How Much Do I Achieve on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs?

How Much Do I Achieve on Maslows Hierarchy of Needs?

I don't think I've ever really made it a secret to let it be known that the world sucks and we're all living in a Dystopian nightmare, but few can realize that thanks to the bread and circuses. But we are. And now, more and more of humanity is starting to feel the unhappiness of how bleak society has become in the 21st century.

Even in the richest nations in the world, with billions of people, you have all kinds of unhappiness among men under the age of 40 nowadays. Whether that be finding a woman who loves you, having genuine loyal friends who won't stab you in the back, or even being lucky enough to be born to two parents who love you. I myself, had none of these benefits.

I never knew my father and my mother was a piece of sh*t who treated me horribly growing up. Although I had a grandmother, she was already 66 by the time I was born, and really had to divvy out the "love" between me and all my piece of sh*t cousins and relatives around my age. So to summarize, I never had a loving family growing up. On top of that, I never had any positive male role models growing up in the 90s, before that became commonplace in modern society.

Oh, and I ended up short, too. 180 cm waking up and 177 at the end of the day. So my chances of finding a woman who could love me in a romantic way were never going to happen either. Well, besides that one time. I had literally ONE mature intelligent tall woman on Earth who could've loved me and she passed away due to a fire by the time she was just 22. She was my one shot. No one else could exist beyond her. So I never had family and I'll never have romance, either.

By that's not the point. The point is, what is achievable on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs? How much of it do I really have and how "happy" am I? Maybe, if ANYONE, happens to come across this mostly-personal post, you can play along at home as well, and copy-paste the questions and answer them on their own.

How Much Do I Achieve on Maslows Hierarchy of Needs?


Is your breathing stable and healthy?

Is your diet healthy?
No, I need to improve upon it.

Are you drinking enough water everyday?
No, not the two gallons recommended daily.

Are you getting enough sex?

Are you getting 8 to 10 hours of sleep every single night?
No. I sleep like five hours every morning and wake up at noon.

Is your internal health okay?
No. I have high blood pressure and may be pre-diabetic.

Is your fitness level okay?
No. I am currently overweight and Hypothyroidism makes it near impossible to drop. I gain weight effortlessly. Also, I'm short. So that's two fails.

SCORE: 0 out of 7.
ANALYSIS: Health vastly under-level. You do not pass!


Are you currently free of physical danger or harm from another?
I guess? No one is trying to kill me right now.

Do you have a stable job or career?
Yes. Kind of? I have a nice job right now, as of 2022.

Do you have enough physical resources in your home?
No. I need a halfway decent bed instead of sleeping on a futon on the floor.

Is your morality; your understanding of good and evil, pretty stable?
Yes, for the most part. I try to be a good person.

Do you have a decent relationship with your parents and siblings?
No, and I never have.

Are you disease free with a healthy body?
No. Disease free yes, but no healthy body.

Do you have your own house/apartment and car?
No. I live in job-provided housing in South Korea right now. And I don't own a car.

SCORE: 3 out of 7.
ANALYSIS: Your life is not secure and you need more stability. Start by improving your health and household.


Do you have at least two loyal friends in your life you can rely on?
No, not really. I thought my two friends back home, Leo and Taylor, were actually my friends. But I found out from Taylor that she is marrying Leo, and I probably can't keep being their friends after that.

Do you have a decent relationship with your friends right now?
No, I don't HAVE any true friends!

Do you get along well with your coworkers and/or neighbors?
It's mediocre with my coworkers. So-so.

Do you currently have a loving girlfriend/wife? (Or boyfriend/husband?)
No. I'm short, remember? Undateable in the modern climate.

Do you have a decent relationship with your siblings or your children, if you have any?
I don't have any, so no.

Do you plan on getting married and/or having any children anytime soon (within the next 5 years)?

Are you getting enough romantic love in your life?
Not at all.

SCORE: 0 out of 7.
ANALYSIS: You need to start building more close relationships with your children, spouse, friends or coworkers.


Do you have a moderate level of self-esteem? Do you appreciate and value yourself?
Not a high level, but I do have some value towards myself and can respect myself. So I guess?

Do you currently like the person who you are?
No. Among several other things, I despise being short, and I currently don't know how to fix those problems.

Do you have a moderately high level of confidence? Do you trust in yourself and abilities to achieve anything you want?
No, I don't. I am too physically (and partially mentally) flawed to be perfect.

Are you somewhat proud of what you have achieved in life so far up to this point?
I don't know. I don't have enough of what I want, yet.

Do you hold most people you know in high regard?
Eh. Unsure.

Are you respected by most people who know you?
Ha ha ha! Hells no!

Are you working towards self-improvement and trying to better who you are as a person (even if you're already well-accomplished and satisfied)?
Yeah. I work on trying to better myself daily, mentally, spiritually, or physically.

SCORE: 2 out of 7.
ANALYSIS: You need to possibly work on improving your self-esteem (how much you like yourself) and your level of confidence (belief that you can succeed at whatever you want), among possible other things.


Do you currently consider yourself to be a morally good and just person?
Yeah. I'm not perfect, but I try my best.

Do you work on any creative or artistic endeavors in your life?
Yes, plenty. I enjoy writing and creating artwork made.

Do you work on keeping your life interesting and avoid it becoming boring?
That kind of happens on its own, so yes, I guess?

Do you frequently work on solving problems in your life or others?
I work on solving problems in my own life, yes.

Do you frequently work on becoming or maintain being a more open-minded, empathetic, accepting person?
I work on trying to become a more understanding person, yeah. Some biases are harder to shake than others, though.

Are you someone who can easily accept harsh, difficult, or even ugly truths?
I mostly am, yes, but I need to work on this more.

Do you have a proper balance within yourself between reality & facts and ideals & desires?
No. I can be overly pessimistic or negative.

SCORE: 6 out of 7.
ANALYSIS: You seem to have a sharp mind and a sane outlook on life. You just need to work on improving your attitude.

FINAL MASLOW SCORE: 11 out of 35 components achieved.

So there it is. My life could use a lot of improvements, especially on health, but somethings, like my inadequate body and chances for love, will never happen. I guess I need to take that one woman's advice and "change what you can actually change and accept what can't be changed." FAR easier said than done, though.

I just wish I lived in a better world than the Dystopian one I currently inhabit because some jackass went back in time and ruined the timeline, resulting in the Joe Biden, COVID-19 reality I'm currently stuck in. Some asshole with a time machine owes me a better life! Oh well. Guess I just have to play the sh*tty cards I was dealt in life. In Poker, this bad hand would be an Ace and 2, and it's only not worse because I'm not severely handicapped or from a third-world country. So at least I don't have a 7-2 offsuit, which sucks, but is the "average man" of life: Useless, but risks nothing, so remains fairly happy.

How Much Do I Achieve on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs?
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