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Your Odds As an Average Man of Getting A Woman, Based on Height (according to one dubious study)

Comparing male height differences to average female height; women want taller men.
Comparing male height differences to average female height; women want taller men.

These are your odds of getting a woman, according to one dubious study.
Just thought it'd be worth sharing, regardless of me agreeing with it or not.

Ideal Male Height for Average sized Women (5'4")
6'0"/183 cm - 72% (Highest)

5'11"/180 cm - 71%
5'10"/178 cm - 70%
6'1"/185 cm - 67%
5'9"/175 cm - 66%
6'2"/188 cm - 65%
5'8"/173 cm - 64%
6'3"/190 cm - 60%

(Anything below this is the point of adversity)

5'7"/170 cm - 56%
6'4"/193 cm - 55%
6'5"/195 cm - 52%
6'6"/198 cm - 49%
5'6"/167 cm - 48%
5'5"/165 cm - 40%
5'4"/163 cm - 32%
5'3"/160 cm - 27%
5'2"/158 cm - 22%
5'1"/155 cm - 20%
5'0"/153 cm - 18%

While the study shows taller men have better odds than shorter men overall, "average sized" men have much greater odds than even taller men and are the most preferred by women. The ones who had the most difficulty with attracting women are men 5'7" and less and men 6'4" and up.

The supposed "golden zone" for male height is said here to be between 5'9" and 6'1". Otherwise known as mediocre, 'average' height. Another study as similar data.

This study also says 60" is the ideal.
This study also says 6'0" is the ideal.

Here is the data for women.

Ideal Female Height for Average sized Men (5'9")
5'6" - 75% (highest)

5'5"/165 cm - 74%
5'4"/163 cm - 73%
5'7"/170 cm - 71%
5'3"/160 cm - 70%
5'8"/173 cm - 67%
5'2"/157 cm - 66%
5'1"/155 cm - 63%

(Anything below this is the point of adversity)

5'9"/175 cm - 59%
5'0"/153 cm - 58%
5'10"/178 cm - 52%
5'11"/180 cm - 46%
6'0"/183 cm - 37%
6'1"/185 cm - 32%
6'2"/188 cm - 27%
6'3"/190 cm - 24%
6'4"/193 cm - 22%
6'5"/195 cm - 21%
6'6"/198 cm - 20%

The study shows that men would prefer to date short women over taller women, but the most desirable women being between 5'2" and 5'8" ("average height"). Any woman under 5'9" and over 5'1" will have good odds in attracting a man.

Overall though, men are less picky about height than women. A man just three inches below average (5'6") has low odds in attracting a woman, but a woman would have to be at least seven inches taller than average (5'11") to experience the same adversity in attracting a man.

Your Odds As an Average Man of Getting A Woman, Based on Height (according to one dubious study)

That's what the study says. It is just one of many I have looked at. I do not agree with it, but thought it'd be worth sharing.

Your Odds As an Average Man of Getting A Woman, Based on Height (according to one dubious study)
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  • disgustingweebtrash
    average = death sentence
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  • douride2
  • Nomoturtle
    Don't agree with the data? xD Your hatred of average knows no bounds.
    But yes, interesting. I'm surprised how unanimous the direction of height preferences were.
    • MCheetah

      I've studied a lot of this extensively. I don't agree with this because so much other data says elsewise. And, you know, real life and all! Real life runs contrary to this data. Then again, I guess you can say it's skewed by my own perspective on it, since reality is subjective and perspective is open to interpretation. Just saying: Most women don't seem to want short/inferior/mediocre men.

      And yes, you are correct. I despise worthlessness with a passion. Because that's all people ever see me as. I'm NOT mediocre. But still.

  • DanielBlack1904120
    I'm like 5 11 but even if I was short it wouldn't hold me back from anything other than doing a fuckin dunk. shorter guys quit worrying about this shit your good. real woman just need a man with confidence
    • Amen Daniel! I'm 5'8" and was self-conscious about my height in high school. I realized in college that acting confident, working out, dressing well, getting good at something, and being a good listener were probably more important to anyone once you could land the first date. So I lied my height up to 6' on OKCupid. I'd change it to the real height like an hour before first dates and show up and they could deal with me and it never once ended poorly. So I dated a bunch of girls who listed dumb height requirements, including the woman I married in 2019. My wife is 5'9" and her profile said she "only dated guys who could match her height with heels on". She wears flats now : )

      Any job worth having lists requirements that the person worthy of holding it could never ever meet. But you find a way to get into the interview because you have the confidence to make it work. The same is true with a worthy mate. We all list our ideal on profiles because we want someone that will go the extra mile to try to be that for us. If your personality is bigger than 5'8", women will feel it. I'll always be a little insecure about it on the inside but faking it worked fine.

  • Gal67
    If the study is "dubious", then does it even matter? I'm around 183 cm, but that means nothing to me; it hasn't helped me to find a girlfriend, that's for sure. Maybe I'm too short.
  • lightbulb27
    I barely understand the data, but in short (or tall)

    Most everyone has preferences, but how critical are those preferences? It might be a justification to eliminate someone quickly. However, I think it's just an attribute among many.

    What would be more important is how how critical it is vs preference.

    most tall women want a tall guy, but some will go for a shorter one if his value lines up right.

    I think height for men becomes an excuse except for those who are on extremes. If it's a concern, I'd use it as a reason to "up" other areas of value.

    There's plenty of mates out there... As well as mates get older, their options limit, their hard boundaries can shift.

    There's plenty of "nicely sized" homeless men that women are not interested in. It's just an attribute. they want quality... confidence, air of success.