My Reviews on 5 TV Shows Based on Their Pilot Episodes

My Reviews on 5 TV Shows Based on Their Pilot Episodes

The Good Doctor

I've watched every episode of Scrubs at least three times, so I've been looking for a medical tv show I could relate to and I think I've found it. This is a brand new show about a surgical resident with autism and savants syndrome. I like that his autism is realistic. So much so, that he reminds me of someone I know who has autism. The actor gives his character a robotic voice and like the autistic person I know, he doesn't have a filter. So it doesn't feel like the producers added a token character with a disability. Its not just his autism that feels real. The character has a believable story of why he went into healthcare. I know several coworkers who went into healthcare because of similar stories. Also I like the medical facts displayed on the screen. I will definitely be watching this show.


I know this show is about prostitutes, so I watched this show with an open mind. If you watch it, I suggest you do the same. If you were wanting to watch lots of passionate sex, you will be disappointed. The show mainly focuses on two brothel owners and their rivalry. I think this show has potential. I'm not going to keep watching it because the show would rather hint or beat around the bush of underlying issues. Also because I already watch a ton of tv shows in my free time, so in order for me to keep watching it I have to absolutely love it.

The Crown

This show is proof that Netflix original series are getting better and better. Props to Queen Elizabeth for living so long there's a tv show about her life. This show shows Queen Elizabeth II as more than monarch but as a mother, wife, sister, and a Queen concerned for her people. I like the betrayals, manipulation, backstabbing, undermining, and political alliances that come with these types of shows. But since it's a historical fiction that is pretty recent, characters are recognizable.

The White Queen

I was told this show is Game of Thrones but with women and it totally is. The rivalry between the Lancasters and the Yorks inspired the rivalry between the Lannisters and the Starks. This show is about the Lancasters and the Yorks and of course, The War of the Roses. It's a good show if you know your history or just enjoy history. It has a good storyline and good cast, I will definitely be watching this show. There are inaccuracies and the budget for this show wasn't very big, but I found those easy to overlook. My advice is for you to not visit Wikipedia if you don't want the story ruined.

Still Star-Crossed

This show is about Romeo and Juliet, if they didn't kill themselves and the aftermath of that decision. I don't plan on watching this show again it was hard enough getting through the first episode. The writing is so scattered it's hard to hate or root for anyone. It's full of beautiful costumes and landscapes, but the bad writing makes it empty. The quality is what I would expect from a high school play and I felt that quite a few characters were token minorities to make it look progressive. I feel this show just has tiresome power struggles and who-cares romantic entanglements.

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  • These look like good choices! I think I'd enjoy the good doctor


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  • I like the look of the first two - I am not too sure of last 3, historical fiction for me can be a bit soap opera for me, I honestly don't mind soaps or historical dramas (Close factual stories) but a mix of the two doesn't mix in my mind - I liked both "Reign" and "Outlander" at the start but lost interest in them when they became too sudsy.

  • I saw Crown and White Queen. I thought White Queen was ok but I really liked Crown.

    • I really enjoyed the Crown. I just finished Victoria and I enjoyed it, but I liked the Crown a tad more

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    • Jenna Coleman is perfect as Queen Victoria. It's a good PBS historical fiction

    • Thanks sounds interesting I'll check it out soon

  • Freddie Highmore (The Good Doctor) played a character with PTSD in a series called Close to the Enemy, set in the aftermath of WWII, he was very good.

  • I wonder who on earth came up with thte idea for Still Star-Crossed


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