Is it bad that I wish I was a white woman?

I'm a black young woman and it sucks. We have very bad stereotypes and most guys don't like black women. It's not fair. Why did I had to be born black? My parents told me that I should be proud and some people try to be like us. My best friend who's white says she wishes she can do her hair like mine because we can do lots of cool hair styles with our hair. I wish I had long blonde hair like she does. My natural hair is by my neck. It's never passed my shoulders at all.
My skin color is this color:

It's the same as that girl the picture. I wish my skin was this color:

White girls are just so pretty and even most guys like them more. :(
No. It's normal
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Yes. You should be proud of being a black woman
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+1 y
That white girl in that picture, I wish I had her skin color. :(
+1 y
I prefer white guys as well.
Is it bad that I wish I was a white woman?
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