10 Songs I Love That Nobody's Ever Heard of Or Cares About

Just wanted to share a really fun Take of songs I still love that most people have no idea about, even from some very popular artists, but also from artists people don't know about either. I originally wanted to include a lot more songs but just decided not to bore and overwhelm people with a long list, and just included the best ones. So in no particular order - though some are higher than others for me - here they are.

10 Songs I Love That Nobody's Ever Heard of Or Cares About

1. Tangle With Your Mind - Scott Weiland

It still saddens me to think about the recent passing of Scott, who lead for one of my favorite bands Stone Temple Pilots for years, but a lot of inner conflict and legal issues eventually tore the guys apart and Scott was forever trying to form new bands. This song is from his solo album Happy In Galoshes back in 2008. It was not much of a commercial success of course, but fans of Scott loved it, and I am forever in love with this song "Tangle With Your Mind." I love the sound, the words, the video - everything.

2. Into My Bed - Zana

First hearing this song playing at my local gym perked my ears up at it's wonderful beat, melody, and lyrical rhythm. Zana is an upcoming artist from California, and we actually talk through email from time to time after a little flirting on YouTube led to more friendliness between us. I always encourage her to keep doing what she does, not to become like the other high-minded artists out there, and sometimes I throw album title ideas out there for her. I have enjoyed having her in my Google+ circle and hearing from her can be a bright spot for me on a rotten day. Her practice session videos with her band are also really nice to see, as her originality is much appreciated in an industry overflowing with carbon copies and white people trying to sound black.

3. Not Giving Up On Love - Armin van Buuren ft. Sophie Ellis Bextor

This was from 2010 when Armin was probably just starting to blow onto the scene, though I'm not sure since the rest of the world often knows and follows great artists that America is totally blind to and doesn't recognize until way late in the game. The chorus of the song with Sophie's powerful voice immediately hypnotized me when I heard it for the first time last year, and I still run it through the ground some days when it starts itching my ears.

4. Little by Little - Robert Plant

Another song from a band leader who went his own way for awhile with a solo act after his world famous group Led Zeppelin - and probably my absolute favorite band - fell apart from the death of drummer John Bonham. Plant's "Little by Little" is one of those virtually unknown yet very valuable jewels of music from the 80s, like an awesome secret book nestled somewhere on a shelf in an old book store in D.C. While I generally don't like 80s music, I love the sound of this song and even the quirky video, though the lyrical content is what means the absolute most to me.

5. Halfway There - Soundgarden

Let's just be honest: nobody gives a hoot about Soundgarden anymore, even when Chris Cornell and them got back together. Their grunge days have pretty much run their course like all the others. The sound is great, but again, the words hold exceeding value for me. Few lines in songs have impacted me like the very deep and powerful line near the end: "If you got a car, and somewhere to sleep, someone who loves you, and something to eat / I'd say you're doin' better than most but maybe not as good as some."

6. All I Need - Empire Circus

Formerly known as Stand, Empire Circus is a small, unknown group out of Dublin, Ireland. Although their music has a traditional, soft alternative rock sound that fits more for an early 2000s era when the world was still quiet and safe, flare jeans on chicks was hot, DVD rentals were the norm, and everything was still okay, I do appreciate the awesome flowing rhythm of this song and the way the opening guitar tune immediately hypnotizes you. I personally would like to see Empire Circus finally get bigger and sink some teeth into the music community here in America.

7. Still Getting Younger - Wynter Gordon

When I first heard this song at my gym a few summers ago I actually thought it was Paula de Anda or one of those other Latina one-hit wonders. I loved it so much I repeated parts of the chorus to keep in my head so I could hurry and Google it later. I then found out it was an old song from the also little-known artist Wynter Gordon. In a time in my life where I haven't felt very romantic anymore, this song puts the love sparkles in me. I also recommend a few of her others: "Stimela" which is really artistic and makes me think of the lives of 5 different people in Los Angeles at night (like a movie), and also "Dirty Talk."

8. PreGomesh - Sirusho

PreGomesh has been a really cool comeback for Sirusho, one of Armenia's most popular and respected pop stars, who is also married to the son of Armenia's former president Robert Kocharyan. One of the most passionate, sincere, colorful singers in the world, Sirusho is invisible to most in America except for the Hayastani (Armenian) communities. I got into her music way back in 2010 when I was studying Armenian history and her tunes have stuck with me ever since. Although most of her songs are in Armenian, I still listen and actually prefer to hear the beauty of her native tongue singing.

9. Hima - Sirusho

Another Sirusho favorite of mine is "Hima," which was a shockwave hit in her country. Sirusho takes the musical and choreographical style of American pop and and blows your mind with an entertaining twist of her own, especially with the video, for a country that does not have much in finances for entertainment but uses what it has to still make something cool.

10. I Was Gonna Cancel - Kylie Minogue

Although Kylie Minogue is very world-famous, I don't know how many people besides Australians really know about this song. I admit I'm not really a fan of her music but I love this song. It just makes me think of all the hot older women out there who are still youthful and dance to young music, lol. The song itself even makes me think of a spicy night with a wonderful cougar =) But I'll keep this rated G and let you guys enjoy the music :-)


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  • I actually know some of these! Yaaas. I love Soundgarden!


Most Helpful Guy

  • I actually knew a couple of these!

    Halfway There is actually my second favorite Soundgarden song (after Spoonman). I learned it on guitar quite some time ago (but have since forgotten it). I always thought it was relatively popular?

    I also knew Little by Little by Robert Plant, but never listened to it a ton. It was alright but never made any huge impression to me.

    As for the others, I haven't heard of them... but I don't really like their genres/sounds, so that is probably why. I tend to invest more in learning songs in genres that I like, naturally.


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  • I've heard of Not Giving Up On Love by Armin van Buuren & Sophie Ellis Bextor, it's quite popular song in my coutry :)

  • Yay, music takes!

    I haven't heard Wynter Gordon for years!

  • I know song #3 and it's one of my favorites too.
    I can't say the same about the others.

  • Actually, I've heard of I Was Gonna Cancel - Kylie Minogue (and I'm not Australian), I like that song too.

  • i came to see if i knew any of these and ur good, i haven't heard any

  • Great take

  • You're right, no one has ever heard of these xD


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