You've got to love yourself

You've got to love yourself?

If you don't love your yourself how do you expect anyone else to love you.

We're all beautiful in some way and everyone is good at something. So change just to please someone.

When someone points there finger at you they is always three point back at them.


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  • I agree with you 100% 💖

    • Thank you. Sorry taken me so long to reply. If only more believed in themselves

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  • I loved that quote! This is so true! If someone doesn't accept you the way you are , then someone else will. Good Take👍


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  • "If you don't love your yourself how do you expect anyone else to love you." Garbage.

    Total. Fucking. Garbage.

    This is by far the most toxic message ever spread

    The concept of one's love or adoration being earned or awarded based on merit itself is horrible, no worse than horrible, it is abysmal and without even the slightest understanding of it's own unethical implications. That is like telling a frustrated child that until they learn a skill no one will recognize their latent talent and invest in them to teach them; the concept of a meritorious system to care is just unreal and cruel.

    The original message behind loving yourself was that it expanded your introspective understanding and gave yourself a more honest revelation to who you are but somehow got bastardized into the meritocratic concept which ironically is directly counter to self-improvement particularly because if loving yourself is the only requirement then the value of others is nullified and the value of your choices, good and bad, is overstated.

    A few movements that utilize this are weightism, specifically "Fat Acceptance" revolving around basically a lack of healthy habits or consistency with the argument that you should only change for you being the grounds which of course is like giving you a terribly difficult task and only you to answer to if you fail (and obviously you will because you only answer to you) and you get to "pass" yourself as well grading your own effort which again makes no sense. Another would be the modern sexism movements which again (mis) user merit such as blaming parents for having children and treating them as commodities, the concepts revolving around misogynistic and misandrist policies, the failure to sympathize with abuse victims essentially telling them that their abnormal psychology was "obvious" and "they are responsible for themselves", and the general lack of empathy itself towards victims of domestic, emotional, sexual, and physical abuse.

    • It's saying don't charge just to please someone. Be who you're never change to please anyone.

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    • No it's good I obviously didn't proof read my take probably.
      I was just fed up with people putting themselves down.

    • wow brandon, you're at it again :)

  • I always love Dr Seuss quotes... he is right on with this one.