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Good comebacks 👊

Lol so I found these online and I thought that they were pretty helpful especially if you're like me and don't know what to say when people insult you. If Somebody Calls You Stupid:

Good comebacks 👊

If Somebody Calls You A Bitch:

Good comebacks 👊

If Somebody Calls You Ugly:

Good comebacks 👊

Lastly, remember that you have value no matter what people might say to bring you down.Remember that just because somebody thinks something about you that doesn't mean that everybody else will it's just that person and some people just talk to bring people down or to make themselves feel better as well.

Good comebacks 👊
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  • tonicandgin

    when someone calls me ugly i respond with "that's not what your boyfriend said." lol

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  • TonyMetal_86

    Good take sweet confused girl, what about if someone tells you that he wants to drill your forehead with a kiss 😊

  • zozo7880

    These are teenage comebacks. Usually if you just insult their race, family situation, mother and financial situation you will cut them deep in my experience lol.

  • GoodGuyBreakingBad

    Thanks for sharing with us well appreciated and very well written :) <3

  • evm987

    Well. Some of those are a bit funny. But I personally don`t like to insult people, even in a joking way

  • DizzyDesii

    I like the google one.
    I like the taste good one but only if the say my name... not the B word.
    I like the photoshop one


    How about some one tells you you are jealous of them

    • smg99

      That is individual specific. List Flaws read aloud ;)

    • HOAAH

      @smg99 no, I have had a lot of this esp. online but even in real life. If they do stuff that I dislike and I mention it, then they say "you are jealous of me". Like if I say "I am upset you _______", they will say "you are just jealous that you didn't get to do it". SO I say "I am upset that you cheated on me, had sex with two other women and impregnated them" then he would say "you are just jealous that you didn't get to cheat and have two babies"... get it? What are you supposed to say to that? Usually I would feel even more upset because they are not empathizing with me... they are actually trying to manipulate my feelings and lie about how I really feel. Feelings of upset is not the same as feelings of "jealousy"... sorry I went off.

  • Liam_Hayden

    My comeback is to walk away and leave them in their ignorance.

  • Hurdleez-Swampede

    What if they combine and call you a stupid, ugly, bitch though? What can we do then?

  • Secretgardenblood

    Nice take

  • smg99

    Love these

  • Aiko_E_Lara

    Lol I've done better.

    • Snakeyes7

      Lol what have you said?

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    • I say something more elaborated and logical instead looking for ad hominems to counteract that. Let us say you call me stupid. I will say something a like. "are you trying to run away by just calling me stupid? Because that didn't work before don't expect it to work again. No one forced you to be here just to be triggered."

    • Snakeyes7

      Very true.

  • Prinçe-Noir


  • Joker_

    I didn't make a good comeback

  • very cool

  • Browneye57

    Naw. IDGAF. :)

  • Anonymous

    Nice MyTake
    Pretty useful
    What if someone tells you "you're jealous" or "get a life" or "you're weird"?