How To Prepare In Case of a Nuclear Attack Threat

How To Prepare In Case of a Nuclear Attack Threat

With tense times between The West and North Korea comes the possible but hopefully slim chance of a Nuclear War. South Korea, Japan, and Australia are taking measures to protect their citizens in case the war between The US and allied nations and North Korea takes place. We have not had to worry about these measures much since the fall of the USSR in 1991. But, These are still good steps to take in the event of a Nuclear attack.

1. Prepare ahead of time if given warning.

In a perfect world we would like to be let know of if a possible nuclear strike is approaching just like we would a flood, thunderstorm, tornado etc... But, sometimes we do not have that luxury. But here are some tips to prepare if given time.

> prepare a 9-14 day supply of food

>Prepare a low lying basement to become a fallout shelter

>1 jug of water a day prepared ahead of time for 9-14 days

> Gather all special needs supplies such as:Insulin, Baby Food, Formula, medications,diapers, hearing aids and batteries, etc... Keep a sufficent supply on hand for 9-14 days

>Assemble a First Aid Kit and be prepared to give First Aid as medical crews may not be available for some time.

>Keep a Battery Powered Radio or TV along with extra battery surplus

>Buy a Solar Charger for your cell phone

>Cover all glass and windows with thick plywood sheets

>Turn off all Gas,Water,and Electric controls in your house when the sirens sound.

>Keep a waste can with lids and bags as well as toilet paper and hand sanitizer for bathroom use.

2. What if there is no warning?

If there is no warning, if you notice a flash get down where you are and cover your head while you lay on the ground. Lie there for about 3-5 minutes to give enough time for the heat and blast to pass by. DO NOT LOOK AT THE FLASH DIRECTLY! It can blind you. After that you should have 30-60 minutes to seek shelter to avoid radiation poisoning from fallout. Make sure to shed all clothing before entering the shelter to prevent fallout poisoning

3. Help those with Radiation Sickness.

Do not fear as radation sickness is not contagious unless you come in contact with the fallout dust. Give comfort to those who have it. Make sure they keep calm and hydrated.

Symptoms of Radiation Poisoning:

Nausea and vomiting

hair loss

severe fatigue



loss of appetite


If someone dies in shelter you should cover the body up and when safe to do so taken outside for disposal by civil authorities. Make sure to put a tag on the body identifying the deceased.

We cannot be sure if Nuclear attack will ever occur,but if it does you can be prepared. If available get more literature from your Civil Defense, FEMA, Red Cross/Red Crescent, or other Emergency Management bureaus. Hopefully it will all just blow over, but if worst come to worst keep in mind you can be prepared.



How To Prepare In Case of a Nuclear Attack Threat
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