Decent Life for Decent People

Decent Life for Decent People

Many say life isn't fair....I kind of realise how naive this statement may appear, but I am going to put it out there anyways....just out of a rebellious reasons.

I am not an unexperienced person, by no means. Well-travelled, well educated, and, in the past, very well connected. The later one has been let go off due a number of reasons: refuse to tolerate lies, refuse to put up with bullshit, refuse to take at face value and accept fakes depending on the gain and what suits this very moment, refuse to accept personal interests over public, and refuse to be a tool in the system.

Have been through a lot in life including homelessness and long term unemployment, depression, that I have successfully kicked in the guts, a number complex surgeries, a broken heart few times, a lot of betrayal, and a lot of running away....after struggling and a lot of help from good decent people who trully care and believe in supporting thier fellow humans, I managed to come to term with all the above, managed to get myself a better health, a better education, so that I can have a better chance in life for myself and become someone who can give back to other less fortunate in our communities.

I am putting it plural tense because of my practical experience and knowledge of number of cultures that comes my travelling doesn't matter to me where you are either geographically or in life in general....basic human decency is universal to me. We all love, fear, hope, get a broken heart, experience hunger and distortion at some stage. This is what makes us live human beings.

Let’s not forget about what decent life used to mean sometime ago that was before the brainwash machine has started setting certain stereotypes and special standards, and turned what used to be decent into "uncool", "looser type", unattractive, and unwanted by the bigger picture that doesn't cares how much of a decent person you are at the bottom of our social hierarchy...because there is another stereotype right there....if you proclaim yourself to be a homeless person you are put in a special "box for homeless people" one expects to see you neatly dressed and groomed, well - spoken, fit, and sober...yeah that is not the general perception of a homeless...and if you happen to have a not too bad looking car that serves you as a shelter at way you aren't homeless in someone else’s they treat you mercy or discounts to your unseen but very real for you situation. And that is when you are forced to find a safe spot every night, or move from one place to another just to keep safe, because you dont seem to be homeless...You see in the very core you are still at the mercy of a judgement of that someone who has a special box for you...

There are more and more people out there to prove a point, to gain and to take care of their business only, whatever doesn't pay cash or its equivalent doesn't interests them...they project a bigger picture on their very personal approach to how they conduct their small businesses without considering how it affects the rest of us...they are motivated, driven, greedy and consider themselves to be a decent bunch. They measure the level of decency of their lives by a value of a cheque, their ability to buy and the cool factor of what they own...their minds are focused on gaining more of what is desired not necessarily required though...there is no room for what isn't on their wish simply gets blocked out as an inconvenience.

I don't like to generalise, and here must say there are the other type of decent people out there still, the one I believe I belong to. These are either in a voluntary or a professional capacity do align their personal values with their actions so that the decent life continues for those who has been brought up to know the difference between kindness and good intention, but false pretence, value of things, but the price, engagement, but manipulation, respect, but flattery. The list can go on....

My only hopes for our world are that there are more people of the original decent kind out there, that the corporate and political brain washing machine has somehow missed to reach out to the majority of us, and, thus, we have been lucky to have an opportunity to think for ourselves and to think outside of the square, to carry on with our family values, and to become and remain decent people who deserve decent life.


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  • I like this take. It makes you pause and reflect instead of impulsively react to the take owners words.

    • thank you for reading and for contributing. I am glad it reaches out in the way it is meant to. As you can tell from reading the take English isn't my first language. This take though was a massive reaction of mine to the event that happened on that very night. I just had a surge of putting it out there immediately, otherwise it would have never happened.

    • Umm.. actually, I couldn't xD as I'm not a English native speaker myself.
      May you never have to live through such a night again.

    • ahh cool :) thank you. Sometimes there is nothing else can be done, except for shining brighter from inside out :) im on fire hehe all of those experiences have led me to the feeling and meaning of true freedom in life, and helped me fight every fear i have ever head. I have learnt to appreciate the light - credit to all the darkness i chose to face. All in all all of that have helped me to become a person i always wanted to be. Now my life is all about "embrace and love it for what it is" :) i am truly happy. Lovely of you to say this though. Muchly appreciated :)

  • Nice myTake :)