10 Amazing Songs you may have never heard of

Thanks to a lot of the nonsense we see from Hollywood and Record Companies, it could be difficult for some to find quality music. 90% of pop-songs are garbage; they're created with lazy writing, teaching hyper-consumerist ideologies, and can be ultra repetitive. (This short paragraph on me ranting is mostly due to a radio station that literally plays the exact same dozen songs or so on loop at my work place.)

Thanks to the internet and applications such as YouTube and Pandora, finding unique, inspirational songs are much easier to find. But without such sources it can be difficult to find quality content in the musical realm.

So here's a list of 10 amazing musical pieces you may have never even heard of. (None of these are in any particular order:)

1: "Mana" by Equilibrium

Usually it's hard for me to pick a favorite band, but this is the only exception. This German band was truly my first soul-opening experience when I first heard this epic in my senior year in high school. While the majority of their work is in a language I don't honestly understand, I can just sense the raw energy and emotion these guys put into their music. (And you don't need to know German to listen to an instrumental piece.)

2: "Luv Sic (1-6)" by Nujabes

Nujabes, right next to Lupe Fiasco, were two of the most eye-opening rap and hip-hop artists I ever listened to. I never knew I would've became a fan of the genre until I heard this piece (or rather these 6 songs compiled into the one YouTube video linked here.)

3: " Interlude (Instrumental HipHop)" by Neckclippa

Another talented hip-hop artist, lesser known than the two I mentioned before. Still makes really awesome, relaxing beats.

4: "Cybernetic" by Grum

Quite an interesting Russian-80's esque animation music video here, for an appropriate modern electro musician who performs 80's esque music. This particular one may be a bit trippy, but highly enjoyable.

5: "Glory of Nelly" by Caravan Palace

Electro-Swing anyone? If none of you have heard of electro-swing then you're all missing out! Such a perfect era to bring back swing with a modern twist!

6: "Shambhala 2015"

Every year a bunch of artists come together to create an epic mix of electronic and dubstep music for the festival known as "Shambhala." Listening to just one of their annual mixes can open you up to lots of new artists!

7: "IV" by Blue Sky Black Death

Blue Sky Black Death is a talented musician who makes lots of soothing electronic beats, some which may even bring tears to your eyes.

8: "Year of No Light" by Persephone

Quite a long buildup, but it builds up to something really epic. (And if the Progenitus piece used as this videos imagry doesn't help then I don't know what to tell ya.)

9: "Wheel of Time" by Blind Guardian

Blind guardian is another amazing folk metal band just like Equilibrium...just in a language you can understand. ^^

10: "Breath of Al'Akir" from World of Warcraft's Cataclysm Soundtrack

Nobody expected a piece from a game soundtrack? Well never before have I heard trumpets sound more epic than here.

Hope this helped you all expand your volume of musical pleasures!


Most Helpful Girl

  • Blind Guardian - heard them before... Not impressed... They try to steal Middle Eastern beats to make themselves sound more exotic, but the vocalist is not that good... so it makes it all kind of strangely embarrassing. xD

    Yeah of no light - I like. =) Much better.
    If you don't know how to sing - better keep it an instrumental I say. Haha


Most Helpful Guy

  • equilibrium is really good. Especially all sagas album (wurzerbet, heimwartz)

    But Ensiferum is the best, especially older stuff, I recommand victory song, or into battle


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  • @Words_and_Wisdom Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed "Year of No Light"

  • Only ones I've heard are mana and sandals. Thanks for the others :)