Im such a virgin and people know it, am I helpless?

Ok so let me start off by saying that im a 21 year old male who has never kissed a girl, felt boobs or anything like that. Not even seen a grown girl naked!
People always tell me i still have that boyish look and that i could pass as a 17 year old. Im by no means a short scrawny kid. I actually work out to stay fit but nobody pays attention to it :( and i hate it because my face is still young looking. Some people say i have girl features and kidish expressions but I can't help it and makes me upset. Even my mom tells me im still like her little baby and that I never grew out of my child stage.

I don’t get it! sometimes people just know im a virgin and ask me all the time if i ever had sex. I tell them no and feel so ashamed. I guess its my shy innocent personality and naïve character that yells VIRGIN!! out to people.

I still cuddle with my blanky back home, i still eat kid cereal, still bite my nails and play video games. I feel like i never grew up in spite of nearly being 6 foot. Do girls like guys like this? Im not even close to being a man but whatever, it’s the way I was born. How can I change myself to stop making people think im a little virgin and never kissed a girl? I like girls so much, have multiple pretty female friends who say “youre so cute and innocent”, and fantasize about them. I don’t want to seem so innocent especially when all my friends have surpassed the innocent stage and moved to bigger and better things like sex.

What do I do guys and girls, any advice?
Im such a virgin and people know it, am I helpless?
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