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10 things you need to let go ASAP

Life is hard as it is but we don’t need a lot of things weighing us down from being happy. Sometimes, we think there is no way out of situations and we have no choice but to keep living the way we live but there is always a choice. You either live with it or get out of it. I was inspired to write this article after watching a video of letting go. Maybe some of us need to hear this at this very moment.

10 things you need to let go ASAP

Here are things we need to get rid of now:

1. Excuses

You’ve been the same person stuck in the same rut for years and you wonder why. Look in the mirror and blame the person on it. You always come up with excuses why you’re not doing what you should be doing. It’s time to rid of that vicious cycle and get on the program. Go to the gym. Get rid of those unwanted pounds. Cut your calories. Look and feel your best! Quit your boring dead end job and grab that offer from another company that offers you endless possibilities. Sometimes the grass is greener on the other side. Take a risk!

10 things you need to let go ASAP

2. Guilt

You blame yourself for everything (failed relationships/life falling apart) and it’s been pulling you down. You lose touch of people you love because you closed yourself off from the world. Accept your faults/mistakes and learn from them. Mistakes and failure make us human. Your wife left you to be with someone else. She complained you work too many hours. But you were working your hardest to put a roof over the family’s head and pay bills. Again, do not blame yourself that you didn’t have time for her and your marriage. She chose to leave. It is over. Move on!

10 things you need to let go ASAP

3. Regrets

Things happen for a reason and one of the reasons is you decided to let it happen. Let go of things that cannot be undone. They already happened. Experience is the best teacher. Do not do it again. So you cheated? You had an affair with someone. You were weak at one of the lowest times of your life. You gave in to temptation. Forgive yourself and promise not to do it again! Ever!

10 things you need to let go ASAP

4. Toxic people

Just because you share a last name or blood or a long history together doesn’t mean you have to put up with them; the abuse, the negativity, the lies, and the hurt they put you through. Enough is enough, cut the cord that binds you and live your own life. After all it’s your life, not theirs. Sometimes they think they have your best interest at heart, but they forget you are your own person and need to think for yourself what’s good for you. Like your best friend that has been back stabbing you or your girlfriend who treats you more like a punching bag than her boyfriend.

10 things you need to let go ASAP

5. Over thinking

Alas, this is one of my worst habits. Over thinking is poison. It’s like sitting on a car with no gas, you are going nowhere. It causes us so much unnecessary stress. We create problems from nothing and predict things that haven’t happened yet. We hurt relationships because we think they’re doing something behind our back or they’re going to hurt us before we even give them a chance. Just because you’ve been burned before, doesn’t mean this new guy you’re seeing will hurt you like your ex husband did.

10 things you need to let go ASAP

6. Procrastinating

What you can do today, do it NOW. Don’t wait for tomorrow or something might come up before you put things into action. Do not wait for it to be too late when things are out of your control. Start working on that school project now even if the deadline is still a few weeks from now. Keep up with realistic deadlines. Set goals! Check them off one by one!

10 things you need to let go ASAP

7. Self hate/doubt

Nothing is worse than hating yourself. When you start second guessing yourself, that means you don’t love yourself enough to have faith in it that you can make things happen only if you practice self love. How do you expect someone else to love you if you can’t bring yourself to appreciate the beauty in you? Think about that. No one else can help you if you don’t carry yourself up and move forward to a better you. You have a talent, show it off! Master a new skill. Accentuate your flaws. Work with what you have! Stop wanting to be someone else! Be the best version of yourself. “You were born original. Do not die a copycat.”

10 things you need to let go ASAP

8. No direction

Do you know where you’re going to? Do you know what you want to do in life? Do you want to have kids and a wife/husband? Do you want to be your own boss or work for someone else? Do you want to get a degree? What are you doing with your life? Is this it? Have a to do list, a bucket list! Start fulfilling them as you go. You’re not getting any younger! Live each day like it’s your last! Damn YOLO. You die only once.

10 things you need to let go ASAP

9. Self harm

Many at times, we think and feel that the only go to things that can make us feel better are yes - things! Food, alcohol, cigarettes, casinos, shopping, etc give us a sense of short lived euphoria that our love ones cannot fill and because of that, we appreciate things and use people instead of the other way around. Surround yourself with people who love you instead of drowning in debt or purchasing things that you don’t really need to impress people who don’t even like you! Plus, things cannot love you back!

10 things you need to let go ASAP

10. Failure

So you failed again? So what? Another relationship that didn’t work out. Move on! It takes two to tango. Maybe one or both of you failed to keep the relationship going. You got rejected? Congratulations! It’s called real life. It hurts yes! Like a mf! But accept the fact, you are not alone! People get rejected/fail every day.

10 things you need to let go ASAP

A year or years from now, you will be stuck where you at now, if you cling to these life damaging habits and don’t do anything to abort them out of your life for good. Do not feel bad for yourself because you are the author of your life story. How it ends is in your hands. Ask for help. Talk to people who will help you uplift your spirits and stay away from the ones who bring you down and damage your psyche. Build yourself up to be someone you’re going to be proud of one day. It will not be easy. But one day, you will look back of how far you’ve gone and things you have done to the road of happiness.

10 things you need to let go ASAP

Thanks for the time reading, loves.

XOs Pinay_Ako

10 things you need to let go ASAP
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Most Helpful Guys

  • Skelmir_Nathair

    Very important lesson I started learning a few years back.
    I had it all, yet it was a miserable, untenable situation.
    I could keep being miserable.
    I could give it all up...

    I chose to give it all up and find a life I could love.

    Home, wife, children. All that. Plus most of my extended family.

    I'm 31 now. And I live as a nomad. My worldly posessions fit in my back pack.
    I'm happier than I've ever been in my life.

    Point is. Nothing traps you. But you.

    People can toss expectations at you. And they will. As will society.
    You'll be told you're being selfish for not accepting these expectations. For not being what others want you to be.

    As you are the only person living and experiencing your life, however. FUCK what anyone says.
    Answer to you.
    Do what you need to for you.
    If you dont like where you are at in life. Change it. It really is that simple.

  • AlirezaSgh

    True Af
    These things can wreck you from the inside

Most Helpful Girls

  • Soft4u

    Great job thank you, isn't funny how we let so many things dictate our decisions?
    I really got an empty feeling in my stomach when I read #10 Failure, I've been in 2 long relationships both failed, started seeing other guys failed there also, I'm 25 and not doing well at all with relationships. They feel right at first then the bottom falls out.
    Thanks again!

    • It happens! I wouldn’t refer to it as failure though. Failure would be to stay in a unfixable relationship. You can’t find a good one by staying in a bad one.

    • Soft4u

      @Browser101 Well put thank you!

  • Mollynotgemma

    I just put my engagement ring on eBay. Literally 5 mins ago. After 10 years of us splitting up. I have to move on

What Girls & Guys Said

  • Great take! These things weigh us down so much!

  • YHL6965

    Very good take, the only problem is that it's easier said than done. Some tips on how to do these more easily would have been nice but the take might have been long. For example, I'm having trouble with procrastination and telling myself "just do it now" does not work.

    • Boppy

      That's good. Now find some more things that don't work.

      Try more ways to avoid procrastinating, one at a time and note how much you used it successfully in a week.

      After a while, this helped me immensely.

    • YHL6965

      @Boppy My problem is that I also procrastinate on solving my procrastination. I'm at the next level of procrastination.

    • This is why I said, the road to happiness may be long and won't be easy, but if you work hard to reach it, you'll get there.

  • biffthewonderdog

    I've let go of being demanding of others accepting them to freely live doing. What the chose to do no ties & not being personally overwhelming of being personality suffocating of expecting of them ofter than relaxed company

  • ObscuredBeyond

    Guilt and regret can be great teachers. However, they should be kept in check. The rest of your list is pretty solid though.

  • TheUniqueOne96

    Easier said than done, at least for some of them, but yes.

  • GraveDoll

    I love this piece. so much of it is true and yet so easily forgotten during hard times.

  • ShadowofRegret

    Great take miss!😉

    I certainly need to work on some of those things.

  • McKellar

    Well I'm always pissed off all the time. I know there are some things I would need to work on.

  • Gedaria

    Only one I have problem with is over thinking, there is more to a job than there is..

  • Thank you, I usually hold grudges on things like this often. I'll try to be better.

  • i felt so happy after fully reading that. grab the pussy

  • Kaneki05

    I will never be able to get rid of these so i will never be happy.

  • mixedforever29

    i need to see this 💙💙

  • ElissaDido


    • kollmllll

      Do you have any siblings or kids
      Can you please PM me I need urgent help from you

  • jaymac23

    Pinay hmu beautiful

  • Mine are 2,5, and 7.
    I let go of #9 years ago.

  • Finchie40

    Awesome post

  • WalmartFlipFlop

    These sound like my depression symptoms

  • Very well done!

  • lsjr16

    That is very true

  • nice post

  • valentine74

    Kill myself

  • Anonymous

    Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    thank God we have a little feminazi to tell us how we all should live our lives it's always the young women who have great little lives and all of the laws in their favor who are arrogant enough to tell us what we need to do

    • Soft4u

      Being rude and challenging someone bc their young loses all meaning when you hide anonymously, it also doesn't allow us to look at your MyTakes, just sayin.
      It was well written and touched on some key issues, your comment was totally out of line.

    • I agree with @Soft4u! This was well written and thoughtful! You sound like you have some anger issues that you need to work out. I’ve dealt with anger and it can consume you and make you dislike even yourself... I truly wish the best for you and hope you can find some resolution for your personal demons.

    • @Browser101 and Soft4u - thank you for your kind words... Sometimes the people with so much resentment have bigger problems and issues than some of us. I wish them the best

  • Anonymous

    Let go of thinking that you are a victim of everything... let go of anger, and hurt