My crush doesn't like me anymore. how do I get him to like me again?

My crush used to like me but i didn't realise at that time. He used to stare at me all the time. My friend said he was always talking about me and stuck up for me. He would talk about me to his friends. How do i get him to like me again?


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  • Im also at your position right now. I know you might feel regret. I also feel that way, but right now if your guy doesn't show anything at all (the signs) then maybe you should just move on. I know its really really hard. But remember there are 6 billion other people out there and one of them are waiting for you to walk through their path. Cause if its meant to be it will be. :) but if you dont want to do that. Then try talking to him and see his actions. Who knows he still likes you but he's just to shy to admit it!

    • Thank you. This is the best answer and most helpful.

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