Dating an Aquarius Guy?

How did you attract him? Girls who've dated an Aquarius guy, what was it like? How do you attract him? I just met an Aquarius guy, and though I'm not going to change for him, I want a few pointers.

What attracted them to you?


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  • Hi! My boyfriend is an aquarius! :)

    You attract them by being interested, but having other things to do. They don't like someone who's 'always there' because they like independence! They like the chase, so don't always let him have his way and be a bit hard to get. They like to socialize so if you like nights on the sofa, think again lol. They like it if you get on with his friends, are friendly (they can't stand miserable people! ), they like intelligent people, they don't really like showing their feelings especially loving ones, so don't expect flowers or anything like that lol, they like time apart from you - they will want time alone with their friends/family, they like to think they are always right lol, they make very loyal friends and have to be friends with you before even considering a relationship, don't try to make them jealous as they don't get jealous and will just leave you, thinking you are playing games lol, don't be needy.

    Basically he wants a partner who is also his best friend, has her own life and doesn't have to see him all the time, isn't too emotional and is friendly and sociable. Also, they like to feel needed sometimes, even though they will never seem like they need you lol :)

    I'm into astrology as well, But I ignore most of it because I am a scorpio and it says scorpio and aquarius are the worst match lol! So I wouldn't read too much into it!

    I hope I helped :)

    • Yeah, I try to avoid astrology but it does give me a slight idea of the person. Still though, I hate that whole compatibility thing!

      Wow. A lot of good tips, you know a lot about this sign! So there's no chance of him falling head over heels? Haha boo!

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    • Yea, I agree with most of that, except I don't mind needy people, it gives me something to do and try to help with. Of course I like to feel like I'm always right, and yea I like time to myself, except I tend to show my emotions a bit more once I really get to know people, or if I'm in a relationship where I feel the other person is interested in my stuff. As for the flowers thing, I'm completely into that so I'd have to disagree with that and from time to time sitting and being more romantic.

    • I'm chat aquarius guy online , he chat when I'm chat him , he's not chat me first , sometimes he responded in a min. Sometime take long time , all the time he's talking dirty with me and he's continue if I'm answer him dirty too , when he chat me he use my name a lot , but before 2 days I'm chat him and he's not answer two days , I like him and I don't know if he's interested or not? Do you think chat him or keep waiting?

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  • Hey what's wrong with Aquarius I'm a guy and an Aquarius, why does that matter? You are talking about Aquarius as in the horoscope right, is there something different about a guy if he's an Aquarius or what I honestly have never heard of this before, please inform me.

    • Well each astrological sign has certain personality characteristics.. like you being born under the sign Aquarius, you have certain characteristics that others may not possess.. this isn't true in some people, meaning they aren't true to their sign and are more like other signs... does that make any sense?

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    • You're more compatible with certain ''signs'' than others, but it's all just a slight guideline, sometimes it can show you certain characteristics of someone. But I've also known people to prove the 'compatability' completely wrong :)

      And to answer your question, yeah I'd say it's a good thing to be an Aquarius! Other then your strong tendency to hide your feelings, you guys are fun.

    • Also. You may not be true to your Aquarius sign :). For example, are you free/outspoken/rebellious/nice? Is it very rare for you to feel jealousy?

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  • Aquarius likes

    Distance…Oh be prepared for lots of space dear

    Intelligence...They need a good ol’ chatter about all the problems in the world and a good stimulated conversation

    Happy people…(sad people, so depressing)

    They say they like Popular people…Pfft yeah right…they secretly prefer the unusual ;)

    Impersonal conversations…Oh yes! They wanna know EVERYTHING about you. They don’t want you to know much about him tho. Ha! Typical.

    Unpredictable people…Who is Predictable? BORING. Unpredictable people makes them think “I wonder what she meant by that?” and will question til they figure out why.

    Mystery...they don’t like open books


    Just be yourself

    Aquarian motto is “Just stay true to yourself”

  • Here are some links that may help:

    Aquarius in Love

    Astrology Man

    The Aquarius Man

    Cafe astrology also has some good tips. Of course do not rely on the stars alone! Best of luck :)

    • I'll check out a couple of those. I usually don't like to check those out, they can give me discouragement sometimes hah. I HATE when they name ''best matches'' because I'm not on there! I'm leo btw :)

    • So am I. Don't forget to look at the venus and moon signs too. Those usually tell you more about the person than the sun sign. Anyways, haha Astrology is just a lot fun. So don't let it play too much of a factor.

  • I am friends with an Aqua man and he lured me in, HA! I wasn't really interested but then about 4 dates into it over about a 4 month period I became hooked. But, him being an Aquarius, I am afraid to push him away. I want to keep things the same and maybe see them slowly grow. But, I don't feel like we ever spend enough time together to really grow at all. hmm I am baffled as what to do, I guess all I can do is be patient...And that is hard for an Aries. But they say we are compatible? Any ideas as to how to spend more time with him without him feeling pressured?

    I like his aloofness, I love a good chase. I get bored quick...just don't want to be barking up the wrong tree, either he is "just not that into me" or is it just his traits?

    • I feel ya there. I'm going through the same things right now (I'm a Pisces chick). His aloofness is both a turn on and turn off, as I love a good mystery, but most times I can't frickin' read him. I get bored quick too, and already cut him off once 'cause I thought he was playing games...and he's the one who came back! Ugh, idk, these Aquas, man...

  • I am a Leo woman who has been dating an Aquarius for 5 years now.

    We get along very well, it's almost scary! We are very a like in many ways though in Horoscope compatibility we are not compatible because we are opposite signs.

    Leo is fire and Aquarius is wind.

    Aquarius are aloof, they seem very detached physically and emotionally and don't like feeling tied down. They don't like clingy or jealous women for their sign is very independent, any attempt to restrict them will cause them to run!

    The last 5 years I have learned that an Aquarius man needs to be stimulated mentally above all.

    His inability to understand emotion may cause trouble between him and his partner but as long as you're patient, respect his privacy and give him the freedom he needs, you will have a wonderful future with a loyal and loving Aquarius man... I know!

  • Man have you got your work cut out for you! well wel where do I start! don't even start to think of a relationship untill you have at least one text or email or phone call do I need to say anymore! they are selfish arogant rude cold people and I don't understand them! not for trying honestly I've tried believe me and all that I've done is push them further away and I'm devastated! I'm so in love with him it hurts so bad but I've pushed him to far! come on to strong if you like so girlys BE WARNED THEY BITE AND IT DOES LEAVE A ! good luck and any info that works for an arogant aquarius LET ME KNOW! XXXXXXX

  • he was flirty and sexy and new what he wanted! and then when he got what he wanted he wasnt interested he was and still is very col d arogant and rude to me when I see him! don't even waste your time! because the silly thing is I fell for him hook line and sinker! and think of him every day and wish I could be with him again! but you have no chance he has got what he wanted and that's all he was interested in! so good luck to you!

    • To easy.....we like a challenge...once we get inside the mind we have to have something to hold onto.....if you give it out before we get attached or what ever then we will be off to the next offence!...but we like to have a challenge.

  • They are weired. Honestly, the guy I met is Aqua and nothing special. I'm a Virgo. When I saw him for the first time staring at me, I was running away from him. Then he turned around and didn't look at me. The fact that he played me is probably what attracted me the most. Normally, I have to tell the guys to back off. This one lured me in and then backed off then lured me in again then back off. For some reason comparable to other signs with this Aqua guy I don't feel as if ever was there a beginning but not even an's like up in the air.and if it happens one day.oh happens, if it doesn't it's like who cares; what attracted him to me was my looks and personality; however, be prepared for a rude cold shoulder. He acted as if he likes me. He told me bunch of true stuff about him (I checked some of the info) even though he didn't have to tell me anything. We had a great time together until I left his town and magic.gone. Has me so confused. Honestly I linger over it because I don't know why he would not even talk to me. I didn't do anything. He is so rude. I don't think Aqua guys are good friends to girls. All I wanted to be is his friend. He brought it to the next level of us getting closer (no sex though) and then backed off once he didn't get what he wanted. I'm so pissed and offended. Hopefully not every Aqua is like this one because this guy is bad. So good luck.

    • Hahaha!! That sound like something that happened to me twice, one in high school and the other in college! I'm an Aquarius guy. Idont know but there's something that Virgo gals have that aquas seem to be attracted to! Most aqua guys that I know seem to have an attraction to Virgos, but rarely come together. I'm not sure if most Virgos have the same attraction though but if they do, then its that attraction between both signs that have aquas looking like weirdos to!