Responsible Pet Ownership


My mom was in our backyard today throwing her two year old Pomeranian mix, Charlie, some tennis balls. Our neighbors two sons, about 8 or 9, were walking two Pitbull/ Great Dane mixes. They are huge dogs easily over 70 lbs. They heard my mom and Charlie. They broke away from the two boys and ran to our backyard. They pushed through our fence and attacked Charlie. Charlie suffered several severe bit wounds as well as a punctured lung. Right now he's at the emergency vet in critical condition. Animal control and the police are involved. The two dog's are not vaccinated. They've never bitten before but have been reported running loose. At this point if their owner can't prove they have rabies they will be quarantined and possibly put to sleep.

I'm not against Pitbulls or any other breed of dog. I do believe that people need to be responsible owners, though. Which means legally they need to be vaccinated, and in many places, licenced. I think morally, as an owner, you need to train your dog, socialize them, and properly supervise them. In the case above none of that happened. The dogs aren't trained, vaccinated, licensed, nor were the two boys big enough or old enough to be walking them unsupervised. The boys actually we're going to try to break into the dogs attack to try and get them back. If my mom hadn't been there they would have. They easily could have been bitten or worse. Because of irresponsible ownership the two big dogs are at risk of being put to sleep and Charlie is in critical condition. I'm all for people having pets. I think dogs make wonderful additions to a family, but big or small they need to be taken care of properly. I'm so frustrated that this situation occured at all. With proper training and supervision the two dogs would have never gotten loose. With proper vaccines their lives would not be at risk. Additionally, people could easily have been injured seriously and another dog, Charlie, was.

I really wish that people would really do their research before they got a dog. That they made sure that a certain size, breed, etc was right for them. I wish people would vaccinate, license, socialize, and train their dogs properly. Legally vaccines and licensed are part of owning a dog. Morally training and socializing your dog, in my opinion, is a must.

Responsible Pet Ownership
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  • broncobryan
    here's what I think should be done right away. The owners should be automatically forced to pay for the vet bills as well as a monetary sum for distress and time I'm thinking a good round number like 5000 bucks. I'm also thinking they should no longer be allowed to have dogs since they dont know how to control the ones they have.
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    • facetime

      Pitts got bad reputation cause of the handler being negligent. I been raising Pitts17 years. I have3 of them and they help my disabled mother get up. have2 chiauas and they just don't wanna listen.

    • I agree it's not the dogs fault, its the owners fault.

  • MarkRet
    I'm sorry your dog was injured, and hope he gets better. It's pretty sad when you can't even be in your own yard without something like this happening. Your mom should sue those people big time, but I get the impression they wouldn't have much money. They probably spent it all on tattoos and cigarettes.
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  • Harmseygrace
    That's awful. I really hope he gets better soon and you guys are okay. Poor little guy.
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  • My best wishes & prayers go out for/to Charlie.
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  • Yuukikamlot
    Hope Charlie gets better!
  • Iron_Man
    Poor dog let us know what happens
  • creativegirl93
    As a pet owner I totally agree with you