5 Things That Prove the Doctor Who is Space Jesus

1) His miraculous ressurections

Watch out jesus, I think he beat your record on number of regenerations by like, what is it, 13 now?

5 Things That Prove the Doctor is Space Jesus

May the heart of the tardis be with you.

2) He walks the universe performing miracles

Be still, my child. Holy is my sonic screwdriver, blessed amongst sonic household appliances

3) He did battle with satan himself

Well, creepy space satan. Who he promptly threw into a black hole.

4) He answers your prayers with telekinesis and was turned into a weird old elf creature for your sins

One day the master decided to assassinate all of congress and bring the mutilated sociopathic cybernetic future of the human race to conquer the present human race.

The doctor tried to stop him so the master turned him into a weird old thing with a magical age sapping lazer beam

So Martha Jones wandered the earth spreading the gospel of the Dr, who fed off their collective prayers to him through wifi somehow, gained telekinesis, invincibility and the power to fly, and rather than kick his ass to kingdom come, he used it to give him a hug and tell him he forgives him.

5) His girlfriend was basically god for like, 30 seconds

During which time she evaporated an army of daleks, brought back captain jack and made him immortal, and altered all of time and space to send a message to her past self.

I am the big bad wolf, the alpha and the omega, destroyer of daleks and creator of time anomalies...


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