Life Without Death

Don't take life too seriously, no-one makes it out alive

If you were to match these words to a face and a mouth, you could imagine the person saying them to be somewhat bitter about their fate. This quote has a vibe of "Oh great, I'm alive. And someday, without warning, I'll die. Gee, ain't that just terrific."

To the well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure

If you were to match these words to a face and a mouth, you could imagine that the person saying them would be excited and hopeful about the future, and very calm too. This quote may be from harry potter, but there are many proverbs that say this same sort of message. This quote has a vibe of "Oh great, I'm alive which is awesome. And someday I'll die, which is another really cool adventure. Wow, life is simply amazing." (not sarcastic like the other one)

So which is it?

To understand death better, a person must first look at what life would be without death. Let's take a look. Pros and Cons of life without death.

Pro: No death, less sorrow

Life Without Death

If there is no death, there is no loss. There would still be sorrow without death, just not on the same level. People would not lose ones they love. You could count on the fact that your loved one isn't going anywhere.

Con: No end to personal suffering

Without death, people would face pain unlike anything others have faced before. Without death, people would be forced to endure suffering on a much larger scale. Without death, there would be nothing to look towards for the people who are suffering.

Pro: Eternal Life

Just imagine it. Knowing you will always be here. Knowing that no matter what happens you'll get to keep living this amazing thing called life. That you'll get to live it with the people around you. That you'll be able to achieve so much. Incredible.

Con: Eternal Life

Just imagine it. Knowing you will always be here. Knowing that you will age and get to a point where you do not care for life anymore. That you will be in that kind of "limbo" forever. The world will be overpopulated, so you and everyone else alive will have to deal with the consequences of that.

Pro: no fear?

If death really is what we fear, then in theory no death would mean no fear. And no fear means a happier, healthier life.

Con: More fear?

But in reality, maybe our actual fear are of things that will lead to death. Maybe death is actually, on a subconcious level, comforting. To know that if we are forced to endure tragedy, death is on the other side. Without it, could our fears be heightened?

No suicide

This one really depends on how you view suicide, a tricky topic. Many people have to endure suffering due to losing a loved one from suicide, and the person comitting suicide will never know the joy of life. On the other hand, if they weren't experiencing the joy of life anyways and aren't suffering as much because of that, who is to say if it is a bad thing.


A major part of all religions is what happens after life. If there was no death, and it was not even a question, then, in theory there would not be religion. On one hand, religion gives people hope and sustenance. On the other, religion causes conflict and intolerance. Is a world with religion a good one, or a world without religion a good one? You decide.

More wars?

Would we be MORE likely to engage in warfare without the chance of death? If a leader knew they would not die, would they act in a way that they wouldn't have before?

So, the ultimate question...

A world without death would not be our world minus death. Without death, there would be overpopulation. Diseases and viruses would probably be more common. There would be more suffering. Food shortages. The list goes on and on. There would be less loss. No suicide. Possibly more wars. There could be more fear or there could be less fear. Religion, for better or for worse, may not exist.

So the ultimate question is.

Would you rather live eternally in a world like that?

Or would you rather live for a few decades in a world like ours?

Share your opinion down below.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I wouldn't want immortal living honestly. Yes, I would wish for some people to stay alive, but still sometimes it's for the better. I know some people believe it's better, but having immortal life will have more life full of torturing and criminals. Seriously, just no I couldn't live with it. It would be more suffering than now.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I have to think about my ultimate opinion because this is very deep topic.
    Currently, I'd rather like to follow the rules of nature.


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What Girls Said 2

  • I just rather have it where people could die from disease, accidents, and murder. But not die from old age.

    • I would actually pick the opposite of that. A lot of old people don't want to be alive anymore once they reach a certain age (can't blame them really.) The people that died in the other tragedies you mentioned would probably have wanted to be alive.

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    • I suppose, but only because our planet would be so overpopulated and depleted of resources that we would HAVE to. It's better to gradually explore space over time, as we wouldn't be ready to go there any time soon

    • The closets I've seen a tv show doing a theme like that is this anime called Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi. Where humans can't die also they can't reproduce anymore.

  • I know a religion exactly like this... becuase I'm in that religion. Are you religious?

    • I believe in a god, but do not follow a particular religion. I believe most of life can be explained by science. However, I believe that religion can help people get a long in their lives and it isn't a negative thing per se. So I guess I'm mostly atheist but still believe in a god- in some sense of the term anyways

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    • I don't really put a name to it, and I don't think I am a Jehovah's witness (would be fine if I was though). I'd say I'm like 90% atheist and 10% religious because I believe in the idea of a "god" but I don't practice religion

    • i understand

What Guys Said 8

  • I, myself, would not prefer to live in the human body as an immortal in this current sphere. I believe the body is a separate entity from the spirit, which transitions to another sphere, a better sphere. Thus, if I had to endure forever, I would simply say adios to the world as we know it.

  • Life without death would need to be combined with cheap interstellar travel. All those undying people are going to need a lot of resources.

    Think of EvE Online's clones...

    • Yeah, it definitely poses a lot of problems. Personally, as disturbed as this may sound, I am glad death is a thing.

  • It's posible that we will cure AGING but we won't ever be able to cure DEATH.

  • No death, just reincarnation! I'm shooting for a bear in the next life.

  • but srs we would have to be spirits to exist like that, only in the afterlife are you bodiless and just a energy and conciousness

  • I rather die then live without death. Can't imagine going through life with consistent pain and not being able to die.

  • I'd rather not be given this choice.

  • That's called afterlife lol.

    • Depends on whether or not you are religious

    • yeah but look at it logically, noone can exist in the psychical world without food or anything.
      what you described , is just a utopia where people don't die which is not possible in our reality, only in the afterlife or heaven such a place exists.

      if there was no death, that means our bodies would not need food or sustain. we would be spirits or ghosts or something.
      and think about it logially, what if someone plunged a knife into you.
      how would you die?

    • No, I just described our society minus death. That is it. You can still starve, just not to death. You still need food, or you will still starve, just not to death. If someone plunged a knife through you, you would be severely wounded as are the people who get stabbed and just narrowly escape death. You could feel pain, suffer, and everything else. You just wouldn't die, from aformentioned feelings.