Why censorship doesn't make sense

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Swear words

Most of the swears dont even have a bad meaning to it. Ass means butt. Shit means poop. I don't see why there are certain words only adults should say and not children or why some people are totally disgusted if you say them. They are just letters put together to represent different sounds. If we are going to censor words why not words like Hate or despise? Instead of censoring silly words that don't have any meaning behind them whatsoever.

Why censorship doesn't make sense


Why do we censor breasts at all? Is it because of the nipples? Then men's should be censored too. Is it because of the shape? Then a fat guys moobs should be too. Is it because one produces milk and the other doesn't? THEN WE SHOULD CENSOR ALL THE FUCKING COWS. IT MAKES NO SENSE. Breasts are a beautiful body part. It feeds new born babies. I didn't know taking care of your baby was a bad thing. If anything men's nipples should be the ones that are censored since they have no purpose.


I understand why a kid shouldn't WATCH sex and why it shouldn't be shown on TV, but why shouldn't a kid KNOW about it. if a child is curious and asks how babies are made, why should we lie and tell them a ridiculous story about a stork? They should know how life is made. They know about it as soon as they get into elementary school anyways. Why do kids need to be so innocent?

these points might sound a little dumb but that's just how I see it.


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  • Europe and America (and other parts of the world) censor different things.

    I would tend to agree the American model, which seems to think violence is the least serious, followed by swearing, then nudity, seems odd.

    It is true that exposure can lead to desensitization. I don't think desensitization to words matters. I don't think desensitization to nudity is really an issue. Desensitization to graphic violence probably is.

    • You know why we rank nudity the highest? Because children should NOT be getting boners!

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    • @skadouchebag

      In spite of different censorship approaches the US has both more violence and four times the teen pregnancy rate of Western Europe .

      Which might make one question how much impact censorship has at all.

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  • They are censored because adults know that how to use them, where to use them. Underage people can misuse such things.
    "A little knowledge is a dangerous thing"

    • But why do these things have to be inappropriate in the first place?

    • To lure more audience. If you include humorous swear, nude/sex scenes in your show/movie, it'll lead to more publicity and people will be more excited and the producers will earn more money

  • This is the one My-Take I completely agree with everything which was said. I agree ENTIRELY.

    Nice job!

  • 1) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dd7dQh8u4Hc

    2) Breasts are censored because they're sexual. But yes, I too think we should go back to censoring men's nips as well. (There actually was a point where that was the case; look it up.)

    3) I think people with that philosophy are the reason we have these fifth-graders getting pregnant. Children don't need to know about sex yet. Children do the opposite of what their parent's tell them. So if you tell them about some amazing experience, but that they're not allowed to do it for another TWO DECADES, then they're going to do it.

    • On regard to 3), I think the opposite. I think those things happen because youngsters have to inform themselves through P*rnography or other youngsters about what sex is. At best, they get incomplete information and at worst they get misleading and/or erroneous facts. If they were given complete understanding (that sex can be forced, that it does not always feel good, that it can be dangerous, etc.) by someone who is properly informed, it would be better.

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    • @rwfrg4g4gg Thank God. But that doesn't mean they aren't still having sex in the first place.

    • @Skadouchebag TRUE but it's still very rare. In a class I took, the studies showed 2% of 5th and 6th graders had sex before. Whether it's true or not, I don't know.

  • Ah yes, the censorship culture is predominantly American culture, come to Europe and you will finder far far less censorship of such things.

    Some Americans loves double stands and loves being "uptight" and moralistic.

    Even this site have heavy censorship as far as stating both fact and opinions not politically correct.

    • A lot of censorship on this site. Rather right wing in my opinion.

    • Right wing or left wing, censorship is a form of oppression of freedom of speech and it's an abomination regardless of political side. I see oppression from both extreme left and right wing, and I am quality opposed to such violations of basic rights.

      I Europe we have have problems with Islamic emigrants trying to violating the freedom of speech, threatening with terrorist actions causing further polarization of the political environment. I fear but left and right wing movements here in Europe and Islamic terrorist on the other side doesn't help either.

      I fear we are walking down a path eventually leading to war.

  • Good take.

  • This idiotic world might as well censor trees. Sex is natural, but it's censored, and since a tree is natural, why don't we just censor that too!


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