QOTW 2 Answered: Life After Death


QOTW 2 Answered: Life After Death

I asked your guys' opinion on life after death so here are your answers! (Note: some have been corrected for grammar or shortened for space.) My opinion is thrown in there too. :)

@Littlett25 aged 16: “I don’t think we should worry about it…live in the present.”

@FinnishBeautyGirl aged 15: “We see what we want to see.”

@JustinTheGreat aged 19: “Maybe we all turn into ghost, maybe just some of us do and others are reincarnated.”

@Chief16 aged 23: “Based on Hindu theology we are reincarnated continuously based on our Karma…we eventually obtain Moksha/final freedom.”

@Yumix aged 28 ever the optimist: “We rot under the earth until we become one with it.”

@Words_and_Wisdom aged 25: “Reincarnation…we create and choose the reality we wish to experience before birth.”

@Maxemeister aged 16: “We fade to nothingness.”

Male anon 18-24: “My guess is consciousness teleports to some soon to be born baby.”

@meatballs21 aged 37 the most optimistic: “Everything stops and you’re dead.”

@Zorax aged 40: “Reincarnation, a human mind is a form of energy and we all know energy never dies.”

@Liisjak aged 28: “I’ll be reincarnated as a pigeon and poop on people.”

@pervertedjester aged 37: “We begin the same life again…over and over till our life makes sense and we find our own version of ‘heaven’…then we return to the stars.”

@Redstang 88 aged 20, @super147 aged 39, and more all believe nothing, you just cease to exist.

As I agree, @Luci92 aged 17 also believes what people believe will happen to them *will happen. She believes we go to another place, while I believe I will be reincarnated but whatever someone believes in (nothingness, heaven/hell, reincarnation etc) is what will happen to that individual.

@Sunflower19 aged 21: “Its either heaven or hell.”

@menina age 24: “Our body disappears and we become nothing.”

Female anon 18-24: “Migration of soul into some new body.”

The rest of the women such as @lost_alice age 16, @reixun age 17, anon 25-29, and more, believe NOTHING will happen, that we are dead and gone.

So many people are so negative, which was so surprising. More people answered this time with a total of 30 men and at least 20 women.

I hope you enjoyed and feedback On the QOTW is always appreciated!

QOTW 2 Answered: Life After Death

QOTW 2 Answered: Life After Death
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Most Helpful Girl

  • menina
    Interesting Take!

    Everyone has a different opinion and it's nice to see how different they are. To me this is one of the greatest mysteries of human life. But at the same time, it's funny how we don't know the answer, until we actually die. Why does it have to be like that?
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Waffles731
    that gif at the bottom is amazing
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  • SovereignessofVamps
    I agree with words of wisdom. How can we know there's nothing when there's a whole universe? Or even more than that... Although if reincarnation is true, I do hate how I'd remember nothing from before. And, I don't totally agree you choose your life before. I don't think anyone would choose pain or suffering or abuse. I think that can happen because of free will or whatever, and crazy people...
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  • enis_Penvy
    You are taken to either Heaven or Hell based on your personal relationship with Jesus. he loves us and wants none to perish so make friends with your sovereign God today
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  • Luci92
    Thanks for the mention!
    Cool collation of responses ^^
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  • Littlett25
    Cool to hear more opinions and to see what people think is gonna happen since I have no fucking idea lol!
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  • idonthaveausername02
    i won't comment on life after death but it was good to know that many people had similar thoughts with me. :)
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  • hellionthesagereborn
    Thats a hard question to answer since you didn't actually define life. I mean techincally all beings currently alive have been since the begining of life's existence as life replicating requires the passing on of genes which are copied and duplicated and grow no different then cells in a body. In fact your body does not hold onto any one atom for more then five years or so. Your entire skeletal structure is swapped out so that your bones are never more then 25 years old. Is that death then? If we go by conciousness isn't every interaction a form of reproduction? After all it alters the paths people take, it changes their conciousness with the new ideas that you brought to them, this means that as long as they continue interacting a part of you continues to exist and alter how things occur how people think. So in that regards wouldn't we still be alive (after a fashion)?
  • capturemyheartnow
    God has a right to do what he want's to do with our soul after we are dead.
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  • OrangeBoy
    We need to be pratical here, if we do not remember nothing before our birth, how can we talk about after death?

    Because science can actually explain why people feel that they have been already at some places and actually pretty well from what i remember, and also (a different thing) how our brain creates false memories, and also (another thing) why there's near death experiences. Science does have relevant answers if you search them.

    Would be nice to be able to keep memories and live foverer at some way and contact old loved ones, but things are not really like that. I hope science give us tools to escape death, there are progresses and we sould embrace with more confidence with human smart peoplee are doing about it. :)
    • OrangeBoy

      Had to saave that gif, so beautifull :D

  • Yanoa_Yanza
    Wow that gif
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  • Zorax
    Interesting Take, and cool gif :D
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  • cupidkisses
    i loved the gif <3
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  • Yumix
    I'd rather call myself realist. But thanks lol
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  • FinnishBeautyGirl
    Thanks for mention❤
  • RainbowFanGirl
    I said I believed in reincarnation as well.