How To Prepare In Case of a Nuclear Attack Threat

How To Prepare In Case of a Nuclear Attack Threat

With tense times between The West and North Korea comes the possible but hopefully slim chance of a Nuclear War. South Korea, Japan, and Australia are taking measures to protect their citizens in case the war between The US and allied nations and North Korea takes place. We have not had to worry about these measures much since the fall of the USSR in 1991. But, These are still good steps to take in the event of a Nuclear attack.

1. Prepare ahead of time if given warning.

In a perfect world we would like to be let know of if a possible nuclear strike is approaching just like we would a flood, thunderstorm, tornado etc... But, sometimes we do not have that luxury. But here are some tips to prepare if given time.

> prepare a 9-14 day supply of food

>Prepare a low lying basement to become a fallout shelter

>1 jug of water a day prepared ahead of time for 9-14 days

> Gather all special needs supplies such as:Insulin, Baby Food, Formula, medications,diapers, hearing aids and batteries, etc... Keep a sufficent supply on hand for 9-14 days

>Assemble a First Aid Kit and be prepared to give First Aid as medical crews may not be available for some time.

>Keep a Battery Powered Radio or TV along with extra battery surplus

>Buy a Solar Charger for your cell phone

>Cover all glass and windows with thick plywood sheets

>Turn off all Gas,Water,and Electric controls in your house when the sirens sound.

>Keep a waste can with lids and bags as well as toilet paper and hand sanitizer for bathroom use.

2. What if there is no warning?

If there is no warning, if you notice a flash get down where you are and cover your head while you lay on the ground. Lie there for about 3-5 minutes to give enough time for the heat and blast to pass by. DO NOT LOOK AT THE FLASH DIRECTLY! It can blind you. After that you should have 30-60 minutes to seek shelter to avoid radiation poisoning from fallout. Make sure to shed all clothing before entering the shelter to prevent fallout poisoning

3. Help those with Radiation Sickness.

Do not fear as radation sickness is not contagious unless you come in contact with the fallout dust. Give comfort to those who have it. Make sure they keep calm and hydrated.

Symptoms of Radiation Poisoning:

Nausea and vomiting

hair loss

severe fatigue



loss of appetite


If someone dies in shelter you should cover the body up and when safe to do so taken outside for disposal by civil authorities. Make sure to put a tag on the body identifying the deceased.

We cannot be sure if Nuclear attack will ever occur,but if it does you can be prepared. If available get more literature from your Civil Defense, FEMA, Red Cross/Red Crescent, or other Emergency Management bureaus. Hopefully it will all just blow over, but if worst come to worst keep in mind you can be prepared.



How To Prepare In Case of a Nuclear Attack Threat
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  • WalterRadio
    Unless you live within 1,000 miles of North Korea, you don't have to worry about a nuclear missile attack. There is a possibility of a "suitcase" bomb, but it is highly unlikely NK could get one to work and smuggle it into the US for various reasons. If a small bomb like that goes off, it is not the bomb that will kill many people, it is the ensuing panic. They could certainly pull off a few dirty bombs.

    The worst case scenario is not a nuclear attack on land, but one in space. A dozen or so large detonations in space could turn the world back 120 years. Do you know how to make soap and preserve food for the winter? If not, you die. Billions of deaths within a few months. NK does not have weapons large enough to do that and they are incapable of successfully getting more than at most one into space. Unfortunately, a large solar storm can have the same effect (except your car will still work until it runs out of gas); this is a question of when, not if.

    The true risk from NK is their artillery. They can shell Seoul, killing thousands within the few minutes before their gunnery crews complete their suicide.

    The list of "preparations" here is laughable.

    Anyone close enough to a detonation to be directly affected will find that nothing with an antenna will work. Cell phones and modern radios will be fried (vacuum tube radios at some distance and not plugged into the wall should work). If one wishes to have a radio or other electronics, then put it in a ziplock bag, wrap the bag completely with aluminum foil, put that in a plastic bag, then wrap that bag completely with aluminum foil, then put that in a plastic bag and put the whole thing in a metal box that is conductively sealed, with the bag not touching the box.
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    • The number one supply that will be critical is gasoline. After a nearby detonation, you won't be able to get any. Next will be water (faucets will stop working within a few minutes to a day or two), then guns and ammunition, then cooking fuel. You don't need a "jug" of water in storage, you need barrels of it along with swimming pool shock treatment chemicals and a well or large lake. As for food, a person needs at least 12 months supply and the ability to grow his own. If you don't have land to plant 1 acre per person and suitable climate, then you die. If you don't have 10 acres of trees for firewood per 400ft2 of living space or a coal mine where it is cold, then you die. But most people will not die of starvation or cold. There is only about 6 days worth of food in cities at any particular time, so people will start killing each other within a week to 10 days when looting no longer works. Sooner when they try driving out of the city and traffic doesn't move an inch.

    • @WalterRadio What about deadly biological weapons? Aren't those even worse than nuclear weapons, since they can spread rapidly and effectively? Although it has never gotten to the point where it's like a whole new "Black Death" plague pandemic. But you never know. Think Stephen King's The Stand kind of constantly shifting antigen virus, "Captain Trips".

    • @JudgmentDay
      The question is about nuclear, not biological or chemical.

      Biologicals depend on how easy or hard they are to spread. The localized ones like anthrax and cholera are fine as terrorist weapons, but they would be extremely difficult to deploy on a large scale. If someone were to modify something like influenza or SARS, it could be devastating, but it is uncontrollable, making it a poor weapon.

      Chemical weapons are good in enclosed spaces as terrorist devices or to kill people in a small area that one controls, but are not much good for anything else, again because they are hard to control. VX in particular is viscous and thus hard to disperse. If an enemy wanted to kill everyone in an indoor football stadium, sure. If they wanted to kill everyone in a city, it is not so easy.

      A dirty bomb, which spews radioactive material, but does not have a chain reaction, would be the easiest to deploy. Not many would die, but people would panic. I have a Geiger counter. Do you?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • PowerPrincess
    Here's my defense: Get in my car and drive straight towards the bomb as fast as I can.
    Whatever is left after nuclear Armageddon won't be worth living in. Our infrastructure will be demolished, our soil and water will be radioactive, the hospitals will be completely overwhelmed, EMP will short out most civilian equipment meaning no computers, internet or cellphones, gasoline will be restricted to government use only, and we will be under martial law. And that is only what I can think of off the top of my head.
    No thanks to that.
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  • vonasaurus
    please don't spread misinformation. you do realize that nuclear war means we're all dead, right?

    this ain't a bethesda game, people: rad-x and radaway don't exist. and even if we were all herded into underground vaults, there are surface-piercing missiles that would kill us anyway.

    also, see mutually-assured destruction. nk fires at the us, the us has the go-ahead from the un to fire back, meaning we're all effectively boned.
    • You are not correct.

    • I think the US has special shields... or not, I'll have to look.

    • @SovereignessofVamps
      It is called Pac-3, THAAD, NMD, and Aegis BMD. A few other systems have been developed in part but are not deployed, such as ABL.

      They are not "shields", they are interceptors.

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  • Toad-1
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  • jacquesvol
    I grew up with that. We got that all the time during the Cold War.
    "The Russians can be invading your country in 48 hours from now!" was heard or read nearly every day.
    Some people spend a fortune to build a private atomic shelter in their garden. Some others emigrated to the US (where they weren't welcome) or to Argentina..
    • Weren't some European Countries building bomb shelters with every house?

    • jacquesvol

      Some rich or obsessed people had bomb shelters. But there were shelters in the city, we knew where they were.

    • jacquesvol

      Who would like to be a survivor in a country that got a nuclear hit? I'd prefer to be dead at the first attack , rather than die from radiation or stay months in a shelter without news.

  • Belgie
    That information is like 70 years old, for cases of atomic explosion and fallout.

    If there's a nuclear exchange today, you won't be around to do anything after wards.
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    • @Belgie

      Even for those that survived the blasts are still gonna have problems surviving the aftermath in a post nuclear apocalyptic world. I mean there's the nuclear winter that follows, radiation poisoning, famines, and illnesses since pretty much all the infrastructure is gone. The locations in the most further down in the Southern Hemisphere would be least affected in terms of blasts, but even then I doubt they'll escape the problems such as a nuclear winter, and agriculture may not even be possible or much more difficult than ever before. Even their infrastructure may eventually break down.

      The worst case scenario is when people are running out of food, clean water and any other much needed resources they'll have to scavenge and they are more than likely going to fight over whatever scarce amount of resources are left and kill each other over it. And if there isn't enough to eat and people are starving, they might resort to cannibalism.

    • Belgie

      @JudgmentDay there won't be any survivors

    • @Belgie technically, no. those that did survive the blasts would only be postponing and delaying their inevitable doom. Some might just wake up and realize it and just end it with suicide once they realize it, how horrible everything had become.

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  • MarkRet
    You just climb into a refrigerator and close the door. It worked for Indiana Jones.
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  • ADFSDF1996
    I think one of the best things a person can do is constantly watch the news during international tensions, if they see there is trouble, then it best for the person to pack their stuff, warn their family and go to a safe location before hand.
  • sp33d
    It's going to be quite a show, make sure you have lots of cameras to snap feeds of the explosions. Then tuck it away in a nuclearbomb proof container. It's going to be worth it!
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  • Waffles731
    How to prepare for a nuclear attack? You dont.
    Besides, they'll be crushed after, Even China has started to realize that NK isn't worth it, and NK will hit Japan and SK
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  • JudgmentDay

    Probably targets according to the Natural Resources Defense Council and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The maps presents two scenarios. That of a 500 warheads and the other 2000.

    Originally from CBS Chicago:
    "Best Places To Survive A Nuclear Apocalypse?"
    • NK doesn't have 500 warheads. It is unlikely they could successfully launch 5 if they were trying, and less likely that any would get to a target more than 1,000 miles away from the launch site, and not likely that any would actually go off when it is supposed to.

    • @WalterRadio Obviously this was something from the Cold War era, OF COURSE NK don't have 2,000 warheads! Which other nation do you think they are referring to? Russia. Only Russia and the US have the largest stockpile of nuclear weapons.

      So far this has not happened because of the M. A. D. scenario, and let's just hope it doesn't ever get to that point. But you never know for certain if one day it can be pushed that far where either or both nation becomes desperate enough to just fire off all their nukes simultaneously, and humanity and civilization goes bye bye. Besides it's beyond all of our control, if it happens, it happens, though never right away, everything slowly builds up just like how the Great Depression happened and it slowly build up into the second World War about 10 years later.

    • The leaders of Russia and China are rational. We have come close to a nuclear exchange several times, but ultimately, someone said, "Нет, я не думию, что это pеально". Civilization exists today because of a handful of Russian officers who didn't want the world to die.

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  • RedThread
    Yeah stick your head between your knees and kiss your ass goodbye.
  • 1truekhaleesi
    This may come in handy in thr near future.
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    • For sure, since you're going to be a nurse this might be something you will have to expect in the near future. Because you would likely be the first line of first aid for many. You and other nurses alike

  • If someone d ies to that they should grateful they didn't die choking on an olive that is pity
  • Asiantrash
    1. Panic
    2. Bring the detergent from the sink
    3. Drink before the bomb hits
    4. Die
    • Best to just take as many painkillers and sleeping pills as possible. When you die in your sleep and painlessly, then it's probably significantly less discomfortable compared to those that died while they are wide awake.

    what if you live in a highrise?
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    • Not much can be done, if it's within a blast zone it will be affected. If not, then only radiation that follows will pose danger. There are no high rise in the world that can be resistant to a nuclear explosion. Not everybody in the world can afford their own fallout shelter and have their own doomsday bunker in event of a real nuclear war, at least not the common folk and average citizens.

    • @JudgmentDay
      You are incorrect.

      There is a wide range of yields. Some are small that will only affect a single block of a city (and the streets and wires leading away from it).

      I see that cocochanel is in Japan. If you live on Okinawa, then you should be prepared in case a missile gets through, like move. If you live anywhere else, then all you really need is to prepare like you would for an earthquake: Water, food, medicine; plus some potassium iodide pills (read the directions, if you take it at the wrong time it does no good, and pay particular attention to children's dosage; do not overdose) and duct tape and plastic to be able to seal up your apartment in case of fallout. Japan is at a bigger risk of being successfully attacked by NK than the US is.

      If I lived in Japan, I would be much more concerned about earthquakes and tsunamis.

    • @WalterRadio I am aware of the yields, but you'd have to assume that they would use the most common nuke weapon with the most common yield and it's likely gonna be a big one. The further someone is located from a high priority target then maybe the less likely they'll be affected. If they aren't with a certain mile radius of a military base or something like that since those are likely going to be priority targets in a nuclear strike. Cities with crowded populations are more likely to get hit than those living far from the cities or outside of the cities.

      But you are definitely on spot when it comes to having water, food, medicine and potassium iodide pills.

      Obviously those that have the means and can afford or afford to build their own little private doomsday bunker or fallout shelter stockpiled with the stuff they need to endure such a worse case scenario would have a better chance than those that do not but not everyone has that kind of opportunity.

  • legalboxers
    hope for the best, prepare for the worst
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  • cupidkisses
    i dont think it is possible to do something
  • Sloane
    Don't forget your tin foil hats.
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  • Scooby225
    Play fall out 4
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