I just found out I am taller than I thought, did this happen to anyone before?

I've always thought I was 5'7 which was my height taken maybe like 6 years ago (when I was 21 or so) which is shorter than average in general but average for an Asian. Took my measurements multiple times today and I am 5'9. That's not bad hahaha, I still can't beleive it. You might say that I'm still short or that it's not that big of a deal but every shorter guy knows... height is so damn important on a guy. Every inch helps, especially when you are below average. It's not everyday you suddenly grow two inches as an adult!

Overall considering my Asian genetics since we are shorter on average, I'm so happy that I'm 5'9. Average for caucasians but above average for Asians. I am so lucky.

has this happened to anyone before? Thinking you were taller or shorter than you really were?


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  • Nope, but I did recently find out I'm a bigger bra size than I thought I was! So it's like the same thing :)


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