Wilkes Mcdermid, jumps to his death over being unsuccessful in the dating game. This isn't news because the media can't use?

The typical media propaganda of the so called "war on women" ? Do you think he was wrong for killing himself? He jumped 80 feet to his death. Can we finally admit that the dating game is only meant for men who are initially attractive and/or have money? I say those type of men because those type of men usually have great confidence and good personalities but only because they have money and/or are initially attractive. Even women who aren't as attractive or unattractivstill at least have opportunities for casual sex, but the unattractive broke guy is S. O. L. I don't think he had a mental or self esteem problem. People use that as a excuse to deny the fact that the deck is stacked against certain men in this world. Here's the story https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3115566/Food-blogger-wrote-failed-love-life-saying-s-folks-jumped-death-posh-City-restaurant.html?ITO=1490&ns_mchannel=rss&ns_campaign=1490

I guess this question is too touchy lol.


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  • Plenty of broke ugly guys date and have sex. You just can't expect to do it with model chicks. It's sad because he killed himself because he couldn't pull bad bitches. This is really cold but he had severe mental issues and basically eliminated himself from the gene pool

    • I didn't read anywhere that this guy killed himself because he couldn't get model chick/bad bitches. He made plenty of internet and twitter posts and never once did he say he wanted a model chick. I don't think he had any mental issues people accuse him of that to play dumb to the fact that there's going to be people who can't get a woman to save their live no matter what they do wrong or right.

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  • anyone who says they can't get a partner is doing it wrong and is over thinking it.

    people finding other people has been going on for centuries. and will continue long after this message is gone.

    if you treat it like a job you are over thinking it. if you treat it like supermarket grocery item you are defintely doing it wrong.

    the deck is never stacked in one sides favour

    love may be a battlefeild but its up to you, if you want to win the war.

  • I don't know mate - I don't believe this whole "Dating Game" thing - I personall don't get invovled in it - There is more to life than games.

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