Tall, dark and handsome gave you signs of interest, how would you feel?

A lot of girls say they like tall, dark and handsome, how would you react to a man like that. A man that's tall lets say 6ft+, with dark hair and eyes and a mysteroious personality, and is handsome in a very masculine way with a fit, toned body.

Choose the option that best represets someone like that staring at you.

  • You want him, you stare back, you want him to talk to you
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  • You want him, but you're very nervous and avoid eye contact, but you still want him to talk to you
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  • You want him, but you think that there's no way he'd be into you, but you still want him to talk to you
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  • You think he's attractive, but nothing more
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  • You're already planning the marriage
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  • You're repulsed and don't want him to talk you
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  • Meh, just another man
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I don't like the dark part...
    O. o
    Never understood does that pertain to hair color or race.

    • Some think dark hair/eyes, some think dark mysterious personality. I made it both. It can be a darker skinned race, but not necessarily, if you google tall dark and handsome it's mostly tanned Caucasians.

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What Girls Said 6

  • I need more than just a physically good looking guy to intrigue me. I'm also not really into that *type* in all honesty. I'm more into guys with longer hair and a tall & skinny build instead of muscular.

    • So you like the tall part, what about the dark part? Both/either dark hair/eyes and mysterious personality. Do you like masculine handsome guys, or more feminine pretty boys. What kind of skinny too? Can you post a pic? I'm thinking this kind of skinny: www.marwankillufitness.com/.../...uy-768x10241.jpg vs this kind of fit/toned: www.google.com.au/search

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    • @Asker

      I don't find any flaws in my assumptions whatsoever. You're the one who made a very idiotic statement and I just questioned it. This is a discussion website. Me asking you about your opinion does not = me taking offense. You're the one who couldn't really provide me with much of a justification for your bizarre claim that less muscular guys are "weak boys". Saying that it's justified because some people might perceive a less tall or less muscular guy as feminine is actually a very weak argument because you're assuming you can decide on someone's femininity based on one or two things when in reality it's a lot more complex and there are other factors involved. I've never called someone out on being feminine over just their height or body build. I know very manly guys who are maybe not very tall but still come across as "men" and not boys. Same goes for guys who are more skinny. You forget that there's a face attached to the body and it's about the greater scheme of things.

    • @Asker

      The only time me and most other women will consider a guy as "feminine" is when he might dress femininely or speak a certain way or have certain likes/dislikes we may associate with being a female. However saying height and body build alone dictates how we view a male as feminine or not just tells me your lack of understanding of female preferences in men.

  • Well nah, sure it'd be flattering if anyone was interested, but I'd do nothing more because I already really like someone

    • It's a hypothetical question, your crush can be left out.

    • Still, flattering but wouldn't pursue a relationship

  • I have no idea why woman like mysterious men. I have no interest in mysterious men. Give me a man I can understand and read like a book and trust and I will be happy.

    • Interesting, most girls I know think that's boring.

  • A. Always A.

  • Just want to talk to him and maybe flirt.

  • That doesn't matter if we don't have chemistry

    • Not at all? So if I made it a short, pale, ugly guy you wouldn't mind at all? As long as there is chemistry?

What Guys Said 2

  • I reckon option D might win this

    • Looks like B is for now...

  • When you say dark, do you mean dark skinned? Or a dark personality?

    • It's in the description, 'dark hair and eyes and a mysteroious (mysterious*) personality'. Those are the main ones people think of with T, D and H. It can mean darker skinned too, but it doesn't have to be. Google images mostly gives tanned Caucasians when you search it.

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    • Not gonna lie, I laughed a lot.

    • Follows are for Jesus.