Is it insane to keep checking his whatsapp?

I constantly keep checking the man im seeings whatsapp. And if he doesn't come online for a while I think he is having sex with a girl or with a girl? I keep doing this all the time. He is online all the time but when he's not I think he is with a girl. Do you think this is crazy? But I did notice sometimes on a Saturday he would not come online till Monday and I expected he has a secret girlfriend. And the other Sunday he turned his phone off all day till Monday night to reply to me? We are not girlfriend and boyfriend but I just worry because we both said we won't sleep with anyone else which was his idea but I don't want to give him my all of he is not going to do this in return


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  • Yes, you're being crazy. Stop! If you can't trust him, break it up, but you're gonna drive yourself and him insane with this kinda stuff. Also, if you want to be more, talk about it. Don't continue on and assume things will change. And if he doesn't feel the same, then you know it's time to move on. Good luck.