Are Libra Woman Just... Assholes?

(obv this is a zodiac sign post and zodiac signs are fake and for fun so don't go crazy over this) Idkw everyone seems to hate them lol. I'm supposed to be super compatible with them as an aquarius guy (feb 10th) but nope I fucking despise them (my girlfriends a scorpio by the way nov 7), every dude I know says they're hoes. They just get passive aggressive, rude, disrespectful, just forget about people, waste peoples time, lots seem to be cheating sluts. Tons of libra girls online are also infamous (ex:lily singh, sniper wolf, addison rae). They seem to date and fuck the most random guys at the most random times yet flirt with every dude out there just to ditch them and be rude to them not caring for anyones emotions or the bonds they've built. Honestly just avoiding them while dating did me a lot better.
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Hell lol, I tried making friends w some libra girls j online talking n stuff and respectively told them I had a girlfriend, they tried breaking boundaries and stuff even when I said I just wanted to be friends, but nope, they just blocked me and were only interested in dating me if they could brag to (the woman I love) that they stole me from her.
Are Libra Woman Just... Assholes?
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