Integrity is something to be highly cherished

Integrity is something to be highly cherished

Too often in this world we see reports about people who don't have any ounce of integrity. We see people robbing banks, the elderly, murdering, or lying blatantly to the public to receive gains. But what we should value most is our integrity.

Your integrity, mine, and everyone else's integrity is sacred. If you do the right thing you won't have to worry about dire consequences. Sometimes you may have to suffer for whats right but unlike when you do something wrong you will feel good about it or if you will feel like it's for a cause.

Your reputation is tied to your integrity. Do you want others to know you as "that man/woman who cheated on his wife?" or the person who doesn't spend enough time with their kids? or do you want to be the person that everyone finds hard to get along with and who treats people rudely? If your answer is "no," then you must watch what you do. You must ask yourself:

"How are others affected by my actions?"

"Will this bring me joy? peace?"

"What kind of person will I be if I do this?"

If you are comfortable with all your answers than you are probably doing right. Remember keeping your integrity is the most important thing. You want to be able to wake up and look in the mirror and say "I love myself." You want to be able to have a clean conscious when you wake up. You want your relationships to be at peace.

Remember nobody is perfect but if you strive to do the right thing and treat others right... then you can't go wrong :) Also remember to love yourself in the process because if you love others and yourself you are on the right path to making a difference in this life!


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  • beautifully written and effectively simple,
    integrity is often unappreciated and sometimes even forgotten or lost

  • good points..

    but then i don't think people today are worse... humans have always been a scummy bunch.

  • I agree with you.


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