How to Avoid Boredom During Classes

Got a really boring class that serves absolutely no purpose . Asside from the ovious and annoying Texting in class there are many other more discrete ways to entertain yourself during class time . That is assuming you are in college , because face it highschool teachers actually care more about what ever they hell you are doing. If not proceed at your own risk.

We can begin by learning about hexaflexagons from my beloved Vihart they might take a little bit of time but they are indeed wonderful and super duper fun especially if you have hilighters and an imagination.


Hexaflexagons 2

Hexaflexagon Safety Guide

Just Print Out the PDF and Enjoy

Hexaflexagon PDF

Or try out squigles !!!

Squiggles by Vihart

And in the case of any evil math class of doom here are a few calculator games that you can download

Calculator Games

Remember Paint? If you are in a computer lab check this baby out if not just do it when you are kinda stoned.

Sumo Paint

Or Stick to Doodles . Doodles are the best


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  • Buy some love eggs and give the remote control over to a friend


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  • I'd consider those. I usually kick it on here when I'm bored in class.


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  • this is fun :)

  • Make fun with your teacher..


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