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Held Up At Gunpoint

Held Up At Gunpoint

In my head I was rolling my eyes as one of my last customers for the day asked to see the price of one of the home decor pieces high on the wall next to the register. I knew from my nearly three year long experience working at the strip mall outlet that she definitely wasn't going to buy the ugly farmhouse key rack she requested.

Unfortunately, I never got the chance to actually roll my eyes because ten minutes before 9pm at the end of my shift, three guys rushed along the huge glass windows of our store front into the store brandishing guns and shouting at everyone. It was surreal. I'd seen this type of scene in a dozen movies, but now it was somehow happening to me in reality.


Key rack still in hand, I shifted hard to the floor, and my co-worker, who was deaf in one ear did the same right next to me before she began to cry then sob. Just as suddenly, we heard a loud noise and some commotion near the front and then a scream from a customer. This was the first and last time during the whole ordeal that I ever looked up.

One of the gunmen ran straight for the register and began yelling.


Held Up At Gunpoint

Everyone up front heard the click of his gun. My assistant manager who was on the opposite side of the register identified herself and was forcefully pulled at gunpoint to the register while the other two gunmen started rounding up jewelry, purses, phones, wallets, and anything the rest of the customers had. My crying co-worker and I were next. The guys were yelling and shoving but we had nothing because by store policy, during shift, our personal items had to be locked up.

Did my life flash before my eyes? What was I thinking? Was I scared? Did I cry? For some reason at that very moment, even though my heart was pounding out of my ears, I remembered this news story about a little girl who had been kidnapped and managed to escape. The little girls father had had a conversation with her about adults who weren't okay, and in that conversation he'd told her if ever she was in a life and death situation, she had two choices: she could lay there and wait to die and never see her family again, or if she saw some type of opportunity, she could fight with everything she had and try to find a way out and back to them.

Held Up At Gunpoint

Thinking about this, I told myself to calm down and to grip the key rack as hard as I could. I squeezed it tighter and tighter until I was white knuckling it, and I told myself over and over again like a little mantra, if anything happens, if your co-workers are in danger, if they try to hurt someone or you, you're going to grab this rack and swing it as hard as you can at them. My hands were hurting, but I kept squeezing the rack, and kept repeating, "breathe, just breathe."

My assistant manager was telling the man with the gun currently on her that we had nothing in the register---which was basically true because at the end of shift, we start counting the register down a half hour earlier so all big bills are gone in the tills but the guy kept yelling and then pointing the gun at her to open it and she did. There was about $50 dollars in small bills and change in there which the guy grabbed none to happy.

Held Up At Gunpoint

The next few seconds were as much of a blur as how it had all began. I saw the rushing of feet beside me, I heard the door chime, and just like that, they were all gone. The assistant manager ran to lock the front door and then we all sort of stood up dazed and in disbelief. As I stood, I tried to drop the key rack but it didn't release at first because my fear sweat and grip still had it temporarily stuck to me. We came around the corner to find out what had happened to the screaming customer and it turned out they'd hit her with their gun when she'd tried to refuse to give up her purse. Thankfully she'd managed just a welt on her forehead and nothing worse.

The police came a couple minutes later. They asked me to step outside and for my ID and to just tell them all what had happened. I told them as much as I could but I never really saw any of these guys faces, but I could certainly tell them what the hell a farmhouse key rack looked like! When they were done with their interview, I walked back into the store and straight to the assistant manager and I told her point blank, I quit. This was a last straw among many related to the failings of this job and I wasn't about to die over minimum wage.

Held Up At Gunpoint

I then slowly walked to the customer bathroom, shut and locked the door, and saw myself in the mirror for the first time. I have NEVER seen myself look so absolutely f---ked up outside of a funeral. It was actually frightening. It was at that moment that the dam broke and I burst into tears. All the adrenaline I'd had to hold on to, hearing my terrified co-worker crying beside me the entire time, hearing the customer screams, knowing I could have died...it all came flooding over me.

I did actually quit that day. Just took all my stuff from my locker, I had direct deposit so I didn't need to come in for my check, deleted the work number from my phone, and I have literally never been back there or spoken to anyone from that job since or ever worked in retail again. It wasn't a case of fear ruling my life, because at any other job I've worked I would have probably gone back, but we'd complained for months about lack of security...everyone in the strip mall had, but the company and the facility had done nothing about it---not installed security cameras we asked for, not hired night guards, not fixed shotty lights, not fixed the faulty metal detectors and just put everyone at undue risk.

I literally hope you never have to go through this, and obviously if someone wants to kill you, they will, but my one piece of advice is to take the advice of that dad in that if you have any sort of chance in a life or death situation, stay calm and try to focus your efforts on finding a way to fight your way back to your family if there is no other option. That doesn't mean 'be the hero every time," but sometimes staying calm and not doing anything stupid, can save your life. I can't say what would have happened if they had tried to hurt me, but the experience gave me the obvious appreciation for how fleeting life can be and it has helped me deal with a lot of emergency situations that would come later in my life.

Held Up At Gunpoint
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  • RolandCuthbert
    Wow, I am really sorry that happened to you. Most of the time stuff posted here is just garbage. Every once in a while, someone posts something real. I am glad you quit that job. There is no need to work someplace where your life is in danger.

    It is weird how the internet is. You meet cowboys who brag about what they would or would not do in such a situation. I own a gun. And so do some of my family members and the thing I reiterate to them over and over is. . . get home safe. Forget all that hero nonsense you see posted on the net. If anything happens, use violence as a last resort, and get home to your wife, your children, and your family. These thugs can always be hunted down and thrown in jail later.

    Well, I am just glad to see you are alive and no one was seriously hurt. If I were you I would see about some counseling. This incident will probably be with you a long time. I have been in situations where I was shot at or had my life threatened. It is always good to let folks know about it and air your feelings.

    Thanks for posting this.
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    • Anonymous

      Thank you for writing this. It frustrates me when people say if you'd had a gun, it would have been over in seconds. I had a former neighbor who was a full fledged gun supporter, but being responsible, when at home, his gun was locked up because he had young kids. His house was broken into one day while he was there and where was his gun? In the safe and he was too busy making sure his wife and kids didn't get shot to try to break away and then go find it to unlock it and get it and try to shoot it out.

      Guns aren't everything and they don't solve every issue related to violent criminals. I need people to absolutely stop saying what they "would do" if they've never been in a real life situation or trained for one where so many factors are at play that they have no control over including your own reaction to your life being in danger.

      I've never gotten official counseling for this situation, but I speak on it with family and good friends to just not hold back my thoughts and emotions about it when I need to and they've all been great.

    • bobbidigi1

      Even if I had a gun if they have the drop in finishing them what they want. If they have the drop in someone else I'm not firing unless there are no innocent people in line of fire. Guns are important but idiots with guns are dangerous. I love money but it's worthless if I'm dead

  • humanearth
    I been mugged and stabbed. Came close to dying. All he got was 113 dollars from a unemploymemt check.

    I ended up in rehab for almost year and now have permernt damage to body that will never heal.

    That was the nail in the coffen to move out rotten city and buy a farm far away from any city

    I hate cities so much now, that it takes a lot to get me to one.
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    • Anonymous

      Glad you survived. It sucks to think about these situations that someone is literally willing to kill someone else not caring if they have a family or friends that love and will miss them for a few bucks.

    • Jamie05rhs

      Wow, @humanearth I'm so sorry. That sucks.

    • If you had a gun you could've got him too lmao. But in all seriousness grats on surviving and embracing a better world

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  • Anonymous
    You probably suffered PTSD! I got held at gunpoint having some guy hold a gun to my head ordering me in the car, and then he held the gun to my head as he raped me. I have PTSD as having something like that happen is terrifying. Good luck!
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    • Guardian45

      Have you spoken with a mental health counselor? If not, please do.

  • Bratsondanielle
    It's terrible when they are more than one. If it's only one you can just shoot the bastard, but three or more it's not possible.

    Anyway sorry to hear that you experienced this. Much good energy your way
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  • lightbulb27
    Thank you for sharing this, you write so well that I could experience it. Very sorry you went through that terrifying experience. It's a good reminder we all have to think in advance of how we would handle this, so we have the best response possible. You handled it extremely well... saw it materializing, responded well, could sense it before it happened. Those are great skills! Intuition!

    I feel for the supervisor as well whose hands are tied and felt another level of stress. She has choice to leave, but that's a tough job. They can want cameras, but corporate holds the $. All should leave until security is provided... and that may mean store goes out of business.

    Ever consider "1st responder" type training, martial arts or therapy as techniques to help rise above this to take your power back? Writing helps. I felt better after taking martial arts training. I used it once to evade a pursuer. I'm not saying I'd ever use combat in such scenario, I'd give them $ as you all did. not worth risk to life for few $. Even if I had a gun, I'd give them $. I watch video series on self defense/gun defense. Doesn't happen often, but when does, gotta be ready to react.

    You were very lucky, glad you got out of that scenario and hope you found better work. But that leaves someone else to go into that job. Shopping malls aren't doing so well, one wonders how good their security is. Risks may be relative to the area... but even my low crime area had a robbery and purse snatching at a grocery store. people are getting more desperate and brazen, only to get worse... cost of everything going up faster than pay.

    I wonder what else can be done. People don't use cash so much anymore, so these types of robberies I think wold start to become more personal. e. g. what are the poor who beg for change and criminals to do if there isn't change to be had? They have to adapt.

    If digital currencies come to fruition, bitcoin, etc.. ... then how do criminals steal them? I can think of ways and it is far worse. Thieves are smart. They will hold people for ransom.

    I guess we all have to prepare for the worst, and hope for the best. But hope isn't a plan.
    • Anonymous

      Thank you. I would love to take a self-defense course, I think everyone should, because though it may not actually help if an attacker or attackers are fully armed, just like CPR, you hope to never have to use it, but having that knowledge can help in an emergency because you have an idea of what to do rather than do you feel completely helpless.

  • N192K001
    Congrats on emerging from that alive! Corporate was surely irrepressible for not providing the security-countermeasures requested. May the hammer of justice fall upon them.

    My mother was also put at gunpoint decades ago back in the Philippines when she was on public-transportation.
    • Anonymous

      Sorry to hear that happened to your mom. My parents used to live in a foreign country that was very corrupt. People were frequently held up at gunpoint at checkpoints and if they didn't give up the goods, they often shot people or at people until they did. There is this beautiful family photo on my parents mantle of my now older brother who was one at the time, and my parents. Right after the photo, they were held up at gunpoint at one of the checkpoints and the thugs took my mom's necklace and my dad's watch from the picture. You hate to share the story because it brings up really bad memories, but it also helps you release some of that fear and trauma one can suffer from it. Give your mom a hug and always tell her you love her if you don't already.

    • N192K001

      Yup, I do whenever I can and make sure she knows she's loved. She's already done so much for me in all these years. Luckily, the holdupers threw her watch back at her when they realized it was only gold-plated and not actually fully gold, and just left. But that was only after they took everything else valuable from her & her fellow-passengers. (Her parents & my father's also had to bear with the mass-violence of the Japanese invasion & occupation during WWⅡ, with her mother narrowly escaping rape from an imperial serviceman.) Man, it's easy to take our safety for granted and forget that history is generally much more replete with crimes (incl. what we now consider crimes previous eras didn't), human-rights abuses (likewise), and wars all over the place & their inevitable war-crimes (another recently-conceived idea). In 1 sad sense, we're quite fortunate to live in this era, but at the same time it still sucks, there are still threats to counter, and we can't let our guards down. We should always be careful, always savor the time we have with our loved-ones (esp. our aging elders whose time draws ever nearer, though not discounting all else who can also suddenly go at any time), and always keep striving for the better, since that's how humanity advances.

    • Anonymous

      Well said. From a historical standpoint, it is amazing given these types of incidences, wars, hatred based violence and everything else, that we are here at all, that our ancestors survived what they did to allow us to just be talking about this today.

  • Exterminatore
    I got cut across the face with a knife for my wallet.

    Sorry this happened to you.

    Now I’m never unarmed. I suggest the same for you. If you are able to get a gun, get one. If not get something you can protect yourself with.
    • Anonymous

      I know a lot of people have suggested that, but I was at work at the time and guns were not permitted in the building let alone to have employees roaming around the store with a gun in holster which is why we asked for security guards. I no longer work there, haven't in years and the place I worked after had armed guards, and now I work for myself.

    • Understandable. Sorry that happened to you.

    • razelove

      Better to have a throw wallet than a gun tbh, and I absolutely love guns. Throw wallet is just another wallet you carry that's filled with receipts and shit, a couple bucks, no ID or cards.

      You get held up, you throw that wallet one way, get the tears and incoherent words going, and hope you get the chance to go the other way, or throw both your wallets if they seem in a highly methed out frame of mind.

      They want what you have, not you (hopefully), so if you can get that value away, and you away, take that chance, keep your weapon holstered, because trying to draw down on a weapon already on you with shaky hands is such a bad idea. Like even if you succeed, where did those bullets that missed go?

      That stuff only works if you're moving in a three man or more fireteam, and the chances of anyone thinking you're easy prey like that are about zero unless you're legit in a combat zone. Shit, I can see when clients ask me to come pull camera footage for them where teenagers are moving in 3-4 person armed groups just to steal a bike or rob a car sometimes. Just because you only see one person pointing a gun doesn't mean that's all the coverage that there is.

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  • Aiko_E_Lara
    Glad you survived. It happened to me except there was no warning. i just got shot anyways. Gladly i survive and i wasn't even carrying anything. But still a medical bill was a cost and a loss of time. Lucky enough the one who shot me was from a distance so it didn't really kill me.
    • Jamie05rhs


    • Anonymous

      I'm sorry to hear that. You are a real survivor.

    • Well that was a cheap shot anyways. It was nothing. Thanks by the way.

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  • Guardian45
    This is quite traumatic. You likely have experienced a post-traumatic stress injury. Have you sought out counseling about this incident? Otherwise, you will likely have ongoing PTSD issues.

    I am a PTSD survivor. If you have Qs, then I'm happy to help. I educate and counsel people about PTSD.
    • Anonymous

      I try not to dwell on the situation (this happened some years ago now), but I do talk about it sometimes with friends and family and find other ways to just not hold on to it.

  • romeo_and_cats
    I'm not surprised by your history since I had lived worst many times. I cannot say here what just imagine me the worst. I was evil for a decade. At the same time I've studied a lot, and mainly security, IT security, self defense and hacking. You're extremely "wrong about grab a rack and if you need to..." 🤦‍♂️ If you don't know something just keep to yourself DO NOT TRY to TEACH your experience to every single human in this planet WHAT YOU THINK IS CORRECTLY. IT'S NOT! because you may hurt others. Probably you felt useless, this is why you thinked that you should do something about it. The best thing you could've done was to stay on the ground and do anything about! Hollywood teaches us that you should grab a baseball bat and hit the thug in the head, or to carry a personal gun, WRONG! There are actual dedicated youtube channels who share such types of contents with real life scenarios and 95% of people who try to be the hero ended up dead. If you are on the ground 1. you first agree with the bad guys, giving no reason for them to shoot you 2. Keeping your head low in the case of a shooting happening. What do you think will happen if you raise to attack one of these guys, especially if you cannot see anything from above you, because they will have no other option to get you down, in their way of thinking, you had became a threat in their eyes and believe or not they're so afraid as you. They don't know if you have a knife or a gun, they will shoot you. Then about leaving the job, I believe it was another mistake. If everytime people will have to lost their jobs and bussinesowners to lost their establishment just because a bunch of idiots tried to rob their bussines then the world is fucked!
  • Dchrls78104
    Wow, I can relate. My sister once went through something similar in a home invasion. He stuck a gun in her face. Her young daughter was not too far away from her. I am glad that they---and you---got out alive and physically unharmed.
    • Anonymous

      I'm sorry to hear that, but glad she is okay. I can't even begin to imagine if I was in this situation with someone I loved.

  • chriscdi
    now im going to inform you about the other side of this type of story, the robbers, when hitting a lick, one of the main rules is dont shoot unless you absolutely have too, which means that they wouldn't normally shoot anyone unless they have too, the one with the highest risk in a robbery of dying is either the robbers or the security guard because in a well plotted robbery security is the biggest threat, which means if you are gonna shoot someone first thing when entering the place, you are gonna have to shoot their security, anyone or anything that will prevent you from having a successful lick, its extremely unlikely that a robber will walk in and shoot you if you are following their directions, remember normally robbers have the same emotions as everyone else, and these robbers are under a lot of pressure because when hitting a lick you have to be quick because there's many risks and pressure in this situation as they have to worry about police, so normally a robber shouldn't shoot anyone as they know that robbery itself is already a big case so a robber shooting someone out of nowhere like that is highly unlikely if everyone is following the instructions because adding murder/attempted murder on top of the other is basically life, so unless the robbers are full on insane, they would prevent doing anything unnecessary, if you are following instructions and they shoot you thats unnecessary, they know the risks and normally for a robber the main mission is grab the loot and get away, now there's insane robbers out there that just kill but commonly they aren't as dangerous as your fear made it seem, which i dont blame you cause you were scared now physical actions can be common tho, such as pistol whipping or physically harming victims to show them that they are serious but shoot and kill someone i would say isn't as common, only way bullets will fly is if it goes wrong which does happen but ways it can go wrong is either police, security or a heroic civilian and usually thats where they pull the trigger but that also depends on the robber.
    • Let’s not forget about Ben Parker... killed by a robber who wanted his car.

    • Jamie05rhs

      @VanillaSalt Good point!!

    • chriscdi

      y'all didn't read correctly "FOLLOW DIRECTIONS"

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  • WhiteSteve
    That’s scary stuff, glad you made it out ok!

    You handled it the right way. Always just give a thief what they want, there’s zero sense in fighting over money or possessions, they aren’t worth your life.
  • TheorionMage
    Frustrating as it may be, you did absolutely correctly.
    NOTHING in that store's register is worth ANYONE'S life.

    The vandals counted up your realizing that and on a power dominance trip.
    The TOTALITY of circumstances dictates your actual options as to 'educate' them~
    • @TheorionMage

      You can do a "power dominance trip" without breaking the law. All you need is the title "supervisor".

      These guys wanted to get paid.

  • Jaximus-Lion
    The most important thing us you still alive. The trauma of this will go away bit it will take time, i would not quit my job in this situation. Try to seek some help, a psychologist can do a lot. I have been held at gunpoint before, twice. I am from iraq so some would say that is normal, it's all about the money and the second time it was just me so the gun was right on my forehead. That happened in 2003 the first time and the second time in 2004, now i live in Sweden and so far it is very peaceful compared to iraq. You will be alright dear, just seek help, don't psych your self and make it worse
    • Anonymous

      Thanks. I'm sorry to hear that has happened to you. Any guns on you is scary, but gun to the head is next level scary. I'm glad you lived to tell your tale and that hopefully you find more lasting peace where you live now.

  • I'm sorry that happened to you. It seems like it was a very scary situation. But I'm very glad you made it out safely. And I definitely think you made the right decision by quitting the job that day!
  • genericname85
    you know it's those situations you just described, where i'm wondering, where all those brave keyboard warriors, that always go on and on about the second ammendment are with their guns, safing the day xD
    • __inkRat

      OK, so what single armed civilian would have done against 3 armed robers? Start shooting and there will be even more inocent lives lost. One on one maybe if thy don't see you pulling out gun and you don't fuck up first shot.
      I think its common sense, you dont start shootout one against 3.

    • @__inkRat i swear you just gotta say anything anywhere and one of those new fanboys comes out of the bushworks and starts arguing with me as if I had any interest in arguing with their weapon nonsense xD

    • @__inkRat before something happens, you gun people always act the hero. but after something happened and nobody tried to be a hero, you find all the excuses xD

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  • BCRanger10
    Wow, that's quite a story. When did that happen, if you don't mind my asking?

    I greatly commend you for how you handled the situation. I'm glad you're okay.
  • BigManSAB
    I’m sorry you had to go through that 😢 hopefully that strip mall shuts down. How the hell do you not have security in 2021. Everywhere has security. Makes sense why they’d go rob that location if it’s one of the very few places that don’t.

    What city was this if you don’t mind me asking?
  • sp33d
    I've been threatened with a knife, but that went as well as it could, I got a small scratch. Another time I was threatened with a toy gun. I started laughing, grabbed the guy and gave him to the police.
  • bulletbob555
    Just remember when you're doing could of would of should of all that matters is You get out alive. Fighting back if its the only choice if you make it does feel better and you don't suffer from what ifs. But you have to live through it for the payoff. Good luck on your future employment
  • kingofthellamas
    Gosh that sounds terrible. Its so sad about the gun troubles in the USA. When will people learn? You are never going to shoot down government - all the guns do is fuel crime.
    • @kingofthellamas

      "You are never going to shoot down government - all the guns do is fuel crime."

      Bullshit. Firearms protect citizens from government overreach. Fuel crime? Robbers also use knives and clubs. All knives do is fuel crime. Let's outlaw knives. How are you going to cut the meat on your plate? How are cooks/chefs supposed to prepare food? We need to come up with an alternative because knives are so dangerous. All clubs do is fuel crime. No more chairs because the chair legs can be used as clubs and we can't have that now.

    • @joeblow123 Wow, that's a passionate response. I don't see that guns protect you from government overreach. Logically, if that was the case, every citizen on earth would be armed - and they are not. Alone, you are not going to defend yourself from government. With a team, you are equally doomed. I think the events at the capitol recently would have gone another way if this was wrong.

      Government rule will always be there. You can try to bring down and destroy the government but another will form. So, the only option you are left with to protect yourself from government overreach is to engage in politics. Which brings us back to guns do little to protect you from government overreach while at the same time increasing your risk from crime.

      You are of course correct that a criminal can choose to arm themselves with a chair leg. But guns are a bigger concern due to their lethal force. Removing guns will not reduce crime, but it would reduce lives lost. Those lives are unlikely to be lost to other weapons. Killing someone up close with a knife is a very different person to at arms length or more with a gun.

    • @kingofthellamas

      My response was deemed to long to post here so I posted it on my blog: thoughtsofamascman.blogspot.com/.../...llamas.html

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  • Agape93
    Damn I’m sorry this happened to you. I suggest getting a gun or some other quick self defense weapon.
  • msc545
    That is a really frightening story. I'm glad you are still with us.
    • Anonymous

      Me too. Some days I really sit there and think, my nephews might have never had an aunt. It really humbles you.

    • msc545

      It really does. I've had several incidents in which I thought I would die. Very humbling for me as well.

  • Phoenix98
    Yeah almost dying is never fun I think on my like second, third go around?

    It's good everything all things considered ending peacefully with the robbery.
  • McKellar
    Well I never was held up at gunpoint,... but I was once held up & robbed at knife-point. Especially for the 1st time going through that,... the spontaneous & life-threatening action & unexpected encounter is frightening. I'm not going to deny that.
  • ManHater
    Don't you wish you had to power to take criminals off the face of the planet and let them die in the vacuum of space.
  • Pummel
    I had a gun pulled on me and than I was dragged into the basement of a drug dealer in Kensington Phila.
    Where I was told "today is your day you mother fucker"... needless to say I was shaken but also perplexed as to why this man wanted to put a bullet in my head and than bury my corpse in the basement of a row home... (and yes this is a true story... people from Kensington will know that I am by this... "Kensington... where the men are men... and the women are to")

    It was mistaken identity, you see some guy with long hair that listened to metal music robbed his home of $35,000, a remoter control car and a pretty nice classic rock vinyl collection...

    I am not throwing around a race stereotype lightly, but when this Puerto Rican pillar of the community found out he had the wrong 17 year old, he said..."and I quote "Yo cuz... sorry bout that... you all look the same to me"

    I miss the old days
  • Meldrum
    Your life is not worth what little is in that register. If you have CTTV then let the cameras do the work. The store is covered against theft or they couldn't be open.
    • Anonymous

      Definitely not...and it wasn't even my money so if I had been forced to the register instead of my boss, I would have had no issues giving that away. Unfortunately the company I believe would rather us have died then to spend money installing cameras because we'd asked for them for 6 solid months, on every monthly report and we were always told they were "looking into it." Had someone been seriously injured or god forbid killed, this would absolutely be a legal cause for negligence on the part of the company for failing to provide reasonable safety measures to protect company property and staff.

  • s2firestar
    I was held at gunpoint, locked on by missiles, targeted with artillery, to name a few shenanigans I had part in.

    In time, you get used to it. Then again, civilians should not have to deal with such things.

    We had a 2 week training for just disarming people who threaten you with weapons. And it was not a crash course, 12 hours a day, until the entire platoon was as sharp as ninjas when it came to pushing guns and knives away or taking them and reversing the situation. Without that, I would have been just like a deer on the road illuminated by highbeams.
  • MrCreep
    If im on my own I'd not care so much but if I was with people I cared for I would be scared then. Hope it hasn't added any lasting effects it's horrible hope your okay
  • Likes2drive
    That’s quite a story, I hope I never go through that, sorry you had to go through that but you handled it well
  • edmonton
    Wow! What a scary experience... sorry you went through all of that.
  • joeblow123
    I've been in this situation. In fact I had the gun put to my head. There were 3 masked men who rob the establishment I was working at. I kept cool because I had a gun to my head and I wasn't about to piss these guys off or make them nervous. When you do that innocent people get hurt. They took the money but no one got physically hurt. The police were notified and they asked the usual questions and conducted the usual investigation. I don't know if they caught these guys but I do know that keeping calm did prevent a lot of problems.
  • Paul09
    Where on earth do you live? How can a place with so many expensive items, have a shitty security system? Man I have no idea what I would have done.
  • This why people need guns ya kno a hard place to rob A GUN STORE! What’s that? Why? Hmmm? Maybe because THEY HAVE GUNS!!
  • Feelicks
    That sucks, I've been a bank guard during a hostage situation, I can relate.
  • Ilickvulvas
    This is why you must be armed
    • No. In this case this was the best outcome. If they outnumber you is best to comply. Be clear and loud enough to show that you’re able and willing to comply. I will open the safe. I’m opening the safe.

      If you’re confident in your shooting which you should be or not have a gun. Then use tricks. Cops are in their way. They be here in minutes. For a few rounds behind cover. Don’t peek too often. Don’t try and kill just make it dangerous for them to approach. This is safest option but if you comply you usually won’t be shot. I’m a public setting anyway especially with customers.

    • @VanillaSalt keep believing that

    • Pulling a guns not always the best choice. We can’t all be John McClain or John wick. It’s better to be in control but sometimes it’s not possible. For that point I agree if everyone carries you’d have less instances of this kinda shot. Average people you’d make citizens arrests or people would be more afraid to do lower crimes. Too much risk not enough rewards requiring more investment.

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  • joeldalton
    This is why the 2nd amendment exists.
  • monkeynutts
    Well written. Very scarey glad you are ok.
    • Anonymous

      Thank you.

  • Anonymous
    I didn't read any of it just skimmed but the way I am now if someone holds me up at gunpoint they better not get within range of my arms or im going gouge their eyes out and possibly kill them with that gun
    • Are you skilled in martial arts?

    • Anonymous

      @joeblow123 I play my fair share of mortal kombat so I like to think so

    • Anonymous,

      Have you ever had a gun put to your head? I'm talking about real life and a real gun. Not video games or toy cap guns but the genuine article?

  • Anonymous
    Sorry you had to go through that. It’s quite terrifying. I worked as a sheriffs deputy in a pretty rough neighborhood for a little over a year. I was also in the Marine Corps.

    The first time I got shot at- it crippled me, but I was immobile after the adrenaline dump after everything was said and done.

    I don’t want to get into the details of what happened, but if basically kicked me into a fight or flight mode. It happened. There was a moment of “holy shit” and your heart starts racing out of your chest. My training kicked in and I forced myself to make a move.

    There’s no thought after you make the conscience decision to fight instead of curl into a ball. Combat training is comprised of extremely repetitive tactics. Even drawing your firearm takes hours and hours and weeks and months of repeating that same movement.

    People think they’re going to do x, y, and z when they face a life or death situation. Truth is that they’re either going to curl into a ball, or they’re going to have a jerk reaction to fight that might just get them killed. There’s no though. It’s just muscle memory and reaction. I did well, but it’s difficult being under that much scrutiny.

    After it all happened for me, the adrenaline dump happened. My back was ridiculously stiff. I barely could walk. It was extremely painful. Hands were shaking. I didn’t sleep that night.

    One thing people like you and I can really appreciate is life itself after. That next week after the haze is over... water tastes better. Food tastes better. Your goals become more clear. You start to call friends and family that you haven’t talked to in a long time.

    And then... the jade kicks in. It’s an entire emotional process. Anyways, I’m again sorry you had to go through that as I know how terrible it is. Feel free to DM me if you’re struggling to go through these emotions. I might have a couple pointers that you might benefit from.
  • Anonymous
    reminds me of a somewhat similiar situation i was caught in twice when my bastard neighbor downstairs of my apartment building broke into my apartment twice and made threats to me. i went to pick up a butchers knife and he didn't dare enter my premesis while i was holding it. i argued with the property managers for months about hiring security but they refused i argued with them about repairing the security cameras in that place but they wouldn't. there were 3 teens at one point carrying katanas in the parking lot and the property manager did nothing about it. didn't even care one bit. even when attorney's were up their ass filing lawsuits they still didn't give a shit. and the cops well they're completely and totally useless in EVERY situation except when it comes to giving out parking tickets and speeding tickets. other then that cops are literally and utterly useless!!! that's why i always carry a pair of brass knuckles on me along with a knife, taser, and pepper spray everywhere i go just in case. because the cops can't be depended on. in fact when i was driving and fully stopped i had one bastard who was crossing in front of my car and when i blew the horn at him to move he didn't want to and when he got on the sidewalk i blew my horn at him again and the motherfucker thought he was going to try shit by fighting me but as soon as he saw my metal baseball bat he ran back across on the sidewalk pissed off and i drove off. i also had another motherfucker who thought he was going to physically fight me over a parking spot but as soon as he saw my knife in my hands he backed off and his friend and myself were trying to de-escalate the situation but his ego wasn't having any of it. so out comes my knife and he backs off. you got to remember something when people try to hurt you it's either them or you that will survive and never take shit from anyone. it's life and death in those type of situations and the last thing you want is to be hurt or if you are hurt to minimize the amount of damage they cause you.