Elizabeth, Liz, Betty, and Bess?

Elizabeth, Liz, Betty and Bess
All went out to find a birds nest
They found a nest with 4 eggs
They all took 1 and left 3 to lay

How is this possible?


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  • The Bird's Nest is about multiple personality disorder.
    The Bird's Nest, which takes its title from that nursery rhyme. The novel starts with Elizabeth - reticent, uncharismatic, a little moody - who is experiencing headaches, insomnia, and occasional black-outs. With the help of Dr. Wright, it quickly becomes apparent that Elizabeth is only one personality amongst many - and the others become increasingly dominant. There is sweet, gentle Beth; fiesty, selfish Betsy; airs-and-graces Bess. Much of the novel is from the perspective of Dr. Wright, debating his dealings with these personas, and pondering how to bring them all together into one being. (Lizzie, if you will. Or Elspeth or Eliza or Liz or Betty or Bette... what a versatile name Elizabeth is.)


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  • I don't know what's the answer!! D:

    • It's no fun if I tell you πŸ˜›

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  • All together, they took a total of one eggs.

    • Nope

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    • Well this isn't guardians of the galaxy.
      So to bad

    • His riddle didn't have anything to do with guardians of the Galaxy. It was a real riddle though, and not a reference to some random poem

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