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Doomsday Prepping

Okay before we begin, may I just say, I'm not prepping for a Zombie Apocalypse or some other crazy scenario. I'm prepping for the consequences of Climate Change. Call me crazy, if you want, but you won't be saying that when it starts to kick in. This is also good for an emergency during natural disasters, for example an earthquake.

Natural Disasters
Natural Disasters

I started prepping for the consequences of climate change a while ago. I've always been a firm believer of Global Warming and Climate Change. I believe there will be natural disasters in a sort of way of 'earth fighting back'.

Common Natural Disasters
Common Natural Disasters

Now I don't live in a big country like America, where some states are aggges away from any large water source - like the ocean. I live in a small country, that actually is 3 small islands. Therefore, a big worry of mind is flooding, tsunami etc. So one of my biggest prepping goals is to buy a house on a hill/high ground, outside of town. This way if it floods, I will already be on high ground. I would like my house to be outside of town, so when people start freaking out from the natural disasters, I won't be stuck in the middle of it. I would also like for my house to have a bit of land/property with it so I can have my own gardens and live stock on the property. I am already saving for my house, and have been for a few years now, my goal is to buy my own home in 5 years maximum.

House on a hill.
House on a hill.

I am also already saving for solar panels. They will be around an extra $30,000 for enough to power a house, from where I am from. It will be an expensive addition to my property but this will allow me to have power, when others don't. Which can be the difference from keeping food fresh and therefore eating, staying warm, staying alive etc.

Solar Energy.
Solar Energy.

I have already started stocking up on water, and have a stock pile of fresh water in my garage. This will only need to be used, if I run out of tank water. I have tank water, which consists of pipes running off of the roof of the house, collecting rainwater, which is then filtered for drinking.

I have also purchased radio transmitters, one for me and one for my family members house, so I can communicate with them if phone signals are jammed or down.

Another important purchase of mine is a stockpile of non-perishable food items.

Bug Out Bag.
Bug Out Bag.

If you aren't willing enough to prepare this much for natural disasters, I would at-least highly recommend for you to make a bug-out bag. A bug out bag is defined of a backpack consisting of emergency items you may need if you have to leave in an emergency/hurry.

Good things to have in a bug out bag is: Water, first-aid kit, spare change of clothes, a bit of light weight food to keep you over for a few days, rope, fire starting equipment, tools, flashlight, metal pot, lightweight blanket or sleeping bag, whistle, rain jacket, book of edible plants, perhaps a self defence weapon, etc. You can google for more ideas, if you are interested in making a bug out bag/survival day kit!

I highly encourage for everyone to make a bug-out bag or to prepare for natural disasters in case of an emergency. It could make all the difference.

Doomsday Prepping
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  • GuidoThePizzaMaker

    Thats why I want to stay in the northeast USA. Worst thing we have is hard winters. No earthquakes, no tsunamis, no volcanos, no hurricanes (Maybe once a decade, and they are minor), no tornadoes, etc
    Also land is cheap here, you can be acres for a fair price and start a homestead with chickens, goats, and alpacas. There are plenty of lakes and rivers for fishing. Plenty of trees to cut down to build or use for firewood.

    Great mytake!

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    • Thank you


      Any places you like best? Im from northwest. I hear about pollution everywhere in water on east coast.

    • @TITAN-IDC White mountains New Hampshire, Adirondacks New York, Maine...
      I never heard about water pollution here before

      Northwest is close to Mt. St. Helens. That proximity to a volcano is what throws me off

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  • Wowgirl30q

    Different I liked it

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  • Hannajenky

    I live in the mountains I would try to live off the land and probably die haha

  • Well climate change is a sham, but disasters happen, always have even when population was a couple thousand people. So, it is always a plus to be prepared.

  • Yes climate changes are happening all over the world
    At an alarming rate.
    If you are in the area of these changes better be prepared for it.

  • Agape93

    Smart woman

  • jcampbell115

    Are you on the myTake game now? 😂

  • she's got a gun 😲

  • Anonymous

    Id like to date a girl like you. 💝 Its called situational awareness. Id like to by a rv just in case. In sweden its a law you have to be prepaired for 2 years. Police check your car to make sure. Under their streets is a fall out shelter.