Celebs You Didn't Know Were Secretly Rockers/Metalheads

This take is to notify you of celebrities that like some form of rock music or heavy metal music...

10. Snoop Dogg

Snoop dogg may be known for being the ghetto og from califonia.

But when he's not ryhming to beats and driving in his low rider...

He's a big fan of metallica, infact he's even spoke of his fondness for the hard rocker metal band...

Here's him singing the lyrics of "sad but true" at metallica's mtv awards...

Celebs you did'nt know were secretly  rockers/metalheads

9. Kendall Jenner

She maybe a attractive hottie related to kim kardashian's Jenner family.

But other than being famous for being famous, she's also a fond rocker...

She can be seen wearing "Slayer" t-shirts and "Iron Maiden" T-shirts.....

And even on one occasion a "Megadeth" T-shirt

8. Jim Carrey

You may know him from "The mask" as a ADHD energetic madman, but this fun loving actor also is a fond fan of the death metal band "cannibal corpse"..

He openly expressed his fondness of the band and death metal in interviews, It came as a more shock when he asked for the band to star in one of his films, Ace ventura.

Cannibal corpse starred in a cameo appearence for ace ventura.

7. SpaceGhostPurrp

This underground hip hop rapper may not be well known , He has produced tracks for Wiz Khalifa, A$AP Rocky, Juicy J and Project Pat...

Suprisingly though, he is a big fan of Meshuggah and has stated so in interviews... Even going forth to show the interviewer Meshuggah's 2012 Album Kolossos...

I don't know what Hardcore Djent Metallers Meshuggah think about his music *COUGHS

6. Little Wayne

We all remember the time little wayne tried to play guitar at one of his shows, And he knows absolutely nothing about rock music or guitar....

But at least he tried to pick up one and play... and awful sounding as it was at least he tried tried...

Dry your eyes little wayne, nice try better stick to your own music

5. Chris Hemsworth

Other than being known for being the hench "Thor" and nordic superhero, This actor also a fan of some thrash bands and most notably Pantera....

There is'nt much evidence, But it's been noted that he likes to thrash around to "Pantera" when he's flexing his muscles and working out...

4. Katy Perry

Nah just kidding, Interpet this as you will...

3. Demi Lovato

Probably the most geniune metalhead celeb of them all, She's expressed her fondness of Band's such as Bring me the horizon, Job for a cowboy, Dimmu Borgir,

She's been spotted in Ac/dc tees,

Here's a interview with her claiming she is a metalhead

2. Ice-T

This long forgotten hip hop rapper of the late 80s and early 90s, maybe be only recognisable from his acting career in "law and order " as a crime investiagtion cop.

But unknown to a lot of people, He claims to be a big fan of heavy metal and punk rock.......

Claiming he grew up with Bands like Black sabbath and Led Zeppelin as a kid in the 70s.

He also suprisingly has his own Hardcore punk band "Bodycount" and they have been formed since the late 80s......

Meet Bodycount.................

1. Lady Gaga

This is not really a major shocker, As lady gaga has expressed her love for heavy metal in interviews and her song "Heavy metal lover" was insispired by it.

she's also before been spotted wearing Iron Maiden tees

The shocking thing though, is Lady gaga expressed her deep fondness for Heavy metal singing icon "Rob Halford" and even went to said she may consider doing a collabrative album or single with him........

Not only that But she is also a big fan of japanese metal pop giants "Babymetal"

She even appeared in a japanese show with them and took pictures


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  • Cool. I never knew artists couldn't listen to different genres.

  • The Kendall Jenner one is bullshit. It's just a hipster fashion statement, she doesn't even dress herself.


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