10 Pet Peeves I Have

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Something that may be fine for you may be quite annoying for someone else. I don't like pets and that one that's more of a pain the ass are my pet peeves. The list aren't in the right order on which on that's the worst one. The order is just random. Some of them are weird!

10 Pet Peeves I Have

1) Not respecting peoples' personal space

Don't stand too close!
Don't stand too close!

I'm fine with a handshake, but if strangers and other people that I don't know very well either tries to hug me or touch other places than my hands, I would feel uncomfortable. It's only a couple of people in my family I think is okay to hug. It's especially annoying when people keeps invading my personal space after I've told them politely to stop doing that. I doubt it has something to do with me being on the autism spectrum. It's rather a Norwegian thing I guess. You knows what I'm talking about if you've been on a bus in Norway.

2) Bad smells

10 Pet Peeves I Have

Bad smells can ruin my appetite and my mood. Sometimes it can also make me nauseous. It may be rooms, things or people that stinks. In some cases people can't help it. It may be old age or diseases that cause it. Other times it's just people with really poor hygiene. If people don't put effort in making themselves smell better, it gets especially annoying.

3) Historical Inaccurate TV-shows/movies

Mary - Queen of Scots was a pale redhead in real life and she didn't wear dresses like this
Mary - Queen of Scots was a pale redhead in real life and she didn't wear dresses like this

When people makes TV-shows or movies with historical people and events, they should do some research and get it right. If they wants to make things up, they could make it all fictional instead. A historical inaccurate show can make misconceptions and disrespect historical people. If it's a comedy, it would be very obviously it may not be accurate. But many inaccurate shows aren't meant for humorous purposes.

Both Reign and Salem are good examples on that. Reign portrayed Mary - Queen of Scots as a Latina/Hispanic looking woman with black hair and brown skin, but in real life she was a pale redhead. In addition the historical characters had relationships that wasn't there in real life. Salem has it's silly things too. In real life there were no witches in Salem and in school American children learns how believing in something that don't exist can be dangerous. In the TV-show witches are real and many things are the opposite of what happen in the real life. People in the show had a reason to be afraid of the witches and the devil. In addition they're portraying Tituba as a mean villain, but in real life she was a victim of the witch hunt. The way they portrayed her was distasteful.

4) When people don't understand

10 Pet Peeves I Have

People have difficulty to respect or do something if they don't understand it. Not only may it be a pain in the ass, but also makes unnecessary conflicts. The worst ones are people who don't understand what they did hurt someone and people that shows no considerations because they simply didn't get it.

I've dog phobia and when I asks the owners to pull the dog away from me if it approach me, some of them tells me how nice it's and that it won't hurt me instead of stopping the dog. Some also comes with insults, laugh or ignores me. Most dog owners are respectful, but sadly there's some that aren't.

5) When Norwegians aren't speaking Norwegian in Norway

10 Pet Peeves I Have

Some Norwegians are insisting to speak English with other Norwegians in Norway. It's a popular trend among teenagers and I've never understood it. I've always wondered why they're refusing to speak their mother tongue with each other. Some Norwegians also speaks English to me and I do always reply in Norwegian. It's however more understandable when immigrants speaks English.

6) Racial biased TV-series and movies

10 Pet Peeves I Have

The movies and series don't necessary have to be racist, but still show some racial stereotypes like example portraying the bad guys with dark features and the good guys with light features. Often it's Hispanic/Latino, Spaniards, Mediterranean and other kinds of people with dark features that plays the villains, while the heroes are often fair skinned and haired played by Nordic looking people.

Most of the witches in Salem are dark looking people. There's only a couple of gingers and a few old gray hags in it as well. Cliche!
Most of the witches in Salem are dark looking people. There's only a couple of gingers and a few old gray hags in it as well. Cliche!

Witch roles are also often portrayed of dark people. Most witches I've seen in movies have black hair and brown eyes. Only a few ones are played by white people and are redheads. Blonde blue eyed witches aren't that common. If there's one in the movie, they're usually the hero. In the TV-show Salem there are good and bad guys from both sides (witches and none-witches), but most of the witches are dark and mostly bad. Cliche! I'm fully aware of it do exist exceptions, but often it's like that.

7) Dogs without leash

10 Pet Peeves I Have

Owners that doesn't care and let their dog walk around in the street, parks or wood without a dog leash. A dog should always have a leash when it's in a public space.

8 ) Smokers on the street

10 Pet Peeves I Have

When a bunch of smokers smokes on the street and I pass by, I often gets smoke in my face. I'm not into breathing in it!

9) People who implies that I'm not belonging to my own country

10 Pet Peeves I Have

Not everyone who asks where I'm from are trying to imply it, but some are. Some aren't even asking and just assumes things. I've been told by strangers; both other Norwegians and immigrants that they wants me to teach them Mandarin or Thai. Some talks foreign languages to me and some said directly to me that I can't be a Norwegian since I'm not white. They said only white people can be real Norwegians.

10) People that doesn't groom themselves properly

Why not shave it off?
Why not shave it off?

Off course it's up to people what they wants to do with their bodies, but sometimes I've opinions about what I would do if I was them. If someone are too lazy to shave properly and are mostly clean shaven, but has some patches with stubble remaining or are balding, but keep a horseshoe on their head, I may think "Why didn't you just shave it off?". I think the same thing about neck beards and hair on the neck outside the hairline. Another thing is when someone have dry skin and don't moisturize it. Mismatching socks or clothing that doesn't fit together also makes the perfectionist inside me to rage.

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10 Pet Peeves I Have
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  • kespethdude
    1. I agree, and don't get me started when people, mostly senior citizens, bother me while I'm wearing headphones.
    2. Depends on the smell and my mood, and where I am at the time.
    3. I don't watch those shows so I have no opinion.
    4. Not just "not understanding" but more "not even trying to understand" is my problem.
    5. LOL I did not know that.
    6. Yes, that is kinda annoying and racist to an extent, but remember that they are just acting.
    7. From a legal perspective, I agree. From a personal one, as long as the dog isn't hurting anyone and the dog itself isn't getting hurt, I have no problem with it.
    8. The only thing that bothers me is if they ask me for a cigarette or a lighter.
    9. GRRR... don't get me started on this topic...
    10. That's why I always go to the barber to shave. Yes, barber shops still exist.
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  • demonics
    Ah you young people... i'm old enough to remember when these guys:

    Were the villains. img.timeinc.net/.../360_intl_russia_0206.jpg

    Before that was these guys:

    You're not special, its just your turn.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • bethshepherd
    These things seem quite petty. Reminds me of a lady I know who has an almost perfect life. Then she arranged to consult me and booked with my secretary for an advice consultation. She had never sounded so glum, so down, so bad. It turned out that the reason she was down and worried was that she puts together a shopping list each week and buys exactly what is on that list for that week;s food. All of the meals are planned precisely. Then when she went to her vegetable rack to get some veg for the next meal she found there was an extra potato there. ONE more potato than there should have been. It was the end of the world and worried her non stop for days. If that is all you have to worry about you have a great life.
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  • Angelina25
    Omg! I'm cynophobic too!
  • SirRexington
    I agree with most of these lol. Here are some things I can't stand.

    I don't have a very good nose so when I do smell something, it affects me twice as much as it would someone else who is used to be in bombarded by smells.

    I don't like people who assume I should be patriotic or that if im not I should leave instead of trying to fix what it is that needs fixing. Also, how am I just gonna leave? What money? No prep or time to plan. It's a ludicrous concept and argument.

    People who constantly think it's black or white, there way or it's wrong. That if you want to be successful you should do this or that. "Well if you did this, of you got a job, why don't you get a better job". They assume they know your life and try to tell you what to do with little insight.

    I don't like people that can do something but choose not to. Specifically people in a certain line of work but refuse to do something so simple.

    Watching people be happy. Im not happy and I'm jealous.

    My phone not charging properly. One minute it will the next it won't. One cord will work then it stops. I cannot do it anymore. I'm out of patience.

  • acooke-13
    I agree with most of them, some not so much but overall a good take!
    Two of my biggest pet peeves are when people eat with their mouth open and you can hear it all getting mushed up, and when people think the UK and Britain only consists of England & everyone is from London/speaks like the Queen and drinks tea.
  • bacca400
    Don't be late. That is my pet peeve. Be there when you say you will be there. If my date is late twice within 4 dates I'm gone. That's how much it bothers me. If they don't respect my time they won't respect me or the relationship either.

  • CubsterShura
    1, 2 and 5 ugh I agree. I hate it when I smell sweat, I know it's very hot in here and people sweat a lot, but smelling like the clothes are sweaty too and they have no deodorant on... Ugh makes me wanna puke.

    Most of my peers even make fun of me for my Bengali, because I don't speak English like them. Idc what my peers do. I ain't disrespecting my language.
  • BrittBratt2416
    I have a few pet peeves but not many
    1. Young adults/teenagers at movie theatres who don't know how to shut up, get off their phones and watch a film. If you want to text, talk then rent a movie at home and do so, you're just ruining the movie for others.
    2. Bicyclist and slow drivers on the road. I can't stand slow drivers, not that I'm an impatient person but if the speed limit says you can go 45 why are you doing 35 instead and holding up traffic? Also bicyclists are part of this issue, I'm sorry but bikes don't belong on the road with heavy fast machinery. Also bicyclists are incredibly entitled, people are trying to get to work but their just taking up the road trying to get their exercise in at 7 in the morning on the road. It's annoying, go to a park or use the side walk.
  • CherryRoseChampange
    I see some of these as annoying, but other stuff like the Tv show thing isn't annoying to me. They aren't meant to be historically correct all the way. That's documentaries are for. It's a TV Show trying to convey a story people would be interested in. No one cares about regular people, the magic is what makes it great or new relationships are what adds flare.

    Also, smokers have an addiction. That's no excuse, it's merely a fact. they are addicted to smoking. I get it's annoying to get smoke in your face but it's like being made you can't park in a handicapped space if you're not handicapped. You just deal with it lol. And I'm not gonna start with the grooming issues. And dog leashes aren't needed if the dog is trained really well not to need one. Just keep away from the dog. I don't know haha, that's just my thoughts. Nice take I suppose. Have a good one.
  • MelaninDoll
    Dude some of these pet peeves are hilarious! XD I agree with some though <3
  • Gedaria
    I agree , even down to the hair , I have less than in the picture, but mine is cut as short as possible, THANKS...
  • LegateLanius
    Thanks for sharing. I really don't understand the problems, except for the one that they don't think you belong.
  • Trollfather
    I hate people who wear wool hats in the middle of summer and tell me how I'm evil for eating meat.
  • Lovvyyy
    Mediterranean. Now I know that people see me as a villain.
  • Chris_Humble
    You sound like an annoying person.
  • zivvk
    great take
    thats all daft stuff
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    For me it's people who think they are good people because they are X.

    Nope, you act like shit then you are shit whether you are Black Or White ( Micheal jackson YEAH!) or anything else :)