What would it mean when someone says 'be careful' of him?

As in there's a guy who's a player and he constantly finds a way to contact a girl, (even when she blocks his number)
And she gets told to 'be careful' of him.. what would it mean?
I know it's obvious, but I'm asking cause this guy isn't the type to cause harm or be violent or anything so what else could the reason be?

  • He may cause harm
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  • He may get obsessive and stalk
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  • He may spread rumors
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  • Other?
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He's also known as 'the creep'


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  • They are trying 'warn' that he only wants sex and thats it.


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  • It could be all of the above! However, I tend to trust my own judgement and not let people sway it too much!

    The run-in the two person had could be swaying their opinion of one another, when both are equally responsible.

  • He will make you have sex with him and dump you afterwards. He will hurt your feelings.


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