The debate between pro-lifers and pro-choicers.

The debate between pro-lifers and pro-choicers.

Everyone knows that an abortion will terminate a child, it's a no brainier really. However, there is always the debate between the two groups: pro-lifers, supporters of bringing an unwanted child into the world regardless, and the pro-choicers, who believe that every woman should have the choice on what to do in her own life and to make birth control more available.

In my personal opinion, I would have to choose the pro-choice movement. The reason being is that I am against abortion, but at the same time I want to make sure that there is no real needing to get one. As such, I firmly believe that birth control should be made more available and affordable for women and men, who participate in sexual activities, to get ahold of.

Now with the other issue about adoptions, I personally feel that the ones who are so eager to scream adoption should also be as eager to adopt these children in adoption centers. There are too many children in adoption centers and few people who want or qualified to adopt.

In all opinion though, everyone is special in what they believe in and should also be respected on their opinion.

What is your intake?


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  • The fundamental difference between the two sides is that one side recognizes the unborn as fully human, with all the protections that come with that, and the other does not.

    Despite the accusations which fly in both directions, I don't think anyone in the debate legitimately wants to strip anyone of their rights, including the woman who is considering an abortion.

    • I'm pro-choice and I still see the child as a potential human, we need to also put in account that there are miscarriages and stillbirths that happen.
      Also you really haven't met half the people I've met.

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    • I understood that. Wouldn't make people responsible enough to use them consistently (even handing them out for free doesn't achieve that), and it wouldn't prevent situations where the mother changes her mind at some point during the pregnancy and the father still wants the child.

    • I don't know many married women that do that though.
      Generally an abortion is performed, where I'm from, when the father is not in the picture at all.

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  • I believe that no one should force a woman to give birth if she doesn't want to give birth. Simple as that.
    Just like I don't have to donate blood or my own kidney to a stranger just because it would save their life, I do not have to donate my uterus unwillingly to be a fetuses life support machine.
    The fetus has no concept of life or death, have no nerve endings and does not 'feel' being aborted.
    A sentient woman should have more choice in what happens to her own body than an undeveloped zygote.
    And abortion is the hardest choice any woman will ever make. Its not easy, and people who shout horrible things and shame women who get them are the absolute scum of the earth and are the REAL people who deserve to rot in hell.

    • She isn't really forced to give birth though. There are many contraception options, many for free now. For the most part when someone gets pregnant, they made a choice not to use any birth control options. That was the choice.

      Pro lifers aren't against choice, but once you make that choice (ie:unprotected sex) we believe you should have to stick with it

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    • If the guy is still active in my life after I tell him I'm pregnant with his child, im open to discussion. If not, he made his decision not to be involved.

    • Adoption is for women who don't want a baby, abortion is for women who don't want to give birth.
      Giving birth takes a HUGE toll on a woman's body. Some women don't want stretch marks or weight gain or bladder problems in the first place. Not to mention the vomiting, and the vagina literally ripping open and then weeks if not months of healing from it.
      Child birth is something a woman should be happy and willing to go through for her baby, not something that was forced upon her because she was refused an abortion.
      Plus, if you have more than 3 births its actually bad for your uterus and loosens the ligaments and raises your chances of cancer (While abortion has no link to cancer despite what prolifers might try to get you to believe). So if a woman wants kids WHEN she's READY she shouldn't have to put up with more births and more risks than she wants (aka babies she was forced to have and maybe gave away)

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  • there is a massive wait list to adopt babies in every first world country.

    • May you show me this evidence? Also what about the other children around the world?

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    • Young white babies though, if I'm not mistaken? The foster care system is still way over filled. And even considering that, women should not be obligated to carry a child to term just because someone else wants one, so how viable of an option adoption is doesn't matter.

    • @cipher42
      I agree it's a non factor.
      - the wait list for non white babies is shorter but I think there's still pretty high demand. That said some people are uncomfortable about that (a lot of te demand is still white parents)
      -foster care is a double whammy- older kids and you typically can't adopt them either. You are just helping them till their mother is using slightly less drugs or whatever.

  • Unfortunately, the founder of planned parenthood was associated with the K. K. K. and the NAZIS Party. Therefore, I do not trust Planned Parenthood.

    • If she was associated with the nazis she would have lived in Germany and not in America. Also may you show me the evidence?

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    • @crazycalifornia Such a lying progressive NAZIS. You make your commissars proud.

    • Opinion - nazi is considered illegal now and days. Also I trust planned parenthood since I go there for my breast cancer.

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  • There is no debate at all.
    Why would I let anyone else make that decision for me
    Other than the guy
    He would definitely have a say
    Something many women conveniently forget.
    Pro Choice is Pro Smart.

    • Agreed. I would talk to my boyfriend and see what his thoughts would be.

  • I believe if you don't understand the risks of sex, then you shouldn't be having sex. Tons of people (idiots) think that contraception is always 100%, which it's obviously not. I don't see any problems with using protection or anything... but people need to learn that there's always a risk... and if they can't accept that, then it's their own fault.

    I only agree with abortion when it comes to certain situations like rape, really young age, and serious health conditions.

    Other than that, then I think people really need to learn that there is no action without consequence.

    (BTW the only way I'd ever have kids is from adopting)

    • That's great you want to adopt. I'm in the same boat as well and then have my blood child.
      Generally its unmarried people who get abortions and they range from 14 - 25 and don't really pay attention. I personally wouldn't get an abortion, but people need to realize that women will get abortions if they want one regardless.

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    • Yeah, my opinion isn't changing

    • Understood. I wasn't trying to change it, just explain on it.