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Is everything just matter?

Is everything just matter?

The most prominent view in today's society is that there is nothing but matter. It's all matter and nothing else we have moved on from the dualism of the olden days to more modern and scientific ways. But is this really reasonable?

There has long been a discussion about phenomenon that clearly exist but doesn't exactly appear to be material. Such as feelings, thoughts and sense impression, you could argue that this is all in our head simply matter acting in a particular way. But can we actually say that the experience in itself is matter?

In it self it appears to be something else, there is no way you could describe in a material or scientific sense how it is to experience the color yellow. No this is something that you have to experience.

So if experience of things isn't matter then what is It? Short answer we don't know, but this is something that has recently been started to be asked in modern science. Ike to think of it as the contents of a cd. We are the cd and the information on it are our experiences.

To end it I'd like to say that this isn't about trying to convince anyone about anything but about provoking thought.

Is everything just matter?
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    Matter makes up things, places, people, brains... The interactions in those things constitute thoughts, dreams, fears, beliefs. A belief is not matter though. Emotions are not matter even if they are impacted by matter they are something else

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