Is it fate if you keep bumping into the same person?

Lol i know it sounds cheesy but really. I keep bumping into the same person almost everywhere I go. Usually I bump into this person if it's something that I'm doing that's not part of my schedule, like I needed to get something done at the office at school and I would see him cross my path. I even had a drwam about this guy which is really weird considering the fact I never even talked to him. My school is huge, (3,000+ kids) so it's unlikely that you would see someone a lot like that. What do you think? Is this some kind of sign?

What is you guy's problems? Like i get the idea, the fact that I think fate is real is stupid as fuck. just another dumb teenager that has no brain. If you don't have anything nice to say just stfu


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  • Nah. Fate doesn't exist. Randomness does. It's just things you start noticing. If you pay attention to certain things you'd find patterns and repetition in them. It's always there in random manner in everything.
    There was this girl. I had crush on her. One day we talked too much about her and for next few days I kept seeing her name and everything related to her in so many things. I never noticed those, whereas all things were already there for many years.

    There's no sign, just a mere coincidence created by your routines.

    • But the thing is, it's not routine! I would see him when I'm not doing something that's in my routine, like one time my mom decided to go to the store after school which is what we normally don't do, and poof there he was.

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    • I was serious except "ma'am" part. But whatever :/

    • Lol of course you were πŸ˜’

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  • Could be fate. Either that, or it's just a small world.

    • If it is fate, then what would it mean? And it's not like it's only me that keeps seeing him, he notices me too. It's like almost every other day or so we see each other, make eye contact for a while, and keep walking. But the look on his face is weird, it's like 😐

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    • Lol ik what you're talking about. Well, if you really want to know, just talk to him the next time u see him. A simple hi and smile will do, even a little wave if u like. He may not respond back to u, but it's apparent you won't feel better until you at least greet this guy.
      You guys may not be meant or anything, but since u both go to the same school and seem to bump into each other quite often, might as well put good use to it and at least say "hi :) ", then continue on, showing that it doesn't matter if he says hi back (even though you'd prefer that he does)
      Makes sense? If not, please tell me.

    • If it is fate, then it means he holds a specific purpose in your life story. Could be anything. Good or bad. Either way, if it's fate, expect to see him further on down the road.

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  • Nope, this is the confirmation bias at work, look it up. Science is amazing, and it disproves many supernatural and paranormal claims (if not all of them)

    This is a clear case of confirmation bias, and it is happening because you like him.

    • But I've never talked to him before in my life. I mean I have no idea who he is so how could I "like" him?

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    • No he'll just act all weird that I'm telling him hi, because thats how my generation is, trash lol

    • :( I don't think so, I see so many bright kids it is amazing. Anyway, seems you have enough going on, good luck in school don't fuck up like I did.

  • Nah let me tell you a story. there was this guy who i kept bumping into so i decided to talk to him. turned out he was a massive prick


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  • I got a picture of my school while reading this.

    I don't see it as fate. Just coincidence.

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