Guys, where do you fit on the male social hierarchy? Girls, which 'type' of male do you find most attractive out of these?

Guys, where do you fit on the male social hierarchy? Girls, which 'type' of male do you find most attractive out of these?
Sigma σ+
Essentially an introverted Alpha+. Live outside the fringes of the social hierarchy and generally distance themselves as a whole, while still being completely confident and capable, often finding an odd sexual success due to their air of mystery and constant dedication towards goals. They are keenly aware of social dynamics, and apply themselves to fit almost any group. Not part of a clique, contributing to many and then receding back into themselves. Often fill up every moment of their life with productivity. "The Lone Wolf"
e. g. Clint Eastwood

Sigma σ-
Just like the Sigma σ+, they are keenly aware of social dynamics and incredibly charismatic while remaining withdrawn. However, they may still place a sense of occasional need for verification from societal hierarchy because their rejection of society is not based in true distaste for dominance, and will often find themselves drifting back into an Alpha mindset. They are incredibly manipulative and an affront to Alpha Male positions on a constant basis. The "Bad Boy".
e. g. Tyler Durden

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Gamma + or Sigma +
    I fit in that social hierarchy. However, when I was younger I probably was omega -.


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What Girls Said 2

  • Sigma + and Gamma +.

    I like how they don't seek social approval and aren't consumed by status despite being competent in various fields.

  • Sigma +


    • Don't patronize the QA

    • Hahah. I just like the description ^^. @KidInk4 I do know there's no alpha, beta, or whatsoever is that.

What Guys Said 4

  • I started reading this post thinking, lol this will be dumb but good for a laugh. Then I got to the Gamma Positive and that struck very close to home, so color me surprised.

    The thing that gets me though is that I can relate, in small parts, to each description except for gamma negative. It seems to me that Gamma negative should be a sort of shadow to gamma positive? but perhaps it's not? I wonder why this is/what I'm missing...

    Cool post though, it's making me introspect lol.

    • Understandable. People are often skeptical of anything with alpha/beta classifications due to the shitstorm of misinformation and misunderstanding surrounding the terms.

    • That is pretty much what I thought about it, clearly I was wrong. Thanks for the post now I've got something new to read up on.

  • I guess I gotta go with Alpha Negative to be totally transparent. Wish I could say Positive tho.

  • For the last time, no alphas here.

    • Are you claiming no alphas reside here or that they shouldn't be here?

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    • And "sigmas" are just deluded betas roleplaying a movie character.

    • I'd agree mostly agree with that. There might be a few that screw around here for a little bit, but not for long and not many. Certainly more -'s than +'s too. Maybe a few sigmas here and there, but mostly betas and below. I've noticed quite a few deltas and omegas.

  • I'm a part of the Eye Phelta Thigh group

    • Meaning?

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    • Nahhh

    • Dudes... I Eta Pi rocks!