Guys, if you said ttyl to a gal how long should she wait to text you?

I am just wondering here this guy and I use to date and we are still have remained close. He said to me over text (as he has been very busy with work as he works in the trades) he had to go back to work :( ttyl
how long should I wait to contact him again should I send him a surprise call next Sunday or sometime next week, instead of a text?
and why would he still want pictures of me? Does he miss me, and that's why he is still wanting pictures of me? (And he still comments on them)
and this week he told me this past week that we should go on a getaway in a couple of weeks, when is a couple of weeks from this week? And he then said we'll figure it out soon. Should I ask him about it and ask him when did he want to go?
Thanks in advance for all your replies.


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  • if i said to a girl ttyl i would probably do it when i finish what im doing
    but if she text me i wouldn't mind it :)
    just message him and ask him if he is not busy and can chat

    • K, I will do that. And thank you for your answer. I was also thinking I'd surprise call him later this week..

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    • K, thanks. Last Wednesday he brought up through text, that we should meet in the mountains and he should have time to go in a couple weeks with a smile. how should I bring it up to him, if he texts or calls me? (A way that I don't sound overly anxious and such).

    • just ask him if he still want to or you can tell him about anything that would remind him by the meeting

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  • I would do the Sunday message or text. Slow down breathe don't rush if find stuff to do that keeps busy mean while. Find some room to talk if he contacts you sooner. Be friendly. And enjoy the attention he gives.

    • K, thanks Sunday was my intention of texting him and if he doesn't text me in the meantime that's great if not no worries.

  • ttyl just means that the convo is over for now , for this moment. I wouldn't mind getting texted just 30 minutes later at all. I don't like playing the texting game.

    Ask him, you want to know where you're at with him.

    • k, thanks Dan for your answer :)

  • As much as you want cuz if i say "ttyl", im prolly gay...

    • what manes you think that?

    • whoops makes not manes