself into my room and started crying. I don't know what they did there, but after one and half hour, when I decided to leave my room... I saw her leaving home, but my relatives were still present too. At least I didn't pay for the meeting.


The Book Of Dreams: Vol. IV (Part I)

The first one was about a wrestling tournament taking place in my area. There were many participants but the two I remember were Shawn Michaels and....Hitmonchan! At one point, Shawn performed a Superplex to Hitmonchan from the turnbuckle landing him outside of the ring. Both Shawn and Hitmonchan were seriously injured after this, and I remember a whole army of doctors were rushing into the ring!

As for my second dream, well nothing special...i was at a bakery trying to decide what to eat. I took some ham-cheese pie...but surprisingly it had some kind of colorful muesli on it.


The Book Of Dreams: Vol. IV (Part I)

I remember assigning a Dewgong in one gym...but it had 2500 CP! Of course that's a lie, because Dewgong can hardly surpass 2000. Also, I bought a sandwich from a guy who was very gross, and I've had insulted him for this reason a day ago. The next day I bought from him because I was very hungry and he was the only one on my way.


The Book Of Dreams: Vol. IV (Part I)

Just one thing. I was selling fish...


The Book Of Dreams: Vol. IV (Part I)

I joined some school about painting, and our teacher was very hot. It was 1999 by the way. I asked her how much do I need to pay for the books? And she told me 15 Euros...but I responded, We don't have Euros yet! It's 1999.


The Book Of Dreams: Vol. IV (Part I)

I was trying to find a certain street but I couldn't even if I was using the GPS on my mobile. Anyway, I walked into a mall that was on my way, and I saw some young man threatening one of the girls working there telling her : If you don't take away from the parking lot, those cars I told you, you won't believe what will happen here. After walking for 5-6 minutes at the mall, I saw a girl sitting outside of a clothes' store, and she told me exactly the same thing. Nothing happened at the end.

Also in another part of my dream...i saw that Ric Flair committed suicide. Actually the first thing I did this morning, is to check if Ric Flair is alive...and yes the man is alive and well.


The Book Of Dreams: Vol. IV (Part I)

I was reading some comic book, where Donald Duck was appearing as an author, and his head was being replaced by a computer screen instead. He was wandering in the neighborhood he used to hang around as a kid, to get some ideas. Suddenly, he came up about writing a story of Gus Goose (the fat lazy goose, who lives in the farm), about the latter being an athletic and energetic young man. But this was actually happening meanwhile. In another strip, you could see Gus Goose, jogging in the park and climbing trees!


The Book Of Dreams: Vol. IV (Part I)

I was swimming at a beach which was actually a pool. I mean the water was salty like sea's, but it was designed like a pool. Suddenly the weather turned from sunny to really dark and cloudy. What was strange here is, when I was swimming...a cable and a tablet fell from my swimming suit. How did I hid them there, only God knows!

The Book Of Dreams: Vol. IV (Part I)
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  • TatyanaTheEmpress

    You were dreaming about being Scrooge McDuck, hahaha, that's hilarious, funny mytake, the other dreams are humorous too :)

    Is this still revelant?
    • Anonymous

      No, I just wrote it for April 1st purposes. I don't remember my actual dream, because I didn't write it down.

    • Oh, I see, lol, good joke :D

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