5 shows that had it all figured out in their first season

1) Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty had it all figured out from episode 1. They've only aired 1 season so far, and its been phenomenal enough to miss deeply in the hiatus for season 2. My personal favorite, "Rick Potion #9", remains one of the funniest episode of television i've ever seen, if even a bit emotionally dark and philosophical at points. I've watched it 8 times in a row and i still laugh. Thats not an exaggeration.

2) Black Mirror

Often described as the twilight zone of the modern age, black mirror depicts the sinister side of technology, often taking a piece of modern tech, pushing it to its limits in a way that on the outside might seem enticing or appealing, and explores the potential for catastrophy. Each episode is not only its own self contained story but its own self contained universe, from a world where your every memory can be recalled from a built in recorder in your eye, to a world where the human race has destroyed most of the world and spends their days enslaved in cells pedaling bikes to generate eletricity for the sensationalist nepotist trash television that sades an inhibits the masses. Its one of the smartest shows on television, and one of the most deeply unsettling, because it hits so close to home. Like the one about the fictional character who runs for prime minister playing on how artifiical the election process is only to be hijacked out from under his creator by the very institutions he criticizes. Your Facebook and your iphone come with a warning label, and that label is black mirror.

This brilliant speech from the very 2nd episode epitomizes the show in a nutshell:

3) Todd and the Book of Pure Evil

Todd and the Book of Pure Evil had a short lived existence on television, a measely 2 sesons before it got cancelled, but it generated enough of an uproar when it did that the fans got together and crowd funded a finale; unfortunately they later announced that the finale would instead be an animation instead of live action, which is dissappointing. i've seen the concept art, and it looks crap. Aaaaaannndd they haven't updated since the thing got funded. Which is a damn shame, since this is one of the funnest concepts i've seen for a show in a long time, and they set up wayyy too many cliffhangers to go unaddressed. I know there are so many more wishes out there to go horribly wrong, they haven't even scratched the surface of the Todd/Jenny dynamic and plus i've been dying to see what funny ridiculous apocalypse the book is going to bring when it finally escapes crowley high... Once again, a damn shame. I urge you to watch the first 2 seasons on netflix, shout at the cast, shout at the producers, shout at the TV network... Throw a bitchfit. Or give them german herpes.

5 shows that had it all figured out in their first season

4) Leverage

Its hard not to like a show where every episode is basically oceans 11 only with better characters, smarter cons, and mind altering substances. (i shit you not, the best episodes are the ones where they dose the marks with speed, wind them up and watch them make a complete fool of themselves. They're basically the con artist versions of robin hood, sticking their necks out for people who have been screwed by greedy corporate assholes, scamming them out of millions and taking a chunk of the cash they earn for their expensive habits and future endeavors. Its a show that started strong and just got stronger, partly because of the chemistry between the cast. I never get tired of watching Hardison and Elliot bicker, Parkers social awkward bad timing or manic episodes or the hot and heavy on again off again romance between Nate and Sophie... which generally adds a bit of humor to whatever cover they're trying to pose as.

5) Heroes

Heroes peaked in its first season. It started with a well planned, well executed plot that drove a group of super powered strangers together in a twist of fate (or insidious planning (or both)) to save the world from a destructive future and progressively went downhill a bit more every season, until it lost most of its viewership and got cancelled after season 4. But the original show had such a following and it was so well done that they're creating a reboot called heroes reborn. I'm curious to see if they've actually spent the time and developed the plot like season 1, or if they're just going to pull another circus freak cult leader out of their ass again.

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  • -Arrested Development
    -Parks and Rec

    Just started watching "The Unbreakable Kimmy Scmidt" recentky, and thus far, it is pretty damn fantastic.