Edible Flowers

A lot of are aware of different type of flowers but not many of us know there are some that you can eat.

Arugula are flowers that taste like peppery and nutty

Edible Flowers...

Bachelor's Buttons taste like Sweet to spicy, clove-like

Basil tastes like basil and bitter

Borage tastes like cucumber

Buzz Button tastes like tarts and a little like grass

Calendula tastes like tangy and peppery

Camelias taste sweet

Chive taste like onions

Chrysanthemum taste bitter

Dahlias taste tangy and spicy

Daylily taste like zucchini/asparagus

Edible Flowers Part 2

Edible Flowers Part 3

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  • Wow!!! i didn't know all these flowers were edible!!
    i love basil so much!! i knew that one was an edible flower lol!


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  • I actually eat some of these in my day to day meals! Like basil, chives, and I love arugula. I wasn't aware of some of the others and their flavors, thanks for posting! :)


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