Why don't people let you merge on the road?

I am kind of venting here... but I this is a serious question.

I hate merging on the road. When I am driving home during rush hour traffic, there was this area where I had to merge. As I was trying to merge, this guy wouldn't let me in. I had no choice but force my way in and he almost hit me, so he beeped at me. If he hit me, I would have got out of my car and punched this fucker in the face.

Why is it so hard for people to let you in when merging. Would you rather hit the other person's car and get into a fight?


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  • Just lame people with a lack of courtesy.

    That or some other logical reason they could probably tell you. I know my sister always had one, like it it backs up traffic or something.

    But I don't really know. I usually let people in if I can.


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  • People are assholes, but they're also not obliged to let you in since they have the right of way along the merge lane. They do that as a courtesy, especially in traffic. What I do when I'm merging into heavy traffic (on the highway or elsewhere), I move up towards the end of the lane with my signal on, so people know what I'm doing, and gradually inch my car over to the lane I want to get into. In my experience, when people see that you're actually starting to move in but haven't crossed the line yet, they'll back off as now they're kind of forced to let you in.

    That's probably what you did and it's what most people do. But there's people who won't let you in because they want to be "first", like it's the fucking Indy 500 or something. If you were at the very end of the merge lane, he should have let you in or at least tried to move over so you could have space.

    • Here is what we are looking at:


      To give you a little idea of what I am dealing with.

      You see that blue car in the picture? Let's pretend that's my car.

      -you see the area that the blue car is to merge into? Imagine that's full of traffic.

      -I had my signal on and I was trying to get in.

      -Nobody would let me in.

      -So as I was getting closer and closer to the end of the lane, I had no choice but to try to get in.

      -The idiot kept trying to move forward, so I could't get in.

      -That would have resulted in him hitting me

      -He beeped at me for getting in, when I had no choice.

      -If he hit me, I would have seriously fucked him up (still a little bit angry, I apologize)


    • After the incident, I gave him a very evil look while we were stuck in traffic. I got in the other lane and our cars were right next to each other... and I gave him an evil glare a few times... and he started sweating. When traffic died down and we were allowed to do our normal speed, he stayed farrrrr behind me on the road to avoid me... because he knew he was wrong.

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