Pros and cons of sharing an apartment with a roommate of the opposite sex - What are your experiences?

I have a 2 bedroom apartment and am looking for a new roommate. My current roommate (female) is pregnant, getting married and moving in with her husband to be. I've only been living here a couple months and don't want to go through this situation again anytime soon, so I'm not sure how open I should be to having a male roommate.

Have any of you had a roommate of the opposite sex? What were your experiences like? Is it better or worse having a roommate of the opposite sex?


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  • I have had many female roommates. Sometimes, there is some sexual tension because you find a roommate subconsciously attractive. Depending on how many bathrooms you have, you may have to be mindful of keeping the bathroom extra clean. There are other things you have to be mindful, i. e. wearing revealing clothing. It's not bad. I've enjoyed my times with having different roommates.


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  • biggest pro is the sexual tension. Easily accessible friends with benefits situation, if the need arises.

    Which is also the biggest con. If the attraction is one-sided, it can get slightly awkward. Or, if the friends with benefits thing goes well but one of you decides to end it, it can get really awkward. The best option is to room with someone who you have no attraction to whatsoever. But even then, if your roomie has a significant other, you can expect some jealousy from them, making things even more awkward, especially if you've had 'flings' with them.


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