Lessons Learned at 23 About Life

I'm the first to admit that I got a lot to learn but making this list seemed like a fun idea. If not for myself to look back on or for people younger than me, maybe some of the older ones will get a kick out of it.

Lessons Learned at 23 About Life

1. Never say anything private over the phone

2. Trust, but expect the unexpected

3. Yes, people can change. However, tactics do too.

4. Procrastination is a close relative of regret

5. Pay with cash

6. Always check toilet paper supply

7. Sometimes the people who seem like they're trying to hurt you are going to help you and the people who seem like they want to help you are only trying to hurt you.

8. Lie, deceive, maneuver but never exaggerate . . . always deliver

9. If you're unlucky, it means you need to slow down and observe your surroundings

10. A lot of the bible was translated wrong, most of the controversial things you think it says, it doesn't and almost all believers don't understand their own religion.

11. Everybody lies

12. Without pain and suffering, happiness would become stale and fleeting before turning to depression

13. Take fate into your own hands

14. Question everything, but learn to accept when someone else knows better than you

15. If you see someone doing something you don't like, ask yourself if you do it too

16. Most people who say they "Got lucky" just had a plan so embarrassingly simple, it shouldn't have worked. Start yours today

17. Tony Hawk wears knee pads . . . he also skates at 50

18. Eat a variety of food being mindful of protein and a variety of vitamins

19. Sugar leads to short term memory loss and is therefore really bad for studying of any kind as well as ones attention span

20. That feeling that a big tsunami is about to crash down on you from behind will never go away, get used to it

21. Never be the most drunk person there

22. The most powerful things in the world in order are love, money and patience

23. Nothing is ever as bad as it seems

Except running out of toilet paper in your apartment, that's really really bad. . .

Alright, that's that. Let me know what you think.

What are some things you feel you'd want to share? Any stories of these things applying to you?

Lessons Learned at 23 About Life
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Most Helpful Guys

  • NerdInDenial
    Here are my unasked thoughts of your list:
    1. To solve this problem, cover your mouth when you are talking on the phone at all times. This way, people just hear muffle and cannot read your lips.
    2. Always verify especially when you sign or put your name to it. If you sign for it, then you are responsible for it.
    3. People change only if they want to change; you have to understand and know the person, but make the person prove it to you that he or she has changed.
    4. No comment
    5. Paying with cash is annoying because of change. If you are disciplined enough to pay things on time, a credit card is not a bad route. Also, there are a lot of perks you can take advantage of in credit cards.
    6. Agreed
    7. Maybe
    8. True
    9. This can solve the problem; you have to understand or change your goals or plans.
    10. No comment
    11. True
    12. No comment
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  • kanelives
    Heh, thanks for the words of wisdom. I dont like that the tsunami is never going away though. Can I force it away by becoming a hurricane?
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    • Nope, all you can do is try to make smart choices and stay out of its reach problems that can screw up your life are like sweet on candy, lol

Most Helpful Girls

  • I am 34. Here's 5 things i have learned from my life...
    1. Forgive people, they know not what they do and they are not in charge of my life or feelings. Blaming them, victimizes myself.

    2. God is always in charge and he knows what is best for me. What he allows me to go through only makes me have stronger faith in his love and deliverance for me.

    3. Love God and love people like myself, means some times i can't worship people. I have to do what is right even if it pisses people off. Their happiness is not my job.

    4. Read self help books, bible, and bible studies. Grow in wisdom and focus on God's righteousness.

    5. Always have hope, give thanks, pray and ask God what i need for he cares for me.
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  • SarahsSummer
    I can't say I agree with most of that and even though I am older, I didn't get a kick out of it either.
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  • OlderAndWiser
    Never trust anything that anyone says if they are not wearing pants.
  • at 23, I was working for gateway computers, in college, and looking to become a paralegal. 23 was hard for me, a lot of personal struggles. But I got through.
  • apple24
    I never learned lol
  • KristaGrym
  • I agree