Colours and their Meanings

Green symbolizes nature to me. Others see this colour as the “colour of money”, success, stability and growth. On the other hand only some people would be able to carry this colour in terms of matching it with brown. It is suggested to avoid wearing red when wearing green because it clashes. I associate this colour as a colour of “New Beginnings” and “Compassion”. Its a colour of life. In some cultures green is the colour of fertility.

Yellow I see it as a bubbly colour; shows the person is approachable, funny. It is a cheerful colour however don’t wear it on a sunny day. Its attracts a lot of bees to you << I learnt it the hard way lol. To me this colour is a “inviting" colour.

Gold is a rich colour. It connotes wealth, opulence, perfection, generosity and prestige. Other people might see it as a colour of extravagance, expense and optimism. Can be seen as a colour of hope. To me this colour connotes “success”.

Orange is a colour which highlights change and warmth. It is a fun colour.

Red is a colour with many connotations. Some see it as a colour of energy, love while others correlate it to anger and power. In some cultures this colour has many negative connotations. I see it as a colour of “passion"

Pink is a romantic colour. A lot of people associate pink with femininity. However a long time back pink was a colour associated with masculinity. Yes gents - there was a time when guys wore pink. It wasn’t always a girly colour :P
I associate this colour with “beauty and friendship"

Purple is seen as a regal colour. It reveals creativity and sophistication. However the downside is that it can only be worn in certain places. You wouldn’t see a doctor or a businessman wearing purple because it is seen as too flamboyant. To me this colour is a colour of confidence. Those wearing it certainly know what they want and how they will achieve it.

Blue is a soothing colour. It connotes loyalty and conservativeness. Its a refreshing colour to me. Personally this colour means “sensitivity”.

Gray is a colour of perseverance and patience to me. To others it is a colour of neutrality and independence. And can be seen as non-committal.

White is a colour of purity, innocence. It invites people and in some cultures it is seen as a symbol of sterility (which is why brides wear white - to emphasise sterility and innocence). I see this colour as one of “simplicity”. It can be worn anywhere, anytime. Even doctors wear it. In my eyes - doctors are 24/7 trying to save lives - by wearing a colour of purity it symbolises their intentions are pure.

Brown is a earthy colour. It reminds me of Mother Earth. It is a friendly and simple colour but to some it is perceived as a colour which is too "casual"

Black displays sophistication to me but some people wear it when they are feeling down, as a colour of remorse. While to some black is seen as “the absence of colour” I see it as a powerful colour. A colour that demands attention from others. It is a colour of “Elegance”.


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  • Gah! How'd we forget that we'd put multiple pics haha. It's good admins helped us :)

    I don't know how but that content/description seems so logical.
    ●Green = life (as we denotes forest whenever we talk about nature which is creator of life and that is green in colour)
    ●Yellow = approachable (as it it the colour which is easiest to detect, hence making it approachable)
    ●Gold = success (as you can only get wealth through success. And even our 'master' badge is golden, signifying success)
    ●Orange = change (as the sky turns to orang-ish during sunsets)
    ●Red = passion (as energy, love, anger, power. All needs passion)
    ●Pink = beauty and friendship (as it's the base of romance)
    ●Purple = confidence (as it's extra-ordinary colour and one must have to be confident to hold it)
    ●White = simplicity (no description needed)
    ●Brown = earthy (yeah, it makes us to remember the soil we are standing on)
    ●Black = elegance (as it's not considered to be a colour but still it's graceful because it's pleasingly ingenious, means elegant)

    I'm sorry I'd not find the logic in blue and grey. Help me!
    Anyways, another masterpiece by pwincess ;)


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  • My interpretation of color

    Red - Passion
    Green - Nature
    Yellow - Warm and motherly
    Orange - Outgoing and friendly
    Blue - Laid back, serious, logical
    Pink - girlish and feminine
    Purple - Wisdom, regal
    Gold - Regal too
    Brown - Natural and casual
    White - Purity
    Gray - Indifference
    Black- Elegance
    we pretty much agree with some

    • Yeah that said I find all of them absolutely gorgeous

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    • Yeah... at least they're cleaner and better than flies :p

    • Lol but more lethal

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  • I have completely different interpretations on colors but oh well... :p

  • Thank you for sharing your take! I love the images, and your meanings behind the colors. Black is one of my favorites, I've always seen it as sophistication as well. I tend to favor cooler colors, like blue and purple, too.

  • Awwww cute take. Love it. =)
    My favorite colors are blue and purple. ^-^

  • I'm surprised that "envy" wasn't given as a connotation for green. That's the most common way I've seen it represented (also the phrase "green with envy").

  • for me, blue also denotes a chances of a positive change, a surging wave of happiness

    • *chance i should be more careful while writing
      but i loved your take!

    • Thankyou. I'm glad you liked it :)

      And no problem - my laptop autocorrects what I write all the time and then when I go back I realise its autocorrected it to something else because it didn't recognise the word lol

  • My, outfit I have black and purple and blue and pink and, pink pants, too thats crazy

  • I love the pictures!!


  • No wonder why my favourite colors are pink and black! :D

  • Some really beautiful photos here!

  • I hate the color orange for some reason. It's just so ugly

  • I wear a lot of black because I like the colour.

  • I wear all black and a few people have told me that it comes off as a depressive color and like I wish I were invisible. In reality, I just like the aesthetic of my light blonde hair against dark clothes.