Aquarius man playing games with me?

Hello all! I've been really confused on this Aquarius male that I have recently met, I'm an Aquarius as well. The way we met is that I always go to Starbucks to study after class and the location where the Starbucks is there is a Subway, where the guy works at. Long story short we would always park in the same location so that's how we met. At first we would exchange smiles and flirt while we were in our car but never talked to each other. After one day he finally decided to talk to me, we talked, had a great conversation, and then he asked for my number. Me being very happy about it and seeing how great the convo went I gave it to him and we exchanged numbers. A whole week passed, and he never texted or called. I saw him the following week at Starbucks and he went up to me and said that he didn't pay for his "phone bill" so he couldn't text me. At first, I believed him so I didn't put much thinking into it. So again we talked, had a great convo, and he kissed me. Then he went on saying that he would love to go on a date with me, and he would like to see me, and how beautiful I was etc. And after I was about to leave he said that since he hasn't payed for his "phone bill" he was going to download an app that can text me with only using wi-if and that when he arrived home he was going to call me. Again, a whole week passed he never contacted me. So out of curiosity I called his number to see if it really had no line and it did because it rang. So pretty much that tells me he was lying about the whole "not having line" and being able to contact me. So my question is why is it that in person we could talk for a long time and have a great conversation but when it comes to finally calling me or texting me he never does it? We spoke in person and he said he was going to call me to make plans to see each other on the weekend and he never did. So does he like me or not? And why isn't he contacting me? And why did he lie about the whole "not having line" when he actually did? Is playing games with me? I'm so confused. I'm going to see him once again next week since I'm always at Starbucks studying. So should I confront him about it or should I play it off like I don't care and move on?


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  • He's playing you. Don't let him

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