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Lessons from 27 years of life.


I started my young age with so much passion for the things I am going to witness, the places I will go, and the wisdom I will learn.

I don't consider myself as a good person, and I am unlikeable in all sorts of ways. But I think what is solid about me is honesty. And the thing I can honestly say at this point in my life is what Plato has said "I know not but that I don't know". Because even the things that I learn, I don't want to be aware about them at all.

And the absence of knowledge about these things I think might have been the only thing driving my passion.

1- It is very difficult.

Lessons from 27 years of life.

With varying emotions and biochemics, flaws of the mind, and ego. It is so hard to know what is right, or act right.

When I was studying physics, I learned that knowing the right answer was the lowest probability for me. Because if you have a weak mind, and you can't handle the world's truths, you will always end up getting the wrong answer, not that you couldn't, but mostly because you subconsciously didn't want to without even knowing.

And this makes life so hard, even with the given earned knowledge and wisdom.

2- You are just like a machine.

Lessons from 27 years of life.

We like to think of every thought we have as to be genuine, it is true some are, but not all of them. A lot of the thoughts that we have are just debris from our fears, desires, memories.. Etc. And our minds are so easy to be read by others, either those who know us, or those who just simply can.

Minds are readable! there is no space in your mind where you can hide anything except how much you love or hate yourself, that is the only thing no one can get access to.

3- People don't give a flying fuck.

Lessons from 27 years of life.

Ok, this one everybody knows it. People don't care to the extent that your misery or happiness becomes your own choice. They only care if there is something in it for them.

But if it is difficult for you to be happy on your own, it is a disaster. And you are only under the mercy of your mind, and God, it can be ugly! If you have one prayer in your life that will be answered, only one, pray that you become happy all by yourself.

4- Repeat.

Lessons from 27 years of life.

Ever played dart? If you are lazy like me. Even the knowing the secret of life will do you no good.

If you want something, you can get it. It doesn't matter what it is, as long as it is realistically within your reach.

All you have to do, is repeat trying. The only element playing into this trick, or as I would call it, a life hack, is patience. People are just not patient to get what they want, so they never consider the number of times they'll have to try before getting it, they just wanna get it from the first attempt.

So when you want something, you should just go with the mindset of repeating your attempts without considering when to stop. Because that consideration is the only thing that stands in your way.

In the other hand, by the time you get it you will no longer be passionate about it, there will be no positive emotion upon getting it. Or you will no longer want it. And that's the secret, because that's the only condition where you ACTUALLY want it.

A partner, car, job, house, getting famous, finding love,... Etc.

Take a dart, practice the experiment.

5- Survival, breeding. That's all.

Lessons from 27 years of life.

If you find survival and breeding too trivial to be purpose of life, if you are searching for a higher purpose. A meaning, changing the world... Etc.

Welcome to hell. Don't you think that life will ever go easy on you, because at that instant you are openly actually in a conflict with.... Guess what? with LIFE.

It is going to torture you until you abide by the systems it implanted in you. No matter how much you want to create a difference in the world, do well by others, help people. Always remember that the price of being a good person is quite heavy. Whether you have faith or you don't.

Twain at work
Twain at work

Mark Twain once wrote a book called "What is man", only 100 pages he said in the intro, "what I am writing is something people realised spontaneously at a later age." If you are a young person with stars in your eyes. I don't advise you to read it, but if you think you are strong to learn from life, and you are eager to grow. Than it is your book.

I hope that what I wrote was useful and entertaining, forgive me for any mistakes, that's just what I could learn, that's my perspective and experience. But if there's one last thing I would like to close it with nicely is the following,

The most beautiful thing I ever learned from life is how normal people, could be you, or someone you know, who are worthless, maybe stupid, or weak. Any normal person in general who is not significant in the slightest, how they can tap into their full potential and energy at some instant, to do or say things that blow your mind away.

It's like a moment in destiny where people demonstrate their long forgotten worth. No one passes through life without having one or two.

And that's the best thing I could ever learn.

thanks for reading 🌷

Lessons from 27 years of life.
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