How do I make my uggs soft again after washing them?

They were wrecked anyway so I had nothing to lose. They've turned out pretty well but the oustide has gone hard. Any tried and tested tips please?


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  • Haven't tried washing uggs before but if they have gone hard I would get a hard nail brush and buff them up. Should loosen the fibres and soften them

    • Thanks :-) good idea. I will try that

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    • it takes off bit of the suede but once it's only a small bit I suppose it won;t d too much damage

    • Oh maybe there's something better you can use sorry

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  • Unfourtantely they are most likely ruined

    Take them to a shoe store, they might have some kind of cream or something to soften them up... oh they do have a machine to soften shoes

    • Thanks, They look alright and they were going in the bin anyway. I will try that. Thank you

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  • Did you put them in the dryer...
    They're probably ruined honestly.

    • No I didn;t put them int he dryer. They look ok, they jsut don;t feel nice.